How to get chlorine out of eyes?

Are you tired of looking like you just spent an entire week crying every time you get out of the pool or finish a swim? Do your eyes feel like they’re on fire because there’s chlorine in them? Fear not, we’ve got some tips and tricks for getting rid of that pesky chlorine. Don’t believe us? Just keep reading.

First things first – What is Chlorine?

Before diving (pardon the pun) into how to get rid of it, let’s talk about what chlorine actually is. Quick science lesson incoming!

Chlorine is a chemical element with atomic number 17 and symbol Cl (you probably remember it from the periodic table). It’s commonly used as a disinfectant in swimming pools and even in drinking water treatment plants. So all those times you drank tap water growing up, you were technically consuming small amounts of sodium hypochlorite (fancy word alert), which is basically just bleach – exciting stuff!

Why Does Chlorine Hurt Your Eyes?

Now that we know what chlorine really is, let’s move onto its effects on our bodies specifically our peepers.

Have you ever been enjoying your day at the beach or public pool when all of sudden, your eyes start to sting and burn uncontrollably? This happens because when chlorinated water comes into contact with our tears (yes tears, stay with us), it creates hydrochloric acid (yep, that also sounds terrifying) which triggers the receptors in our nerves responsible for signaling discomfort or pain.

And if that wasn’t bad enough – this same acid will break down proteins found within our tear film causing surface tension. Essentially making blinking more difficult leading to prolonged irritation; such fun!

What are Some Symptoms You May Experience after Exposure to Chlorinated Water?

  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Tearing
  • Blurred vision
  • Sensitivity to light

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, do not fret because there are ways that can help alleviate the discomforts (yay).

Tips and Tricks for Removing Chlorine from Your Eyes

1. Rinse Them Out!

Seems like an obvious one but it’s essential. If you’re at a pool or beach with access to fresh water – get in! Run a gentle stream, hold your eyes open (not recommended while swimming) and look around to ensure maximum exposure.

Pro Tip: You can fill empty plastic bottles before heading out anywhere near a body of water so that you have plenty ready.

2. Blink It Out!

Keeping your eyelids closed for extended periods will only prolong the burning sensation of chlorine on them. So once they’ve had enough rinsing rotate between slow blinking, rapid blinking, and even some exaggerated ones! This act helps circulate new tears throughout our eye surfaces.

3. Use Eye Drops!

Artificial tear drops will supply your peepers with lubrication when removed by chlorine in order to restore normality soonest possible.

Pro tip: When picking up eye drops aim towards products labeled “redness relief” as opposed to the typical dry eye solution – These offer more anti-inflammatory benefits.

4.Wash them Baby Wipes if convenient:

Guess what? Yep – baby wipes; commonly used on tender newborn bums apparently make excellent refreshers for irritated eyes too! They’re gentle enough, no fragrance just perfect moisture with zero irritation during use.

Also good reason why moms keep them nearby always because easily accessible every time.

And please do not ask us how we figured this out…

### Five Solutions You Can Create From Home Ingredients:

A) Baking Soda

It neutralizes acidic chemical effects from swimming pools and has been defined useful in removing chlorine from clothing or hair. Anyone who’s ever suffered green hair plight knows this to be true!

So, make a baking soda solution (two tablespoons of baking soda dissolved into one cup of water) and use it to rinse your eyelids gently.

Pro Tip: To avoid double-dipping with your cotton ball, pour the solution in a small dish first before applying.

B) Apple Cider Vinegar

Making sure you’re using raw apple cider vinegar is essential when creating natural tonics. Full of acetic acid that balances pH levels consequently restoring normalcy for our skin pH and has great anti-inflammatory benefits

Mixing an equal proportion blend of apple cider vinegar & distilled water will result in FANTASTIC eye wash after swimming! Yes FANTASTIC!

C) Green Tea

Apart from its reputation as America’s new coffee-ish, Green tea contains powerful antioxidants. Research suggests these compounds work quite effectively against inflammation-related disorders which include puffy eyes resulting from exposure to chemicals such as chlorine.

A cold application working real magic especially since caffeine reduces fluid buildup under our eye surfaces hence reducing swelling – So brew up some green tea bags then say hello coolness (pun intended) by placing them over rested eyelids

D). Vitamin C Powder

This supplement offers the perfect acidity balance also antioxidant-rich right for soothing irritated eyes mainly because studies show that natural vitamin c has been proven effective in dealing specifically with Chlorine-based irritation both internally and externally

How do we get there? Simply dissolve half teaspoon vitamin powder into one glass lukewarm filtered water then soak clean cotton balls within solution – Voila!

E). Honey Popsicles/drops:

Our Bodies possess enzymes capable of naturally breaking down hydrogen peroxide found in diluted honey solutions while repairing swollen cells concurrently.

With dosages ranges ranging between 1/4-1 spoonful (basically whichever works best) simply mix the combined amounts preferred with warm water then apply for immediate relief.

Prevention is Always Key

In a world where preventative measures are best, around public swimming areas or salty waters wearing sports goggles will greatly minimize exposure to Chlorine-based irritation which makes them every swimmer’s must-have accessory (a true lifesaver!).


Swimming does not have to bring pain- and hey you, you do not always have to choose between dry/or uncomfortable eyes that feel like they’re ready fall off…These hacks exhaust all possibilities ensuring optimal healthy restorative methods.

So next time chlorine attacks aggressively, we hope this guide manages those burning feelings from seemingly endless pool days so go ahead dive on in – Enjoy to your heart’s content minus teary eyes!

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