How to get jacked in 2 months?

Are you tired of being a noodle armed, chicken-legged weakling? Do you want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson but don’t have the faintest clue on how to start building muscle? Fear not my friend, because in this guide we will show you the most effective and hilarious ways to get jacked in just two months!

Set Realistic Goals

Before we dive into this crazy world of bodybuilding and weightlifting, it’s crucial that we set some realistic expectations. Getting ripped within weeks is nearly impossible unless you’re willing to consume steroids, which are highly dangerous for your health. However,we can still achieve decent results by following these tips diligently.

Gain Muscles Effortlessly By Eating ‘Big’

Muscle building doesn’t only happen at the gym; it begins from what goes into your mouth. If you eat junk foods all day, your workout won’t show any significant changes in your physique no matter how serious you are with lifting weights. Therefore,you must ensure consuming sufficient amounts of protein such as lean meats,fish,eggs,cottage cheese,Turkey,chicken,and whole milk yogurt is crucial for muscle growth ,and supplementing those proteins should be considered . Most Important above all, EAT BIG ! To put on size means adding calories beyond maintenance needs,start calorie tracking , then add an extra surplus couple hundred calories daily.Then obsess over nutrition facts seeking carbs & protons more than fats .

But remember,since everyone’s different,optimal diet strategy isn’t one-size-fits-all.Therefore getting helpful insight by working alongside a qualified nutritionist could prevent potential side effects from “improper practices”

Incorporate Strength Training Into Your Routine

Lifting heavyweights can help build muscles mass quickly and effectively,but ideally speaking strength training principles at maximal weight intensities should be incorporated in routines. Compound movements targeting large muscle groups to build strength and pack on mass such as:

Bench press



should serve as the centerpieces of your workout regimen; make sure to include them if you want to look like a shredded Marvel superhero within a couple months.

Furthermore,avoid isolating exercises solely focused towards toned vanity muscles like biceps & triceps ; rather put attention on stability muscles (Core) improving overall functionality

Get Your Gym Membership

Now that we have covered some basic principles of bodybuilding, it’s time for you to get yourself into the gym , Those monthly membership payment becomes more justifiable than ever before! This is where all those intense sessions will come into play, helping you grow stronger and bigger proportionally ,and gaining access quality workout equipment along with facilities aimed at accommodating your specialized needs . With an array of machines and free weights available,prioritize multi-joint movement workouts whilist maintaining proper lifting form aiding stimulation towards larger portions lungs by breathing accurately.

Don’t know what types of exercises are ideal for your goals? Don’t worry friends because most fitness centers provide trained,certified personal trainers there who can offer advice any questions both prior or during sessions

Consistency Is Key To Success

Be consistent with your training habits generally hitting heavy lifts at a minimum 3x/week while striving hard each meet reaching exhaustion.For instance,it’s important not dwindle around between stations,time wasting.This helps prevent falling off from regular routine, attending every scheduled gym seasons whenever possible.Recruits significant instructors aiming consistency under their supervision.To add,a good idea uploading periodic photos onto social media platforms documenting progress effectively this serving motivation purpose skyrocketing commitment levels.


Getting ripped won’t happen overnight hence why patience is fundamental when looking in mirrors checking daily progress. Expect slow results,choosing felling discouraged ,But show persistence regardless because eventually you’ll reach your goals within 2 months with constant persistance!

Recovery and Rest

The gym can be addictive but beware of overtraining because it’s a recipe for disaster! Incorporate rest & recovery methods such as stretching,breathing exercises, yoga sessions e.g.=3 , allowing those muscles to heal completely.Before every session warming up at moderate intensity the day of lower weights used can help rid exhaustion and enhance flexibility,warm down post workouts serving similar purpose but increasing complexity.Should pain arising from excessive worked areas seek specialist medication .


At last,you now realize how possible getting ripped in mere two months is although it requires discipline,sacrifices patience adherence towards regular training schedules.Theses tips are most effective when applied together. Discipline is key when implementing these strategies mentioned above that shall produce astounding outcomes almost immediately.

Keep track of any changes you note on paper, being sleep patterns,mood trying out new lifts or reps so as improvee personal bests; Monitor calorie intake,focusing more protein with complex carbohydrates outweighing fats . Continue reading up on fitness/nutrition journals whilst striving never to let go routine; Yes,Congratulations! You’re stepping into a whole new world that promised long desired physique fulfillment while enjoying humorous witty jokes along the journey 😉

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