How to get my baby to nap without being held?

Are you a new parent who loves holding your little one every minute? Do you want her/him by your side all the time, but somehow need some free hands so that you can take a quick nap yourself or attend to other tasks? We completely understand! Babies are adorable but demanding, and often settle only when held. But worry not! In this article, we bring you some amazing yet easy tips and tricks that will help your baby sleep peacefully. So let’s dive in!

Create A Relaxing Sleeping Environment

In almost all cases, babies sleep better when they are in familiar surroundings with soothing sounds that mimic womb-like conditions. Here is what you can do:

Reduce Distractions

Keep the baby’s sleeping area simple and clutter-free.

Keep The Room Quiet And Dark

Create an environment suitable for napping by closing blinds or curtains if required.

Use White Noise Machines / Soundtracks

White noise machines provide sensory vibration similar to white sound frequently experienced inside the uterus. You may also try some soft melodies or nature sounds like ocean waves or birds chirping.

Develop A Pre-Nap Routine

For both babies and grown-ups alike, having a pre-nap routine signals relaxation time ahead. It provides predictability leading up to restful moments of slumber.

Calming Massage Sessions Before Naps (Try Infant Massage!)

Massage therapy has been shown in research studies as an effective way for infants to soothe themselves toward sleeping while decreasing stress hormones such as cortisol which could interfere with calm states conducive for sleep onset.

Dim Lights During Bedtime Rituals

Sensitive lighting marks downtimes before bed leaving ample allowances for adjusting pillows readjustments etc., without inadequate light sources found amongst places where mere rows or orientational distributions might lead tediousness since our brains can perceive low-light environments as quieter than any open ones.

A Comforting Book or Lullaby

Sharing a lulling melody accompanied by heartwarming words can be incredibly beneficial to your baby’s sleep journey. This is also an amusing way for you to bond with the little one.

Swaddle Your Baby Tightly

Tight swaddling helps babies calm down since it makes them feel secure in their surroundings.

Use A Sleep Sack Or Wrap

Wrap your baby tightly snuggly and carefully using wraps that will keep her warm without any electronics, as these pose a danger if left on throughout the night.

Master The Art Of Timing

Timing is crucial when it comes to napping. Even well-executed pre-sleep routines could fail if timed wrongly.

Watch Out For Sleepy Signs

Intervening during overtired moments of exhaustion might result in fussiness which takes some time to settle down again; meanwhile intervening during deep sleep cycles disrupts quality rest.

Teach Windows Of Opportunities That Prompt Naps

Watch out for anything that might signify signs of fatigue and promptness toward such periods. Otherwise, a child may become irritable throughout the day due to inadequate amounts of restful slumber at nighttime leading up severe disorders like ADHD or anxiety issues later in childhood/adolescence/adulthood.

Gradually Reduce Dependency On Physical Contact

While holding our newborns close feeds into wholesome bonding and affectionately nurtures psychological development milestones, this routine sometimes leads children requiring physical interactions into becoming overly sensitive reliant on human touch rather than independently settling themselves provided with conducive environments.

Begin With Close Proximity Without Holding Them (5 minutes)

Place your baby in their crib under softened lighting conditions after applying appropriate pre-nap ritual methods over repeated sessions displaying lack much variance each instance upon bedtimes so they learn necessary expectations before beginning new practices abruptly otherwise causing confusion among signals communicated unintentionally contributed by sudden modifications stemming from parents’ erratic schedules.

Use Inanimate Objects During Napping Periods

Props stimulate babies’ feelings of security and lesser susceptibility to separation anxiety. Try soft items that redefine sleeping areas like toys, comfy blankets or familiar objects maybe pacifiers too add considerable ease at the baby’s slumbering time.


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