How to get more carbs in diet bodybuilding?

Are you tired of cramming down protein every day, but still failing to bulk up? Do you feel guilty about skipping carbs and missing out on your body’s primary source of energy? Fret not! We have got your back.

In this guide, we will help you understanding carbohydrates and their role in muscle building. You’ll learn some carb-heavy foods that can augment the progress of your gains. And most importantly, we are providing tips that will help you achieve your carbing goals with comedy.

But first things first – let’s understand what carbohydrates actually are.

Carbs – The Bearers of Life

Carbohydrates are one of three macronutrients required by our bodies- the other two being Protein and Fat. If none ring any bells yet maybe science excites you less than pizzadesarcasmo

Basically, Carbs break down into glucose or blood sugar which provides energy for cells throughout our body.

The key point is-until used as fuel-carbohydrates stored in muscles & liver provide us reserves called glycogen.

Before we get too technical-not all carbohydrates created equal-and choosing sources high on Glycemic Index(GI) vs Low GI OR Getting enough Fiber—consisting mostly non-digestible materials-could significantly impact athletic performance,lifestyle outcomes ot bodily functions-forget loosing weight…just saying!

Now when it comes to Muscle Building especially following a low carbohydrate diet isn’t ideal. Doing cardio might just be enough punishment without meaningfully cutting carbs!!!

So Lets Learn how can we easily sneak those sweet sweet starchy compounds

Top 6 Foods High In Carbs For Your DietFML im starving

As much as it pains me-we need some real food besides chocolate cookies-but look close-carbtastic ingredients do exist outside heavenly aisles-ignore Brussels sprouts tho-okay here`s our recommendations

1. Oats’ ONYX’S of Carb Sources

If you sugar coat your oatmeal with just sugar AND stuff stirred in-count the spoonfuls-these beauties can add about -55g Carbs and Fibers,take that for breakfast, Eh?

But we know how boring plain cooked oats could taste-Fiber isn’t the end goal here sugarpuss!

So How to make it bearable?
Breakfast Basics & a pinch of creativiteahCan do wonders!

DIY Oatlicious – Adventures in Toppings!

– Protein Powder-Cinnamon flavored or basic-Vanilla or choclatey
– Berries /Bananas
– Honey Yup,Skip Justincase-YOU NEED CARBS
– Peanut Butter Smooth
or Whipped Heavy cream but lets leave lactosemates alone today-
behold-a Perfect Breakfast Meal for Your Bulking pursuit.

2. Yams — The Sweetest Potato Cousin

Ah,a nod to all Anglophiles’yams’re a staple food and SO should be yours.

Not only they are great when baked-(120g/ cup =41grams carb) served as is or-in-the-mud style-Kidding! Halfed skin on-or candied over some maple syrup OR as yam chips topped with chipotle mayo making them Big Gains Promising

3 .Fruit To Boot!

Okay if thick luscious hair wasn’t incentive enough-did you forget fruits high carbohydrates prove fibrous fuel for us mere mortals?

Think beyond apple pie; Mangoes (50g/cup), Pineapple(22,wedge), Banana(quirky serving size alert considering banana loaf deserves atleast half LMAO)(25 per medium sized fruit). Oranges(Again no need explaining..lmao JK)(15gm Small Sized)

Just remember to highlight that In addition to antioxidants, and vitamins like vitamin C, fruits are responsible for our energy levels as carbs from fruit take less time in digestion than say- pasta.

4 .Potatoes – The Game Changer

Or better said Do not treat this staple veggie with misery only!!!

Sumptuous mashed potatoes (32 grams of Carbohydrates), baked potatoes(64g) or even french fries(you don’t have to argue how CARBS add up here!) You name it-potatoes aren’t going out of style any soon!

I heard some waiters offering beefstake in place of a side dish? Madness I tell you!

5 .Rice—more than just a sushi side

brown rice serving (45gm/cup)-Im seeing may be double?-Sushi was never just calling your name!

Thai,basmati-whatever floats your boat-or more traditionally rice puddings after workout rituals-protein shake dressing alongside-perfect sugar rush is guaranteed.IN doing so-there no need to look further beyond this carbo-helling food.

6. Pasta – the traditionalist

Whenever someone asks what’s on the menu &hmm…the answer almost certainly brings me joy-In an unsurprising move-Pasta completes choices highlighted here.
Each serving-can surely ensure load carbs needed.Penne,Ditalini,Spaghetti-Upgraded version tagged with tomato sauce,dark meatballs makes everyone happy!

Beyond Nutrition Labeling…..SUPPLEMENTS?

Well!! If You Want To Go Beyond Hitting Nutrition Labels-

there’s MoreThere exist fine line between using supplements vs relying solely on them..Yet If you`d rather follow supplement route we’ve compiled an easy-peasy list-maybe switch up between meals as well-delicious enough

But did I mention they Have Some Side Effects Too?

Do Your Own Research-before incorporating big changes-You are your own hero!

A. Carbohydrate Powders

They have been blessed with a speedy absorption rate-quickly sourcing energy during intra or post workout period.

Waxy Maize Starch-or Maltodextrin -disclaimer: sweet taste—dy vs natural- could be masked for those who wouldn’t want to “taste” it

B. Vitargo

This Potato Derived Complex carbohydrate-bulking goals come true in a more health-oriented way.

And There You Have It

Hopefully by now, you have learned that the carb-up process doesn’t necessarily require that you should gorge on sugar-laden desserts all day long.

From proteins to fats and carbs, there is no denying that these three macronutrients play an essential role in our general well-being.

As far as picking the right high-carb foods is concerned – we hope our guide has given you some juicy insights and mouth-watering recipe ideas!

So before I Mic drop…a word of Advisory? Alrighty then-Let us do this-Never Pigeon-Holed In One Food Category.Optimizing Diet To Reach Dream Physique This Should Remain What Awaits Us!