How to get off sharpie marker?

Sharpies are a fantastic invention, but sometimes they can be more of a burden than a blessing. There is nothing worse than finding out that you have accidentally applied permanent marker where it does not belong. Whether it’s on your clothes, skin or any other surface, removing permanent marker ink stains is never an easy task to do.

Here we will provide some tips and tricks for getting rid of those annoying sharpie marks – so don’t panic! Following these steps should ease the pain and leave everything looking as good as new before you know it.

Assessing the Situation: What Type Of Surface Is It?

Before diving in with how to erase sharpie from clothing or skin, we first need to consider what kind of material has been marked by the pen. Every type comes with their solution that may help erase the stain without causing even further damage:

Textiles/fabric materials:

The problem with applying strict cleaning products like bleach onto fabric items is that they risk damage. Therefore there is no alternative but trying gentler cleaners such as dish-washing detergent when tackling textile surfaces.

Start by saturating any cloth item in cold water until excess ink shows begins to dissipate.

Do not rub; instead blot heavily stained areas using a clean damp cloth and then apply small quantities of hot water mixed thoroughly together with three drops liquid soap alternated repeatedly.

Reapply multiple times if needed till all traces vanish entirely—rinse off using cold water followed by air-drying away from sunlight.

General Washing Advice
Start washing cycle at recommended highest temperature after applying solvent
Avoid ironing over stain

Hard Surfaces:

Sharpie marks anywhere else usually mean non-porous surfaces like wooden floors or countertop objects. Solvents are preferable for such hardy exteriors requiring stringent mixtures compared textiles.

Begin this process by testing any brasher solvents in out-of-sight spots, since these may mar surfaces or cause discoloration. Additionally, you will need to have on hand the following tools:

  • Acetone-Based Nail-Polish Remover
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
  • WD40

Keep hands clean while using any of these with gloves on!

Coat a cotton ball doused in acetone-based nail-polish remover or rubbing alcohol and swab over the stained area repeatedly till traces disappear.

Inspect carefully if vanished after each reapplication step-by-step until satisfied results are fully achieved.

Use some elbow grease: Rubbing gently with a soft cloth soaked in WD40 might do the trick – this should help remove particularly stubborn ink marks from tight corners and crevices like leather upholstery.

Hard Surface Cleaning Advice
Avoid excess mixture applications

How To Get Sharpie Marker Off Clothes?

Getting sharpie marker off clothes can be stressful especially when applying electronic devices is off limits. In such instances simple household items make for great substitutes!

Saturating stained portions:

Place up-to-date paper towels inside clothing fabric to shield other layers from liquid mixing which might worsen damage already incurred.

Squirt window cleaner (e.g., Windex) generously all over saturated areas followed by careful application of dishwashing detergent onto tough stains settings prior tossing garments into usual washing cycle at highest temperature allowed advisedly.

Baking Soda Method:

If lacking traditional cleaning supplies try developing own solutions instead easily accessible baking soda mixtures work wonders usually;

(While trying different options like vinegar or oil may risk permanent alteration always perform adequate testing before proceeding further!)

Here’s how you use baking soda method effectively:

  1. Add 3 teaspoons of baking soda crystals powder into an empty bucket.
  2. Pour 9 tablespoons hot water on top.
  3. Stir well until fully dissolved.
  4. Deep soaking clothing article in solution mixture for several hours before rinsing under running water thoroughly.
Clothing Cleaning Alternative Advice
Abstain from direct hot-spring/hot tub exposure

Removing Sharpie Marks From The Skin?

Sharpie marks on skin can be embarrassing to deal with especially since it’s an area difficult to conceal if the stain is blatant.

Many common household items work well when it comes clean off ink without harming sensitive epidermal tissues – let’s explore some of these remedies below:

Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking-Soda Mixture:

When getting rid of sharpies and other types of markers, baking soda is often recommended as a powerful cleansing agent that helps banish stains altogether!

Simply pour around 5 teaspoons hydrogen peroxide inside shallow container or bowl followed by another 2-3 tbsp. baking soda crystals powder mix them together.
Gently rub mixed ingredients into stained portions lightly throughly
Wash affected areas using cold water finally.

Petroleum Jelly Method

A commonly used method for removing permanent marker ink stains from babies delicate skin involves petroleum jelly! Here are the steps you need to follow;

  1. Apply generous slatherings over marked areas with non-toxic petroleum jell
  2. Wait a few minutes (at least twenty) so that our jelly applications have time remove stubborn pigment molecules binding itself onto skin surface layers, being sure cover all visible markings during this wait period too!
  3. Scrub lightly after covering particularly tough regions while wiping excess particles away until every last mark has disappeared!
Alternative Methods For Getting Ink Out Of Your Skin Thoroughly How It Works?
Baby Wipes The baby wipes help dissolve any remnants left behind.
Kleenex tissue The fibers of the Kleenex will help catch any residue left behind.
Baking soda paste It’s an abrasive yet careful enough not to harm skin, so it should be able remove stubborn pigment molecules without causing further damage.
Combine a teaspoon of baking soda and water in small bowl. Mix until desired consistency is achieved.


We hope this guide has been helpful when it comes to removing sharpie ink stains from surfaces ranging from clothing, hard surfaces or human bodies! Remember that there isn’t always one magic solution you can apply across all materials- each item calls for alternative methods every time making it crucial watchful take precautionary measures before proceeding with new cleaning routines.

Additionally don’t forget adopt healthy practices as improving hand hygiene adequately which helps avoid such situations altogether – so next time your favorite pen goes rogue, no need despair!

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