How to get rid of a bruise under the eye?

So you’ve got a pesky blue or purple mark underneath one of your eyes? Maybe someone’s wicked punch landed true, or perhaps you woke up with it after slamming your head against the wall in sleep. Either way, looking like Rocky Balboa isn’t particularly cute unless you’re Sylvester Stallone himself!

Thankfully, there are ways to make that unsightly bruise disappear faster than Bigfoot at a gala. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the “how”.

RICE Therapy

Waitttt! Keep those grain bags off your face; we mean rest-ice-compression-elevation (RICE) therapy . You might have heard this from an injury nurse or doctor when treating joint sprains/muscle injuries, but applying these principles can also help bruises go away quickly.

The following steps should be followed for best results:

1) Rest: Avoid activities that will increase blood flow around the damaged region.

2) Ice: Use an ice pack wrapped in a cloth (never put ice colder than 37 degrees directly onto skin). This helps reduce inflammation and pain by constricting blood vessels and reducing swelling.

3) Compression: Consider wearing wrap bandages over the affected area to minimize pooling up of blood from leaking capillaries below skin surface

4) Elevation: Raise your injured side higher than heart level while resting.We repeat again:Avoid rubbing any frozen vegetables on ur softy skins guys…

Get Massaging!

Nothing beats taking action more than some good ‘ole hard work out! And guess what? Using light massage techniques on affected areas is hugely effective and feels fantastic too! Allowing enough time (and using moderate pressure), use circular motions around said unprotected zone – this stimulates lymphatic drainage to flush out excessive fluids responsible for bruisiness. Don’t forget—we’re talking in the right direction here. Hence, go clockwise for counterclockwise movements and vice versa.

Vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C isn’t just a popular hangover cure – it’s also great for strengthening blood vessels, so they’re less likely to burst under pressure. Urging levels of vitamin C intake can help speed up your body’s natural healing process after injury and damage by increasing its collagen production.

This abundant nutrient is naturally found in fruits/veggies such as oranges, lemons or kale… but if you’re not keen on eating tons of citrusy goodness then worry not; supplements like powder packs will ensure that required threshold is fulfilled__ without creating hunger pangs

Essential Oils

For those who prefer naturopathic trends, essential oils are superlative agents that reduce inflammation when rubbed onto affected skin area(s). Tea tree oil too is frequently used because of antibacterial benefits which further promote faster healing while preventing unwanted infections__ don’t skip this step!

Other essential oils include Arnica – famously known amongst professional athletes as their little secret weapon towards keeping bruises at bay – Lavender oil- Great before bed, helps one relax , additionally eases recurring migraines too – Sold yet?

Stay Hydrated!

Don’t stop waterinng around the eye region hoping to spare yourself from leaky capillaries bursting out again:thats what got you here last time! Drinking an ampleamount water throughout the dayis hugely beneficial since hydration helps replenish bodily fluids along with providing key nutrients mentioned above (like vitamin c) all over in plentiful amounts enabling quicker recovery than expected!

Making sure to eat fresh veggies/fiber-rich foods won’t be necessary once daily 8 glasses rule followed meticulously 😉
Careful npt drinking tio much could run risk into developing hydrocephalus [linked condition] !
Remember folks- No pain whilst flying!!

Conceal it with Makeup

Now it’s time to break out the facepaints! I’m not referring to clown-like three toned oranges because that could add even more insult than needed, rather something a bit more opaque – like concealer.

Having different shades of concealers handy helps; orange/red for initial bluish hues and green/Yellow in later stages when bruise is healing. Keep in mind: dabbing by sections—not rubbing—ensures maximum coverup capacity without making things look worse.

Things You Should Avoid Doing:

1) “Smoky Eye” : No matter how tempting or coquettish it appears__avoid using dark-colored eyeshadow mascara etc over/around said area trying too hard will draw eyes to unwanted hot-spot highlighting your very fresh blacker-than-blackened mark.

2) Facial Saunas are no-go zones while you’ve got a shiner under ur eye. Steam further dilates blood vessels and hence aggravates swelling/pain-we don’t want that do we?

3)”Popping Pills”: Sure, aspirin’s ability as pain reliever presents countless benefits but often discourages people away from RICE technique. Popping pills before consulting or settling on doctors advice really isn’t useful, so unless doc advised otherwise …don’t self-medicate !”

4)Vigorous Activities:A given . Engage yourself into low intensity exercises such as stretching or walking instead of running marathons desperately in need of attention they’d already have enough!

5) Hot/cold Compress mix-up : Again this one ain’t rocket science people ;never put cold compress followed by hotter one immediately afterwards . It’s best taking baby steps gradually increasing temp range that red point reaches optimum zone safely helping you heal faster than roadside mushroom soup peddlers probably would..eww!

Ultimately our methods above for molehill-sized bruises oughta see results within 6-8 days while consulting with medical personnel/specialists in any instance of a critical condition to be able to pick up on something more serious.that’s obvious!
Remember! Bruises are like bad ‘ve only got one mouth, which is why we cry when trying too hard at once!
Stay safe out there folks and don’t forget that healing is an open door until you close it after it has been used.(Note the rhyme at the end,friends!)

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