How to get rid of a bruise on forehead quickly?

Are you feeling like Harry Potter with an unwanted lightning bolt on your forehead? Fear not, for there are multiple ways to remedy that bruise.

What Causes Bruises on Forehead?

Before jumping into how to get rid of the darn thing, let’s quickly look at why we get bruises in the first place. Bruising occurs when small blood vessels under the skin break and bleed, creating that nice blue-black/brown-yellow combo we all love. A bump or injury is usually the culprit causing these little blood vessels to burst open.

But enough about that, let’s talk solutions!

1. Ice That Badge of Honor

The quickest way to make yourself feel better after receiving an injury is by applying a cold compress or ice pack (wrapped in cloth) directly onto the area for around 20-30 minutes every two hours (if possible).Bonus points if you can do this within 24 hours of getting hurt as it will help reduce swelling and pain.

How Does Cold Treatment Help?

When our bodies receive an impact, they immediately send white blood cells rushing towards it causing inflammation and swelling which leads to pain. Applying something cold helps alleviate these symptoms by slowing down cellular processes such as muscle contraction while also constricting local blood flow thereby reducing swelling around affected areas before scar tissue forms thanks to excessive inflammation

2. Pineapple It Up

If there ever was a time where pineapple came in clutch besides being featured on pizza then now would be it! Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples has potent anti-inflammatory properties making them invaluable allies when trying to heal those bumps with super speed.

Take some fresh pineapple slices/cubes and put them directly over your swollen area – this helps decrease both visible symptoms such as size & color change but also reduces any underlying inflammation problems too!

3. Salicylic Acid

You may not be able to run up walls like a certain Spiderman but you sure can get some mileage out of his favorite acne-fighting ingredient: salicylic acid. It’s great for exfoliating dead skin cells which in turn encourages new cell growth thus speeding up the healing process when used topically.

How to Use Salicylic Acid?

Simply apply it over your bruise twice daily as an ointment or cream until desired effect is achieved – sometimes this might take 3-4 days, other times only one day depending on how severe the injury was initially so just listen to your body and see what works best!

4. Witch Hazel That Bruise Away

If treating bruises were an Olympic sport then witch hazel would take home gold every time. Witch hazel has been used for centuries as a natural remedy because of its anti-inflammatory properties that help decrease swelling around affected areas while also providing pain relief too!

To use witch hazel, soak cotton wool with it before applying directly onto bruises at least once per hour (or more) as needed knowing full well that you are turning into a mini wizard by doing so!

5. Energy Healing

Was Harry Potter really just rubbing salt in our wounds when he showed us magic being real right before our eyes? But why not give energy healing such as reiki or acupressure techniques a go if all else fails.

There have been studies showing that these methods improve circulation throughout the body leading to accelerated healing processes particularly when trying to reduce inflammation caused by bumps/bruises/etcetera.

In Summary..

Don’t let life knock you down without fighting back with everything available within your reach! Whether it’s using ice cubes from freezer trays or incorporating tropical fruit into diet plans; there are multiple ways how one can quickly heal those unwanted marks left behind from accidents big and small just waiting for you to utilize them.

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