How to get birth control pills australia?

If you’re a lover of Australian sun and want to enjoy some sweet, sweet sweet lovin’ without ending up pregnant, then this is the article for you. The following steps will guide your journey down under towards reliable contraception methods.

Step 1: Schedule an Appointment with Your Doctor

Before getting freaky-deaky, we recommend scheduling an appointment with your general practitioner or a sexual health clinic nurse. They’ll ask all sorts of questions about your medical history and current status such as:

  • Have you ever had sex before?
  • Are there any family members that have suffered from clotting disorders, high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease?
  • Do you smoke?

After answering these stimulating inquiries get ready for the ultimate question: “What type of birth control do you want?”

You might feel like saying “Uhmm hello sir/ma’am I’m just here for information,” but don’t be shy! Doctors are trained professionals and they won’t judge ya kinks!

Step 2: Figure out What Type of Contraception You Want.

Here’s a breakdown of common contraception options available in Oz:

Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill (COC)

This pill contains synthetic hormones similar to those produced naturally by women’s ovaries ie oestrogen and progestogen). It prevents ovulation and thickens cervical fluid so sperm can’t swim through it easily. Plus if taken correctly it offers near-total protection!

Pro tip: Take this puppy at around the same time every day – don’t leave them next to your bed hoping the mornin’ sunshine will wake you up on schedule because trust me…it won’t.

Progesterone-only pill (POP)

Also known as ‘mini pills’. This option only contains one hormone instead of two like COCs do. These tricksies make cervical mucous thicker making entry for sperm less likely.

They actually have to be taken exactly at the same time every day (which means they’re not as reliable for forgetful types). POPs are also often used by people with a history of blood clotting disorders. So if you’re over 35 and/or smoke, COCs might not be for you but it never hurts to ask your doctor.

Contraceptive Implant

If swallowing pills isn’t exactly the most enjoyable experience in the world, try out an implant! This is basically a tiny rod that sits under your skin and constantly releases hormones stopping ovulation from occurring.

It’s inserted by a professional so there’s no need worrying about where to stick it yourself. They can last up to three years which is like two seasons of your favourite show and an extra year just in case someone decides on hiatus.


Still don’t believe us that Aussie winters get cold? If so then this might be the option for you!

An Intrauterine Device (IUD), doesn’t involve taking pills or inserting anything through your skin, instead it goes right into ya uterus though something called normal variation…okay I lied let some facts slip through but don’t worry we’ll keep things simple here…

Inserting an IUD takes place during period week when cervical opening’ wider’. The device can come in copper or hormonal options lasting anywhere between three-five-seven or ten years depending on what kind you choose, meaning goodbye stress-free contraception until roughly all relationships end – forever after?

Step 3: Get Scripted Up

After choosing what method works best for ya lifestyle you’ll need a prescription which requires seeing both private scripts and paperwork together within pregnancy care specialist clinics.

Note To Self: Bring “moey moey” proof-of-identity documentation because without one clinic example copies will become lost quicker than vegemite toasties down der under.

Step 4: Buy Your Contraception from a Pharmacy or Clinic

With script in hand, it’s time to head into local pharmacy or clinic around ya area.

Just remember if they don’t have what you need, go online (but skip Google) and look for reputable sources that’re licensed by The Australian Department Of Health because honestly – this isn’t the 1920s.

Don’t Get Screwed Over By Pricey Options

We’re not kidding, sometimes medications can break the bank which is why you should search for nearby medical centers that cater towards low-income households like yours truly.

Medicare benevolent swanky hot-spots are also great options! And free condoms? Great deals always exist.

Or You Can Try Going Abroad…But Beware!

Yeah I know it sounds fun & adventurous but treading those Tinder waters with a lover from another country comes at a price. For instance didya know Australia has strict legal regulations against importing contraception drugs outside of its territory? This could lead unprotected sex feeling worse than sandpaper across your derriere.

Don’t believe us? Yeah…well neither do we so let’s just forget this whole foreign affair gig unless you want to risk getting not laid – ever again!!


And there ya have it folks! We’ve gotten through those tough questions one step at a time allowing you to frolic stress-free under Aussie skies knowing full well these lil’ buggas come “covered” !