How to get over my insecurities with my boyfriend?

Hey there insecure girl, feeling anxious about your relationship? Are you having doubts and fears that your man might be cheating on you or losing interest in the relationship? Well, worry not! This guide has got all the answers for you.

Don’t worry – insecurity is normal!

First things first, let’s start by acknowledging that insecurity is a human emotion, and it’s completely normal to feel uncomfortable or scared sometimes. It doesn’t mean you’re weak or unlovable; it just means that you have some unresolved issues within yourself that need attention.

Recognize your insecurities

The first step in overcoming your insecurities is recognizing them. Be honest with yourself – what are the things that make you feel uneasy or vulnerable in this relationship? Is it comparing yourself to his exes? Or worrying he will cheat?

Make a list of these discomforts so you can dig into them more later on.

Talk to him (calmly)

Communication is key in any relationship, particularly when dealing with insecurities. So have an open conversation with him about how concerned/struggling/worried/anxious/fearsome you are without accusing him of anything specific. Asking questions like “I want us both to be happy here- tell me what I am missing?” puts less pressure onto him than saying ‘You don’t love me anymore’/he’s sleeping around etc

It may also offer insight into his perspective making everything seem crystal clear – sorta….

Learn positive self-talk

When we spiral down into our insecurities we often jump quickly from ‘what if’ scenarios, straight past reasoned doubt and down through depression arguments until we settle on worst-cases scenario as if they were certainly valid.

We then end up feeding those negative feelings over time leading us further away… sadly from happiness. So work on Positive Self-Talk! The next time you think, “There’s no way my boyfriend loves me anymore”, remind yourself that he’s still here for a reason and try to focus on something you’re good at – give yourself credit honey!

  • Keep a journal
  • Add quotes to your mirror
  • Read up other women’s stories who went through the same but came out happy & strong

Get some alone time

As much as being in love with someone drives us crazy, it mustn’t consume our lives! Take a break every now and then– go see friends or take long bubble baths. Doing activities solo can increase your own self-esteem and helps renew perspective when needed.

Often we find comfort back in ourselves over spending more than enough time with others tirelessly analyzing & comparing our relationships… like c’mon Susan let’s just have some fun!

Work On Critical Thinking Skills

Remember those ‘what ifs’ hooked us into messes? Well distinguishing helpful thoughts vs harmful ones is important too. Often times people make choices based on what they ‘feel like’ doing which may lead them down the wrong path—whether that be cheating or ending things prematurely before giving it an honest effort (perhaps due to mis-interpreting harmless questions!)

So really think proactively about what you’re concerned/angry/annoyed about {now this will depend on personal experience so please apply example here}.. Then ask-in different words/headspaces/hear-say areas: Is there evidence supporting it?

Most of these answers will require real communication with him/her/them anyway if feasible – which leads us right back where started. But hey won’t learning new skills make holding conversations easier?? #skillsforlife

Aim To Love & Accept Yourself Unconditionally

Finally darling girls (and boys), understand that insecurity stems largely from within oneself—you alone are ultimately responsible for how you perceive the world around you. Love yourself first, warts and all – since insecurities afterall are simply emotional ‘warts’.

Admire your qualities that make you attractive – your talent for storytelling maybe or your ability to naturally calm people down. Feeling good about these aspects of yourself will truly leave a positive impression not only with others-but within yourself.

So before jumping out from healthy relationships affected by those weird thoughts running randomly through our minds, lets remember it’s essential to work on ourselves too.

You’ve got this- so go on now: practice that self-love.. even if accompanied by some rejuvenating time-out inspiration 😉

Good Luck!

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