How to get fair skin in 1 week in hindi?

अब से आपका ‘fairness journey’ शुरू होने वाला है!

Fairness is a universal obsession. Be it India or any other part of the world, people are crazy about fair skin. It’s like we believe that having fair skin will solve all of our problems, including poverty and unemployment. Unfortunately, there isn’t actually any scientific proof for this belief. But hey, who needs science when you can achieve fairness in just one week? Sounds impossible right? Well, with our funny guide on how to get fair skin in 1 week in hindi , anything is possible.

Start with Basics – एहम प्रसंग 😜

Look, before starting your journey towards fairness heaven,stop using normal water for your face immediately! Why? Because tap water alone is too heavy and contains too many minerals that may damage your precious healthy-looking complexion.

Instead, buy a pack of Evian water bottles from France or maybe just steal them from fancy restaurants which have imported bottled mineral water! Just kidding! Don’t do that otherwise you’ll come back home black and blue 😉

Seriously though,washing your face with Evian Water isn’t necessary but everybody’s doing it so why not you?. You won’t know if it works until you try!

Cleanse Your Face Every Hour- हर्समय 🙄

It’s better to overdo things than underdo things,right?

So cleanse your face every hour,yes every single.Hour.Even if someone calls out “Auntieeee” while you’re pouring Evian on yourself outside Taj.In fact ignore them and continue cleansing-your-way-to-fair-skin routine without even blinking an eye.

                   --- cleaning guide ---

Use these cleansers every hour to get that ultimate fair skin.

Product Z Product Y
Wash your face with soap bar or liquid soap Avoid direct exposure to Sunlight

Apply Banana Peel Daily- और कमाला होग्या 🤪🍌

Cheap and easily accessible, banana peels might be the answer you have been searching for.Take a ripe yellow banana peel and rub it all over your face. And don’t forget about the neck!

Peel off any excess parts of the banana except those on which there are black spots.Because they contain melanin-making ingredients.Gently massage your face using circular motions for 20-30 minutes then leave it overnight.

Hint: Look up BHA to learn more about why this makes sense

But if someone asks “why is there a smile on my face when I’m sleeping?”. Don’t say anything .

Use Bleach On Your Skin – घैलती से पहले 😱

    --- Checklist ---
  • Leave bleach glove in boiling water not lesser than 1 min.

  • Check manufacturer rules twice before pouring them down your throat

Now that you’ve tried natural things like fruits etc, let’s talk about something hardcore–
BLEACH!! Yes! The same stuff we use to keep our clothes white! But wait!”Bleach though” reminds me of Cinderella.”Would she use bleach as well?”

Anyway , back to business.Before applying actual bleach make sure to do some patch test because afterall ‘नुकसान से सावधान ‘ .

Apply small amount at first & note down what kind of emotions it brings out from your pores.If everything goes perfectly fine and no side effects spotted , apply considerably large amount.Leave it on for 15-20 minutes then rinse with cold water.

NOTE: Do not apply on eyes, lips or near the sensitive area of your skin as it might result in a reaction. Stay safe fam!

Apply Multani Mitti – संजीदा लग्र्हा 🤓

Multani mitti aka fuller’s earth is considered an age-old Indian remedy to get fair skin.Mix a sufficient amount of multani mitti powder with rose water and lemon juice.Make sure no lumps remain .Then apply this paste all over your face and neck evenly.Leave it there for about half an hour.Not one minute less!

Secret tip : A small amount can also be applied to armpits ,knees or elbows if you have any issues concerning uneven colour tone 👌🏼

Remedy List

Fearing dark spots?Don’t worry we gotcha covered ! Here are some remedies ,

  1. Rub tomato slices directly onto your face.
  2. Use fresh papaya pulp mixed with honey once everyday
  3. Take onion juice and apple cider vinegar mix, leave it for 10 minutes
  4. Mix Grated raw potato halters+lemon

And viola,no more pesky stains!

Moisturize Your Skin Well Before Going To Bed- मत ऑह करो 😒

Have you ever heard someone complimenting themselves out loud thinking nobody was there to listen,but they were actually right behind them?

So don’t be that person.

Before going to bed,massage lightly intense therapeutic oils like extra virgin olive oil,argan oil maracuja oil onyourlimbs.An aroma hug before night sleep sounds impressive doesn’t it?

It will keep hydration up whole-inght-long leading to that dreamy baby-like pasteurised white fair complexion 👶🏼💖

    --- Say Hello To Fair Skin ---
  Keep following these tips every single day until the desired result shows by the end of this virtual week. See? It wasn't so difficult after all-is it?

But beware! If anyone asks what you did to achieve such an immaculate complexion, don’t reveal anything just pretend like something has sprung out behind them and run for your life 🏃🏽‍♀️💨

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