How to get out of your shyness?

Are you someone who experiences sweaty palms, trembling legs and a racing heartbeat just at the thought of speaking in public? Do you find yourself avoiding social situations because it makes you anxious? If yes, then my friend, you might be shy. Now listen up, because I have some hilarious tips that will help you come out of your shell and embrace life with open arms. Let’s dive right in!

What is Shyness Anyway?

Before we move on to ways to deal with shyness, let’s first understand what shyness actually is. According to research (yes! people study such things), being introverted or being shy is not always the same thing. While introversion can be an inherent character trait associated with focusing more on oneself than others around us — which isn’t necessarily bad– shyness stems from self-doubt and fear related anxieties leading individuals to avoid interactions.

A key characteristic that differentiates those struggling with confidence from their peers can often lie within avoidance behaviors; this includes over-reliance on technology/devices so as minimize face-to-face contacts also known as “screen time”-but like seriously why call it screen time; Are we dogs howling for attention when our owners yell supper-time? Woof ✌️

Embrace Yourself-The Secret Sauce

Shy folks tend to avoid looking confident in themselves possibly due to the fear of criticism or embarrassment by others due their own lack of confidence-building exercises or innate conditioning.

But hey dear reader, news alert, everyone has flaws except me..joking..As Sid Caesar used words so elegantly: “Perfect does not exist!” Therefore,it’s important for us mortals (yes even me) accepting ourselves inclusive flawed parts comes handy when trying building-self efficacy leading promoting growth mindset development.

So my fellow-shy comrade, let’s embrace ourselves. You can maybe start off by looking in the mirror and saying: “Hey Gorgeous!” or if you are a guy- personality ,name or both See it’s not so difficult once you get into the mindset of loving yourself unconditionally (inner Sally Fields recognized reference). Practice positive self-talk daily to engrain thoughts that uplift instead of demotivating oneself.Even when occasionally beaming with confidence-turn up –to -ten attitude praise your efforts

Tip: Start slow and steady by focusing on your strengths in every situation,don’t let mistakes/failures dent our morale;they’re opportunities for learning!Your flaws won’t define us.

Fake It Till You Make It

Yeah right!…We have all heard this one and wonder how possible is it? Pretending/acting confident until we gradually believe in it sound weird but actually works.(Rolls Eyes)

A research conducted at Harvard Business School shows individuals who acted like their “colleague” felt successful more than an actual underperforming teammate within around 3 months improving after interacting directly with them!. Act as who want become, visualization technique goes hand-in-hand.You could also aping fictional characters exhibiting desired qualities.

So pretend act out till others think you got this down pat.There are numerous techniques that can aid come across as put-together such as practicing open body language maintaining eye contact without staring.Thus,fake-till-you-make-it method means presenting ourselves outside appearance exudes portrayals deep-seated authenticity.

Break Through Your Comfort Zone

Comfort zones.That state where doing things familiar consistently routine comfort don’t challenge us . We must avoid becoming stagnant/boring creatures(sorry those words slipped me ) leading lacking personal growth leading towards unhappiness.Instead, go outside our bubble; Explore tryin new hobbies interact indulge talked about rather actioned.Go grab bull by horn which is pretty unconventional considering bulls generally targeted matadors than regular humans -Unless of course an agricultural epiphany hits the farmers out there💡

Tip: Start small by doing something different, like trying that new coffee you’ve heard about down the street or take a walk in unknown territory.People can sometimes get caught up and forget life’s value lie within everyday moments. A daily new experience every week-one month challenge could lead to wonders…11 months later its possible cramming Paragliding off cliffs to add more zing to our Instagram feed.

Praise Yourself After Every Accomplishment

It’s important after breaking outside comfort zones and practicing healthy self-love make space for positive reinforcement practices. No matter how minor it may seem such as presenting at work mini-improvements should be appreciated just same.(unless you do not believe in positive affirmation methods ,🙄) But those pat-on-the-backs ultimately will improve overall outlook towards yourself and propel one onwards building momentum towards progressive development.

Think of rewarding achievements with Amazon Prime shopping sprees,a day off,night-clubbing ala “Judith Lucy style” (hopefully we all know who she is), whatever works!.This encouragement reaffirms newfound confidence reinforcing personal growth has achieved thus far. Be grateful,you’ve accomplished much already given circumstances.Signs evident surrounding us ;overcame inner demons led successful board meetings overcoming shyness-instead of hesitation why not celebrate succeses? Even if Netflix binge-watching season10 JAG episodes count😉

Interact With Other Shy Folks

The hardest part often leads into push real interactions another adage coined ‘birds of feather flock together’ .Seeking people similar routines/behavioral patterns could step back from wall-flower status; In addition everyone conversed with non-shy people before-it’s good exercise practice perfect similar low-risk environments.

Seeking out others who understand reservations better communicate,discover shared commonalities regarding strengths and motivators.Helpful to join groups encourage interactions i.e debate or book club enhance conversational ability often help overcoming shyness-related fears.

Tip: Start with an environment that provides safe haven for likeminded individuals. Baby steps my dear reader baby steps!

Practice Active Listening

Listening goes far beyond intellectually absorbing what’s in front of you while responding appropriately empathizing demarcates natural talkers listeners.Active listening means directing attention maintained eye contact nodding heads affirmatively building instincts talking without interrupting.Tends lead deeper/meaningful conversations leading stronger linkages amongst speakers indicating nuances shift.(Wow !)

Improving active-listening skills game-changer drastically helping overcome social anxiety-builds confidence.To be candid, the perception of judging whilst interact play either role given communication barriers might thin ice difficult balance.Importantly, validating other’s feelings through patient undivided attention helps us make connections builds character indicative note limitations acknowledged during talks being present! Exciting opportunities exist when we least expect it only hearing them will emit those happiness serenades hitting sweet spots☺️ .

Get Professional Help If Needed

Sometimes clichéd statements about experts needing support seem uncanny until you sit down realize benefits professional counseling brings our lives.Mindset shifting sometimes requires more than pep-talks,it depends on how deep rooted obstacles towards personal growth manifest themselves.A mental health certified counselor /psychologist experienced providing shy person methodologies focused success get true breaking-free strategies aiding decision-making patterns modifying negative mind chatter.When everyday preventative techniques insufficient navigating expert guided paths readily available.

Seeking alternative medicines to treat social anxiety disorders including desensitization therapy which comprises exposing sufferers gradually increasing exposure new scenarios.Combine both leads brighter tomorrow ready conquerable world.In conclusion no shame seeking assistance needed indicates strength courage seek ways improving lifestyle.

Tip: Look into local initiatives offering help & resources, be educated about shyness lessens isolation.

Take Baby Steps

Last tip of the iceberg takes practice reinforces overcoming shyness in human experience equally hard journey given differently shaped circumstances across board.Understandable if at times progress may feel slow undertaken risks appear modest. Nevertheless builds momentum reaching goals positivity reigniting possibilities infinite worthy experiences waiting!

Take it one step ATOM (that’s proven nuclear science). Develop a growth mindset eventually increases higher probability improving weaker areas understanding challenges towards becoming last frontier emboldened-one step time we will unstuck ourselves form social isolation bonds find your tribe ,always remember to put Shy tendencies aside often ;life is happening around us Best case scenario enjoy as you deserve it😉 !

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