How to get bigger eye bags?

Are you tired of having dull and lifeless undereye bags? Do you want to look like you’ve just spent a long night partying, even if you spent it in bed watching Netflix? Well, look no further! In this article, we’ll be diving into the world of getting bigger eye bags.

Sleep Deprivation

The key to making your undereye bags stand out is sleep deprivation. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t get enough sleep at night, your body will start developing those unsightly dark circles that make people think you’re either addicted to coffee or suffering from some incurable disease.

But who wants just plain old dark circles when they can have big puffy eye bags?! So here’s what you do:

  1. Stay up late every night watching shows until 2 A.M.
  2. Set five different alarms with snooze intervals of ten minutes each and keep them next to your pillow.
  3. Drink lots of caffeine – coffee, energy drinks or anything else that gets your heart racing.

Just remember: the goal is not simply staying awake for longer periods but disrupting natural sleeping patterns while simultaneously consuming excessive caffeine and sugar intake on a regular basis. You’ll be rewarded by swollen eyes in little time!

Salt Intake

Let’s get one thing straight: salt isn’t bad for you; it’s misunderstood entirely! Not only does salt add flavor and help preserve food, but when used appropriately, it also adds puffiness under eyes where needed most!

We recommend about six tablespoons per day — use caution though because high levels over an extended period may lead permanent health implications such as high blood pressure or sudden death (just kidding!) Adding additional salt into meals especially before bed time could provide necessary swelling prior morning!

No judgement zone here— Seasonings can include chips, carrots, or even a late-night popcorn binge!

Swelling Your Eyes With Pain

Pain and irritation are significant indicators that real change is taking place in the body. What could be better than purposefully enhancing your appearance with pain to achieve larger undereye bags?

Sometimes you need more sizzle! A well-known way to accomplish that is by getting temporary cheek fillers: this will force you direct extra volume towards wrinkles and provide a fuller look as well applying pressure in the areas around your eyes.

Feeling too chicken for needles? Never fear – always employ ice cubes on eyelids after night stay up sessions, rub it sometimes under eye regions apply added duress producing slightly curvier shape until facing the day refreshed (and very sore!).

Cosmetics Enhancement

While these tactics seem intuitive/borderline insane, they may not work overnight! Those same techniques can effectively produce results over extended durations of torture but who wants to wait ages become attractive?!

Fuller-looking cheeks are one sureshot way acquire improved looking-eyes easily opting away from basic at-home remedies! It’s time unveil secrets professional makeup artists have known forever – contouring techniques are among best ways conquer those pesky imperfections.

Experimentation mustn’t limit solely to product selection either. While established brands remain popular choices newer ones like crazy rollers — yep, you read right — maybe they’re key perfect glowing skintone.

Eye-popping enhancements aren’t limited strictly to make-up applications however – check out various lift kits geared helping temporarily smooth skin improve overall texture take things few steps further see increased elasticity last longer periods without requiring additional upkeep.

Products Explained

It’s drilled into our heads daily how crucial products play role within cosmetic industry dating back centuries worth providing nearly instant gratification while posing as non-permanent fixes many “complexion crisis” issues. Here we’ll feature several new/groundbreaking cosmetics that could potentially deliver instant results!

Fenty Skin

Farming out beauty ideas Rihanna launched line skincare help “take care of beautiful skin.” Within this array, you’ll find wrinkle reduction serums combined hydrating facial creams providing clear visibility blemish treatment options.

CoverGirl mascara

Covergirl is a household name synonymous with cost-effective quality. Your undereye bags will thank applying Lashblast Volume Mascara adding necessary inflammation!

EltaMD Tinted Sunscreen

For added ‘ooomph’ tinted sunscreen provides variety benefits — protects fragile eye area against sun damage and additional particles in air while also adding desirable redness disguising photoaged regions more defined looking-eyes (non-sun security brands were so overrated anyway!)


There are no limitations to what we can achieve when it comes to enhancing our natural looks! In the end remember every little bit counts — don’t be afraid get creative especially trying something new which entirely unconventional but ultimately produces lasting outcomes regarding appearance betterment. Whether pushing through at late-night lack sleep sessions or splurging fun makeup products anything’s possible reach ultimate dream – massive, poor circulation-filled undereye bags!

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