How to get lice eggs out of long thick hair?

Having lice in our hair is one of the worst nightmares we can ever think of, especially when it comes to getting rid of them. Lice are tiny parasites that reside on the scalp and stick to the hair strand. They multiply fast, causing us embarrassment and discomfort.

Getting their eggs out from long and thick hair can be quite challenging but not impossible. Just follow these simple tips below:

Check Your Hair Regularly

Checking your hair regularly for any infestation is a vital step towards getting rid of lice completely. Whether you have short or long locks; checking every day is crucial during an outbreak.

Choose The Right Comb

Using the right comb for extracting lice eggs plays an important role. Selecting a fine-toothed comb helps get deep into your thick curls that regular ones cannot reach.

Wet And Divide Your Hair Into Sections

Wet your mane with lukewarm water to loosen up dead nits from the scalp as well as soften the glue they use for sticking onto strands while making small sections big enough to allow working comfortably on each part separately.

Use Vinegar Solution

Vinegar has acetic acid capable of breaking down most adhesives used by lice while keeping pH balance intact: mix equal amounts vinegar (white/ ACV) with water in a spray bottle then wet detangled section evenly till soaked through but, co-washing may suffice if desired results’ attained thus skip spraying altogether

Benefits Of Using Vinegar Solution

  • Kills living adult head parasites
  • Loosens debris & unhatched eggs aiding removal surfacing fallout figures reduced post-treatment rinse off colored liquids minimum dandruff flakes

Apply Oil To Smoothen The Strands And Make Them Slippery

Oiling helps make tedious work more manageable by making strands slippery rather than sticky. Coating the hair with olive, coconut, and tea tree oil helps as they discourage bugs while preventing dryness.

Comb Your Hair With A Fine-Toothed Comb

Partition the section to be combed then starting from scalp comb through downwards towards ends making sure each pass is smooth; wipe the comb and finger nits from it before next stroke repeat till no critters are left on this portion do same throughout all follicles till completed every day two weeks post-treatment

Repeat The Process For An Extended Period

Continuous egg removal for an extended period ensures thorough extinction of these pesky parasites. Consistency in checking your hair regularly coupled up with systematic dead nymph extraction measures shall lead to no more lice eggs in long thick hair.

To conclude this article, getting rid of lice can take time and effort but knowing what steps to use can ease the whole process. By following these tips above and being patient enough; you’ll say goodbye to scratchy close encounters forever!!

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