How to get prescription deodorant?

Welcome, sweaty folks! Are you tired of reapplying conventional deodorant every few hours? Have you tried every over-the-counter solution without any success? Fear not, for it’s time for your pits to meet their match – prescription strength deodorants!

Not sure what prescription deodorant is?

Prescription strength antiperspirants contain higher concentrations of active ingredients that can help control excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. They often require a doctor’s prescription and are only available at select pharmacies.

Step 1: Find a dermatologist

If you’re looking to get your hands on some fancy-dancy perspiration prevention spray, you’ll first need to find yourself a dermatologist. A dermatologist is a medical professional who specializes in treating skin conditions like sweat,’unappealingly’ oily t-zones (not that we know anything about that).

Finding one isn’t rocket science – unless your underarms have developed intelligence due to their lack of oxygen. You could ask around within your social circle if anyone knows one they would recommend or go ahead with an online search.

Pro Tip: Don’t just settle for the first dermatologist with whom you come into contact; do proper research and compare various physicians before making up your mind.

Step 2: Make an appointment

Once you’ve found the expert who will be tackling this rather hairy mission (literally), it’s time for step two- booking an appointment. Similar ‘to scheduling beach weather during winter’clockwise’. There are multiple ways through which appointments can be made via phone calls, emails or getting in touch through their website.

Some clinics might require referrals from other healthcare providers depending on where they sit geographically so worth being aware of when ringing around.’ To ensure availability and convenience’ book well in advance and make them aware the purpose of the visit beforehand so as there can be no confusion or nerves on the day, besides sweaty ones.

Step 3: Be honest during consultation

You’ve made it! Congratulations. It’s time to bare (or dress) your teacups for examination. Keep in mind these are professionals; they have probably seen worse stuff in the past so try not to sweat over it too much- haha! You’re here now, and that’s what having a dermatologist means.

It’s crucial ‘to maintain transparency’ about your excessive sweating challenges with your dermatologist so as appropriate treatment can be recommended accordingly along any underlying health issues taken into account especially considering other medical conditions you may currently have.

Afterward, they will weigh out how severe the condition is and recommend possible moves forward with solutions like prescription deodorants to rein in that unwanted party going on under the shirt finally!

Step 4: Fill Prescription

Your physician has done their work, assessing your predicament and recommending moving forward with prescription antiperspirant,’and voila!’ soon enough you’ll be cruising by without any unsavory damp stains lingering behind (apart from spilled coffee – but who doesn’t love a free stain).

Take note of where to pick up said meds beforehand prior to leaving the clinic premises ‘if not directly handed over then’. Being aware of potential side effects would also assist knowing exactly what one should look out for following applications – this never involves spontaneous combustion though…maybe purchasing matches whilst there isn’t necessary afterall.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget when dropping prescriptions at chemists; parents always rightly say counts rings only once handed over – I.e., naming identifying aspect upfront (‘Name? Date of Birth?’ etc.) thus reducing inevitable embarrassing scenarios when wrong information has been provided initially.


There you go my fellow humanoids! This marks an end journey full of nose pinching stench amidst comical embarrassment co-exiting ‘now replaced with a prescription prevention spray’ thanks to your dermatologist. By following the above steps, you should now be equipped with all needed to facilitate and make the process of acquiring such deodorants easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Pro tip: Remember always to raise relevant questions whilst in session ‘in case something is still unclear or not expansive enough.’ Why leave out on additional information- it never hurts!