How to get over chronic fatigue?

Are you tired of feeling tired all the time? Are you sick of dragging yourself through life like a sloth on Valium? Well, fear not my friends, for I have the solution to your chronic fatigue woes.

1. Acceptance is key

The first step towards overcoming chronic fatigue is admitting that you are indeed fatigued chronically. You can’t solve a problem if you deny its existence. Embrace your bloated energyless self and accept that this is where you are at right now.

2. Sleep

Sleep might be an obvious one but hear me out here folks; sleep isn’t just any ordinary activity it’s FREAKING MAGICAL! It’s basically 6-8 hours of blissful unconsciousness wrapped in a cozy blanket with unicorn farts as pillows. So get at least seven diamond-encrusted hours of sleep every night, or suffer from consequences ranging from being constantly cranky to resembling a squid rejected by society.

3. Water Therapy

‘Drink water”,” they said “it will be fun!”, they said… But what do we actually know about drinking loads of water?

-It flushes out toxins (goodbye alcohol induced depression)
-Helps muscles work better (have mercy gym-goers)
-Makes sure important vitamins and minerals are delivered to cells
-Delays hunger and aids weight-loss plans

Bottoms Up!

4.Exercise ( GASP!)
Yes, yes, I understand workouts sound like death incarnate ☠️ but stick with me here champ it gets better 🏋️‍♀️ start light at first and then gradually make your way up e.g:- walking slowly challenging yourself each day .Exercise will increase circulation resulting in more oxygen flowing throughout our body helping us maintain alertness throughout the day.
So grab those weights 🏋️‍♂️and start pumping, because the iron is your friend.

5. Supplements
Don’t worry this isn’t some sort of marketing gimmick or pyramid scheme 🤨 Hey!👀 put that eyebrow down buddy🕵️. As it turns out, many of us are lacking important vitamins and minerals needed to operate at our best. Consult a doctor on what supplements will get you more pep in your step throughout the day.

6. Nutritious diet
”It’s just what it sounds like” said every Tom,Dick,and Harry nutritionists ever…but there really is something special about maintaining a wholesome eatery set for ourselves 👇

-Reduce sugar intake while increasing protein sources so you keep full to avoid them midday snacking disappointments.
-#Team veggies ( noooo.. I am not being biased)
-Avoid processed foods they have absolutely 0 value added in terms of nutrients
-Make meal prepping part of weekly habits and save yourself time during those mornings when all we want to do is push snooze again

And voila Nutritious Diet has done its job💪

7.Acupuncture treatment

Before y’all go about criticising me for recommending needles(yes horrifying!!) hear me out!
Acupuncture, originating from China over three thousand years ago,is practiced today as one natural method with very few side-effects . It aims to tap into our sleep-induced chi(ki) and stimulate certain points in order for improved energy levels💊.#SayGoodbyeToNeedlesPhobia .

8.Countering Negative Thoughts

Our mental state plays an major role in how we view situations including trying periods dealing with chronic fatigue:

-Try minimizing negative influences(be it people,situations or social media ) This prevents an accumulation which eventually leads onto increased negativity and self-doubts.

-Experiment practicing mindfulness🧘‍♂️ techniques like positive affirmations can help in reducing negative self-talk or beliefs.

9.Spend time Outdoors

Going on trail walks or spending time outside during sunnier days(!) exposes you to natural sources of happiness and vitamin D. Vitamin D is key for maintaining energy levels/inhabiting the feeling of worsening chronic fatigue. So go ahead, let those rose cheeks bloom once again! 🌺

10.Meditation & Yoga

Chronic fatigue tends to bring about our overthinking habits which result in increased stress levels leading onto subsequent exhaustion ( sigh ). Practicing yoga and meditation are calming activities that have been proven to reduce anxiety/stress over-time leading ultimately into an improved mental state including battling chronic fatigue #YESBOYSANDGIRLS

Ok y’all this is important

You got to learn HOW TO CARE FOR THOSE LEGS:

Studies indicate Stretching helps lower back muscles..and it feels good!! After sitting down for long periods remember a simple stretching can keep your legs fresh

Last but not least…

11. Yawn It Out

Hey yawning feels great right? And guess what even better fact,yawning increases heart rate(but only by less than 30%) whilst also expanding lung capacity ( oh ya!). So anytime you feel tired,stuck,sleepy just open that mouth wide open cave-man style.

So there you have it folks, eleven tips for overcoming chronic fatigue so you can finally kick life in the pants and continue being awesome at everything you do ( I am cheering for yall📣📣)

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