【How To Get Bigger Boobs Naturally Without Surgery?】

Women are so self-conscious that they question every part of their body. When it comes to breast and breast size, some find it difficult to be happy with their own size and want to make them bigger. Some use pills and medicinal methods to make boobs bigger but these things have side effects. Some women are so allergic and sensitive that they developed rashes and irritations.

It is definitely not a shame to want bigger boobs. Making them big for aesthetic use is not a bad idea. If someone wants to grow a little more, they should also be precautious about their methods while being so deep into the process.

How to get bigger boobs – the surgery way

Surgery comes to the mind at the very first thought, but is it safe? Surgeries can be tricky and the most irritable factor of them is that they are artificial and fully fake. Everybody can know if boobs are fake or natural. They just have that aesthetic look to them through this process. Naturally growing your breast is a much better idea than anything else. Yes, it does takes the time you might say but we all know that natural ways are purely safe and cause no harm to human body.

Naturally growing your breasts

To answer all of your questions regarding how to get bigger boobs naturally, the following ways will help you out,

1) Your diet: The diet plays a big factor at everything whether it is gaining or losing fat. Your diet will tell you how your body will turn up. Controlling the diet and choosing a healthy one will help you on a long term basis.

  • Put on some weight – Do not be scared when you hear this sentence. This is the only way fat will accumulate around your breast. But, along with your chest, your thighs, stomach, and also some other parts of your body will also gain some weight. The best solution is to exercise cut those extra fats lose. Increasing the calorie intake by eating fatty things like cheese, dairy products, sweet and etc. will get you that weight.
  • Eat estrogen-containing food – Estrogen is known to be the one helpful female hormone. The more the estrogen the bigger the breasts will be. That is why when you hit your puberty, you gain breasts as the estrogen level increases. You should eat lima, kidney beans, fenugreek seeds, lentils, chickpeas, apples, plums, cherries, rice, barley, wheat, sage, oregano, clove, yogurt, carrots, beets, cheese, and cucumbers.
  • Eat phytoestrogen containing food – Phytoestrogen is another female hormone which boosts up the level of estrogen in your body. It mainly targets the breasts tissues. You should eat flax seeds, walnuts, chestnuts, pistachios, cashews, green beans, winter squash, raspberries, peaches, strawberries, and drink green tea, black tea, white wine, and red wine.
  • Avoid the pills – The pill supplements often cause side effects in your body. Taking these pills just for a specific cause of enlargement of your breasts is dangerous. It should be taken under the supervision of a doctor.

2) Exercise and exercise: When you’re taking such a fatty diet, you do not want to become fat while being in the process of enlarging your breasts. Nobody wants that. So physical activity is important to lose that extra fat.

  • Push-ups – These work best for your triceps and strengthen the tummy. It targets the breast tissues and the pectoral muscles present under the breasts. Lie on your stomach and with your hands on either side of your chest, pull yourself up. Straighten the arms and toes and then lower yourself enough to feel the pressure on your anterior muscles. Do at least 10 push-ups in 2 to 3 sets.
  • Dumbells – There is numerous exercise with using a dumbbell. For breasts, hold the dumbbells in both the hands with palms facing downward resting upon your thighs. Lift them up while raising your hand upwards slightly bending your arms. Then lower your hands to your sides and again repeat.
  • The fly lift – These are great in a sense of making boobs bigger. Hold weights between 4-6 lbs. Move them sidewards with your arms as like for your body to be in the shape of a cross. They should then meet above your chest. Repeat this 15 times per set and twice.
  • Wall press – It is a type of standing push-up. You have to follow the same steps but with standing upright and facing a wall with your palms fixed upon the wall. Repeat 2 sets of these with 10 wall presses each.
  • Crunches – These are the best one to be known today. It strengthens your ab muscles and belly. Lay down on your back with your knees bent and arms to your sides. Keep your feet still and push yourself upwards to sit up. Then lay back down. Repeat this ten-time per set (1 or 2).

3) Making your boobs aesthetically look bigger: It uses some fake methods to make your breasts just “look” bigger.

  • Bra – Wear a push-up bra in the right size of your breasts. If the bra is padded, it will provide some advantage of adding up an extra layer to your bust.
  • Makeup – Contouring and highlighting are best known to the makeup industry. Contouring means to cut extra skin while highlighting means to enhance extra skin. After you put on your outfit, use this technique for the same. You will find a lot of difference.
  • Posture – Perfecting your posture helps to improve your body build and also making your breasts look bigger. Hunching over your body will do the same to your boobs.
  • Clothes – Wear clothes that will serve the purpose of emphasizing your breasts. Any shirt or dress having an underwire will naturally pull your boobs up.

Hence, these are the ways to increase your boobs naturally without spending a lot of money on surgical methods like botox.

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