How to get nice hair in the morning?

Let’s face it, not everyone wakes up with gorgeous locks every morning. Sometimes we wake up looking like Chewbacca or Doc Brown from Back to the Future. It can be a real hassle trying to style hair that seems like it got electrocuted during the night. Here are some tips and tricks you can try to get nice hair in the morning!

Shake Things Up A Bit

First things first, after waking up and saying hello world remember one thing when cleaning your teeth-cumbia time is over-stop using your toothbrush on your hair! Yes, I know you’re sleep-deprived, but it won’t make brushing any easier unless you fancy having split ends accompanied by tiny bits of toothpaste foam at work…

Ok now seriously shake things up a bit, literally! You will want to give yourself a good shake before heading off for styling as this helps remove tangles from inside out.

No More Sleeping Beauty Style

You probably figured that ‘Sleeping Beauty’ hairstyle could do more than just make people laugh at Disney land shows right? Yeah well don’t bother giving that method another chance because it doesn’t work… Sweating all through-out while sleeping can turn most hairstyles into Medusa made flesh.

Save yourself from unexpected results and take action accordingly: sleep with clean strands or learn how to position head correctly so no kinks develop along sides/central part.This technique jumps over boundaries fast without needing too much effort since once adapting this posture signal flows better throughout our entire body!

Keep Your Routine Short And Sweet

No one wants an hour-long routine getting ready for work (unless they woke up super early!). So here’s where we have no competition across multiple categories – keep THAT routine short and sweet 😉

Hair Routine Table

A simple 5-minute routine will do which includes shampooing, conditioning hair with a leave-in conditioner and finally towel-drying of your strands. Keep all products aligned according to use so you don’t have to waste any extra time trying to figure out what goes where!

Use Hair Oils for that Extra Shiny Vibe

Picture yourself stepping out the door on your runway in the daylight looking like x%€^$ gorgeous as ever… sound good? Remember having shiny gold tresses is an inside job- not literally though… Here’s something people should highlight when focusing on their total look each day – great hair dos start from within!

Using hair oils such as argan oil or hazelnut oil help add more shine and hydration creating a truly polished appearance. By applying it before styling locks it ensures complete grounding showcasing confident style aspects this way.

Play With Your Hair, Don’t Hide It

Newsflash – a lot of people hate using spray/gel/waxes/etc because they think ‘it hides their natural features’ or just simply can’t stand how tacky they make them feeling afterwards (‘cause no one wants crusty empty ones sticking hair springs!). Fortunately, there are ways around these issues.. take advantage playing around different styles without sacrificing daily use:

Try Braids: Excellent alternative if you wan fun hairstyles & love versatility.- French braids/boxer braids/side-swipe fishtails require minimal manipulation allowing plenty room for imagination!”

Try Accessories: Hats/bandanas/ribbons give off energy fitting most weathers making life super easy!

Give volume chase chance!: If you’re someone who likes more flair then tease roots adding bodacious heights while still avoiding gunky product build-up.

So whether taking charge using volumizers or pleating cool patterns into reigns–grab an all in one kit that suits us best today 😀

In conclusion, with these tips finding out hacks that work for your precious locks is now a breeze. Keep in mind while not all hairstyles are created equal LOL getting nice hair takes consistency and sometimes minor tweaks to routines we already have in place. So add some sparkle into the days of the week by playing around with different styles/hair oils/accessories – besides who doesn’t want to walk down their own personal runway throughout each day?

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