How to get more breast milk for newborn baby?

So, you’ve just given birth to a bouncing bundle of joy and now it’s time to feed the little one with copious amounts of breast milk. Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn’t equip everyone with gallons of breast milk.

Fear not! We’re here with some natural tips that have been known to work wonders on lactating mummies worldwide.

Keep Hydrated

First things first – drink plenty of water. You can try different hydration sources like coconut water or fresh fruit juices instead of plain old water (but remember that cow’s milk does not count). The more hydrated you are, the easier your supply will flow. So, bottoms up!

Say Goodbye To Caffeine

You might love coffee more than life itself but sorry, new mom: caffeine could actually be a threat to your delicate baby’s needs right now (and we all know who wins any competition between babies and coffee) . Cut down on caffeinated beverages if you really want to give yourself an extra boost in producing more milk.

Nurse & Pump Regularly (It’s ain’t rocket science!)

The key is consistency. If you nurse/pump regularly (approximately every 2-3 hours), your body will get into a routine and produce exactly what your newborn needs (we’re talking tailor-made meals here!). And don’t forget to pump out both breasts even though your jealous left boob may make matters difficult by being stingy (oh well…can’t win them all!).

Eat Right

Your diet affects everything from mood swings(boo hiss) through sustained energy(yay hoorah!) as well as production abilities!(Yay!). Eating foods such as oatmeal(who knew?), spinach(yum!), almonds(<3) could lend themselves in boosting quantities during this postnatal period of abundant production.

Get Some Sleep(ahem…lets be candid here)

Rest is essential for new parents and more critically, for breastfeeding mothers. In order to produce the required amounts(as if that isn’t difficult enough…) of milk needed – catch those extra winks in between those short intervals(oops).

Use Heat(What’s a little warmth among new friends?)

After you pump (or breastfeed), apply heat (a warm bottle indeed) on your breasts or take a warm shower. It helps increase blood flow which leads to better milk production (which might also help alleviate some stress pain after hours sitting there with tingling parts    #justsaying)

Relax…It’s not an exam!

Don’t stress too much about how much you’re producing – babies aren’t machines anyway! Just relax and let nature do its thing (duh). Overthinking it just adds unneeded pressure! Listen to your body and don’t forget: The more relaxed you are while feeding/nursing, the better feedings will go(its like meditation but way messier!).

Breast compression(because why keep compressions only in maths?)

Place one hand behind your baby’s back and use the other hand around your breast when nursing thus allowing any remaining milk get out into tiny tummies. This skill takes lots of practice so be patient as such technique would become seamless over time(idiom-itic right?). It ensures that all lobules within each latteral peripheral segment remains emptied each time mama gets her snuggle/bonding game on(awwwoooohhh!!!)

Try Lactation Tea(Not Your Oolong…)

Some women swear by lactating tea (like Blessed Thistle). Others call it a snake oil pitch but either way, its worth giving a little trial into the mix (because when you’re lugging around those ouchie milk jugs, everything counts).

Meet With A Lactation Specialist(Never hurts to get an experts opinion)

Schedule an appointment with your hospital’s lactation specialist for additional assistance to enable or maintain constant milk supply, clarifications and queries pertaining to nursing and breast feeding(mommas..this is why#teamwork makes the dream work!!)


So there you have it! These tips will help boost your milk production naturally so that you can give your newborn baby (especially during growth spurts) all they need.So whether breastfeeding directly by themselves or relying on alternative support systems(one of these days even Dad will do), don’t forget: How much love was shared also counts(Afterall,O Lordee…those first few months are like out right drama series 🤦‍♀️).

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