How to get more oxygen in your blood?

Are you feeling tired, sluggish or lacking energy? Do you often feel out of breath after simple activities like walking up a flight of stairs? Well, the solution may be as simple as increasing the oxygen levels in your blood. In this article, we will explore some easy and fun ways to get more oxygen flowing through your veins.

The Biology Behind Oxygen

Before we jump right into how-to’s on getting more oxygen into our bloodstream let us first understand what happens when our body receives this magical molecule. Oxygen is a chemical element that plays an important role in life processes that require energy conversion (aka metabolism) – everything from breathing to exercising! Our lungs are responsible for inhaling air containing both nitrogen and oxygen molecules. Nitrogen makes up roughy 78% while the remaining 21% is made up guessed it – oodles of OXYGEN!

Once our lungs have filtered these gases- they are transported via red blood cells with help from hemoglobin proteins allowing them to diffuse throughout every inch of your living existence! The amount of oxygen available during different physical activities can range drastically!! Keep reading because now we’ll explain how one might increase their daily circulating supply!

Breathing Exercises

A free prescription that doctors hardly ever issue: STOP avoiding exercise at all costs!!! Simple aerobic exercises such as jogging or cycling causes you to breathe fasterand deeper which encourages better lung inflation meaning more gas exchange. Aim for regular cardiovascular workouts per week.

But if sweating on pavement sounds not particularity appealing try practicing controlled breathing through yoga techniques / meditation practices even only a minute or two can increases airflow within moments !

Alternatively here’s another technique guaranteed to blow those socks clean off: take big belly breaths several times consecutively before then taking slow steady exhales—hopefully giving yourself head rushes for weeks!!

Oxygen Boosting Foods

As they say, you are what you eat! While it’s not possible to shove O2 down your throat with a fork, eating certain foods can enhance oxygen transportation. Hemoglobin needs nutritional iron and copper found in meats beat seafoods; beans/lentils for vegans) in order to function best while cells depend on glucose which is why consuming fruits such as apples, berries or grapes may help distribute nutrients through blood once broken down inside the stomach!

For another way to boost atmospheric breathing try adding garlic into soups or smoothies—fyi extra points if was grown yourselves!

Hydration Hacks

Did we mention that water contains — wait for it –OXY-FREAKING-GEN? Deep breaths folks, deep breaths.. Our cells need enough amount of hydration both internally+ externally so one way of assuring better nutrient transport (aka our delicious friend 02) is by making sure body fluids stay balanced throughout the day. Aim for drinking minimum half your weight in fluid ounces daily.

Tip: Keep a refillable water bottle handy make sure to regularly top off when empty!

Additionally warm liquids like tea can be equally effective at encouraging circulation plus their added antioxidant properties reduces cellular damage -= double win!!

Get More Vitamin D

You heard right! Good ole sunshine plays a vital role here! It turns out ultraviolet light triggers chemical reactions allowing production of vitamin D via skin exposure – meaning sunbeams seriously aid transport promising vitamins chemicals via red blood cell during leisurely strolls outside but please please don’t forget SPF lotion on any exposed skin/wear hat covering scalp due melanin sensitivity!!!

In summary, getting more oxygen into your bloodstream does not have to be complicated or difficult. Breathing exercises, eating foods rich in hemoglobin-supporting minerals & fresh produce containing antioxidants , drinking plenty of water and soaking up some rays will all contribute towards an increase and mobility of the molecule that keeps giving us life!!! So go on and put these tips to good use. We promise you will feel more energized, alert and focused in no time!

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