How to get relief from stomach pain in periods?

Period pain. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and by gift, I mean curse. Every month we ladies are blessed with a few days of cramping, bloating and general discomfort down there. But fear not, sisters! There are ways to ease the pain without resorting to binge-watching Netflix for three days straight (although that’s not necessarily a bad idea). Here are some tips on how to get relief from stomach pain during your period.

The Struggle is Real

Let’s face it; periods suck. They’re like an unwanted relative who shows up every month to drain you emotionally and physically just when you’re starting to feel like maybe life isn’t so bad after all (because hashtag self-care).

One of the worst things about menstruating is dealing with stomach pain or cramps. You could be going about your day as usual one minute, then suddenly feel like someone has taken a cheese grater to your insides – wonderful right? But worry no more because here are some funny yet effective tricks for easing those menstrual blues:

The Miracle Cure- Heating Pads

Heat can do wonders for soothing stomach pain during periods. Electric heating pads or hot water bottles placed on your lower back or abdomen can help relax tense muscles (Hello heat therapy!) . By increasing blood flow through vasodilation which widens vessels allows oxygenated blood circulation, reducing feelings of discomfort while providing natural muscle relaxation responses (all hail our savior ‘heat’)’.

If you don’t have any of these supplies around, don’t fret sister! Just sit yourself down at Star Bucks grabbing/asking two unusually hot cups filled with HOT WATER(don’t look too needy) stuff them against higher waist but below chest area(fill half cup), cross legs ,put earphones on(play upbeat music which make ya want to get up & dance)and BOOM! Happy non-crampy Period day.

Move Those Hips!

Have you ever heard the common phrase “motion is lotion”? Neither have I, until now. However cheesy that may sound,(stay with me sister) it’s true – moving your body can help alleviate period pain or cramps substantially (Literally would do anything at this point).

When you exercise, endorphins are released into your bloodstream, which leads to a reduction in pain sensations and stress levels – all of which will make those few days appear not so gloomy as they were seeming earlier. Whether it’s yoga (No thanks, unless posing like a dog makes any sense), going for a run (Here is where we look confused) or doing some stretches(yes please) and exercises with light weights(nothing too fancy), find an activity that gets you breaking out into sweats while also being feasible(we need no machine parks sis).

Make Ginger Your Best Friend

Who needs aspirin when there’s ginger? Ginger has been long used as an anti-inflammatory ingredient(It’s like the Beyonce of herbs; great alone / mix-match) , making it a formidable ally against pesky menstrual pains(Thank You First Day Life-Saver!).

Ginger tea is soothing on the stomach due to its natural compound called gingerols, known for their anti-spasmodic effects(%100 reason why Japan never complain during periods). Just chewing raw ginger can provide relief from intense bloating symptoms altogether by increasing metabolism rate(which increases heat generation from within ) enhancing blood circulation perfect combo right?! . Try incorporating more gingery meals or teas into your diet during menstruation(Say Yes To Ging-O-La-La Vibrancy-Ization Of Menstrual Days).

## Say No To Caffeine

As tempting as it might be for some sisters, it’s best to try and steer clear of caffeine-heavy drinks during your period. Caffeine is a natural diuretic that stimulates muscle contractions in the intestines and gut; this can lead to dehydration or even further cramping (Literally every month).

Instead of downing mugs after mugs, switch up with healthier alternatives like coconut water(or finely chopped chunks mixing them with mint leaves), green tea (no milk) , fruit Juice(Look for fresh ones rather than packed juice which are sugar ladened), or anything light on tummy (basically not too heavy).

A Warm Bath… Yes Plz!

A warm bath will never not actually solve stuff(specially periods!), but particularly when it comes to alleviating stomach pain during those painful wee menstrual days. Why? Because baths provide heat therapy that helps relieve cramps while providing tension relief all over you(that couldn’t have sounded any better).

By adding Epsom salt into warm water, magnesium sulfate present in epsom works as a natural anti-inflammatory relieving muscle soreness caused by menstruation(”Take That”.-Pesky Periods!). As a bonus tip: dim lighting + scented candles make such ‘Period-Mood’ relaxing(just remember- “No I Am Not In My Due Today” if interrupted).

Food For Thought?

Did You know certain foods could be worsening the situation while other could really understand what’s going inside perfectly?- let’s find out shall we?

Foods To Avoid:

  • Fried & Processed food items
  • Dairy Products
  • Excess Sodium/Salt(Irony)
  • Carbonated/ Drinks loaded with caffeine(highly rebellious)

Foods That Help

  • Fruits – Peaches,Mango,Papaya(Known for reducing inflammation owing to their high antioxidant content plus easing digestion due to high fiber content )
  • Green Leafy vegetables;Kale&Spinach(Enriched with Potassium- mineral known for addressing bloating, water retention thus reducing cramps in return total trophy player)
  • Proteins – Beans & Lentils(Player’s gotta eat!) – rich in iron & protein , anti-inflammatory(like they care).

By integrating these into your diet you may experience some serious relief from period stomach pain while also doing good to overall health.

Let’s Wr-Ap this Up!

Periods are undeniably unpleasant but managing them needn’t be a herculean task. Taking small measures such as the ones listed above can go a long way in easing menstrual symptoms(Feels Like A SuperMom). So, next time those few days come around (oh joy), brace yourself with some heat therapy/crockery-water cups,Himalayan Stretches or ginger candies and beat the discomfort of periods like the gangster you are!