How to get rid of a cyst on your vag?

Let me guess: you’re sitting there, uncomfortably wiggling around in your seat because you’ve got an unwanted friend down below. Yep, that’s right – we’re talking about cysts. Specifically, those pesky little bumps that can pop up anywhere on your body…including your vag area. Don’t worry though; I’m here to help guide you through this awkward and somewhat embarrassing experience with some humor and wisdom! Let’s dive into the 16 different tips and tricks for getting rid of that unwanted cyst ASAP.


  1. A Quick Caveat Before We Begin
  2. What is a Cyst?
  3. Why Are They So Annoying Down There?
  4. The ABC’s of Treatment Options
    1) Antimicrobial Creams
    2) Birth Control (Sounds Crazy But It Works)
    3) Compresses
  5. Dermatology Delights You Can Try Yourself – Here’s How!
  6. Epsom Salt Baths Aren’t Just For Grandma- Trust Us!
    7.The DIY Guide to Home Remedies -8 Excellent Ideas To Attempt At Home:

    • Essential Oils- Holy Guacamole This Actually Works?! (I know right?!)
    • Witch Hazel—Not Only for That Creepy Halloween Scar Look,A Must-Try Bath Alternative.
      8.Laser Treatment– Yup We’re Dropping Big Bucks On This One.
      9.Medications You May Need: Oral Antibiotics & Painkillers Oh my!

Section #1: A Quick Caveat Before We Begin (Here comes reality check)

First things first, let’s get something clear—you should consult a doctor or dermatologist if at all possible before attempting any home remedies or over-the-counter treatments yourself(don’t play Dr.Google).. I cannot stress this enough. Sure, the internet is a bizarre and wonderful place, but it’s not always accurate or trustworthy when it comes to personal health concerns.

A doctor will be able to determine if your vaginal cyst is just a one-time thing that you can handle yourself, or if it’s something more serious(like an STD) that requires medical intervention ASAP. So please dear reader…let us prioritize good old-fashioned medicine..

Section #2: What Is a Cyst?

In short—cysts are little sacks that can appear anywhere on our bodies and are often filled with various kinds of fluids (e.g., pus) or materials like skin cells, hair follicles etc – yep I know gross right… There are many types of cysts- some form due to hormones while others develop from irritation, infection,and other environmental factors.

When they pop up down there, their location means dealing with them is especially annoying compared to those pesky sisters elsewhere in your body. If you’ve got one already then you’ll probably notice symptoms like pain around the area, redness & swelling; uncomfortable sex — which only makes things worse! We don’t want any further complications now do we?

Section #3: Why Are They So Annoying Down There?

The reason why these frustrating buggers in this region are more unpleasant than brethren elsewhere relates to discomfort and size restrictions caused by the nature of human anatomy. Additionally because we constantly use sitting,eating,washing and sleeping this hinders healing process and speed. Basically—-areas prone to rubbing against undergarments cause friction which aggravates matters ..the things women contend with.. sigh

Now enough about the doom& gloom let’s dive into section 4— treatment options!

Section #4 : The ABC’s Of Treatment Options Available

So basically once visited Ob-gyn/Yours truly specialist would most likely give three first-line therapies among others that can help rid the annoying cyst around your vag:

4.1: Antimicrobial Creams

For infections caused by bacteria or fungi, a doctor may prescribe an antibiotic cream to get rid of it.So if you happen to have one due to infection this should do just fine.Head on over to pharmacy,get prescription and use ultimately as prescribed.

4.2: Birth Control(Sounds Crazy But It Works)

Yup- This non OB-gyn sounds crazy but apparently works in most cases–Birth control depending on which ones when used is known for reducing the likelihood of developing more cysts under hormonal influence —-genius right? Consult with regular medical practitioner before attempting extreme and incorporating birth controls into your routine.

Section #5 : Compresses

Warm compresses come highly recommended both in-office/on-the-go/remedy regimen because they are easy-to-use(do from comfort of your own home) & accessible even when out and about . Applying heat will improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation & speed up healing process.. what works better than a cup f herbal tea-just saying(don’t apply directly…let’s stay safe)Beware any pain..discomfort felt necessitates medical attention ASAP

We understand that taking trips down to dermatologist isn’t always feasible so here’s an easily accessible method with proper methodology mentioned below:(grab pen/paper time):

 Apply warm/gently hot water onto clean washcloth 
 Press against swollen/inflamed area
 Repeat approximately 10 min intervals throughout day.
       i.e When in bed binge-watching Netflix,
            every break / ad pauses

Section #6 Dermatology Delights You Can Try Yourself – Here’s How!

(Disclaimer — These remedies aren’t endorsed/ prescribed by professionals/resources online,but hey life is short why not try them?)

It might be best practice for us to consult our dermatologists which we still highly recommend doing so but if curiosity get’s the better of you – try out some unorthodox remedies that may cause your cyst to shrink, surface or burst evidently causing it to disappear altogether (Mind blown!)…Don’t knock it until you try!

Here are a few unconventional ways with strange names:

 Tea Tree Oil –Let's take cleansing and purification to next level(Oh Yeah!) 
             Pros: anti-bacterial properties

 Aloe Vera-The Multitasker That Goes Beyond Sunburns         (Beyond hydration).
               Benefits: reduces swelling& irritation due  
                 healing property

   \looks like those succulent plants belong #inthervag as well\

Section#7 : Epsom Salt Baths Aren’t Just for Grandma- Trust Us!

Ok. Time for bath time(you don’t have any other excuse do ya?). Add in some Epsom salt whilst chilling/read book(and just EXIST FOR ONCE).

As incredible as this sounds,Epsom salts can help get rid of your pesky vag cyst by taking advantage of their detoxifying & pain relief agents.It’s highly recommended choosing warm/ hot water for this (thought process is parallel to concept behind compresses).

Steps :

~ Fill bathtub/Huge bowl enough

~ Mix desirable amount salt(Not too much)

~ Soak yourself in bath(yay!)

The practice shows making a regular part of routine will yield excellent results so why not make it part of hygiene regimen?

Section #8 : The DIY Guide To Home Remedies -8 Excellent Ideas To Attempt At Home:

This sub-section introduces us to homemade methods seasoned market-goers who might say:

“Oh I could never trade granny’s remedy no matter how weird they sound,” or “Home remedies outshine more modern alternatives!”

These treatments aren’t proven in medical battles unlike other treatments, but they are safe and there’s little or no harm trying something new.

Subsection #1 : Essential Oils- Holy Guacamole This Actually Works?!

As said before — using essential oils for dealing with cysts around your vaginal area is an effective home remedy –Surprise!.

Cypress, tea tree oil ,frankincense along with many others have anti-inflammatory& antiseptic properties that promote healthy healing as well as fight infections (great combo!).
Just make sure you dilute these oil types adequately if applying directly onto skin to avoid discomfort-(A small number of drops should suffice) You can mix them with carrier oils like coconut or almond oil prior to application.

Subsection#2 : Witch Hazel—Not Only for That Creepy Halloween Scar Look,A Must-Try Bath Alternative.

Now our centuries-old trade has been hidden up until now.Wait it comes from the same plant family?(Who Knew!)

Alcohol-free extracts are obtainable via most online stores & local drugstores. Highly recommended due inflammation reduction benefits.

Direction steps include:

~Clean affected area
~Use cotton ball . Which makes Whatwomannow! Saturate enough witch hazel.

Lastly be patient ! Let’s repeat these moves twice a day so we hopefully get desired results.(Don’t forget consistency too–in anything we do eh?)

Section #9: Laser Treatment– Yup We’re Dropping Big Bucks On This One.

I consider this option more “serious treatment” category because of cost challenges &procedure intensity.But hey—if prior mentioned remedies don’t work out,this advanced method may be necessary!

With a trusted provider by our side during the process experts able to harness heat energy towards inflamed areas optimally..

Section #10: Medications You May Need: Oral Antibiotics & Painkillers Oh my!

This subheading speaks for itself. Various pain-relief options patients can take if the itch persists& oral antibiotics to fight infections plaguing us down there!

So how’d it go? I hope this walk-through of loads of trick and tips helped in making an informed choice on dealing with such vag complications..Do remember every woman’s body is different& treatment will vary, and as always consult with a medical expert before attempting any at-home remedies/considering more serious actions.

Now get out there, keep a stash/s portfolio (of surprising home remedy recommendations) -you never know who might just need some guidance too 🙂

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