How to get a uti male?

If you’re looking for ways to get a urinary tract infection (UTI), then you’ve come to the right place! A UTI is an infection that affects your bladder, urethra, or kidneys. It can be caused by bacteria entering your urinary system and multiplying there. And believe it or not, men can also get UTIs! So, how do you get one? Here are some tips:

Practice Unsafe Sex

One of the most effective ways to induce a UTI is through unprotected sex with multiple partners. The transfer of harmful bacteria during sexual intercourse can lead to an increased risk of developing a UTI.

Drink Lots of Alcohol and Caffeine

Consuming copious amounts of alcohol and caffeine on a regular basis disrupts your natural electrolyte balance in your body which makes it harder for your immune system to fight off infections such as those associated with UTIs.

Hold Your Urine For Long Periods

Holding in urine shouldn’t just be restricted to number twos – holding back number ones increases pressure on the bladder which raises the risk of getting infected due foreign material trapping within the built-up urine resulting in painful irritation within inner linings leading towards more chances flushing out enough bits introduced from outside using bodily functions may save yourself from being completely developed disease because if left untreated this could become much worse than before so always try remaining hydrated throughout day.

Avoid Drinking Water

Water plays an essential role in maintaining healthy bodily function as well as reducing surface level effects like dry skin however avoiding hydration actually leaves inflammations present inside areas might develop concurrently combating pathogens causing symptoms similar cystitis patients typically experience higher levels concentration urobilinogen while producing less acid output indicating underlying condition known pyelonephritis co-exist time other complications stemming lack acute treatment provided timely manner recommended consulting qualified medical professional immediately manner at all cost.

Here are few more unorthodox tactics you can utilize to trigger UTI which may cause the formation of crystals that can obstruct urine flow and lead to urinary tract infections:

  • Take hot baths
  • Wear tight-fitting clothes
  • Consume sugary foods in excess
  • Use perfumed soaps or bubble baths

How Can You Know if You Have a UTI?

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it could be a sign that you have a UTI:

  1. Strong, persistent urge to urinate

  2. Cloudy or blood in your urine

  3. Painful or burning sensation when urinating

  4. Abdominal pain and discomfort.

  5. Elevated white blood cell count (WBC)

  6. Feverishness

Treating Your Male UTI

Once you’ve successfully gotten yourself infected with a potential life-threatening disease – congratulations! Now comes the fun part – getting cured from it! Here’s what’s going to happen when you visit your doctor:

Diagnosis Through Urine sample examination

Diagnosis will generally occur by checking your pee for signs of infection using a test strip pocket analyzer which checks presence bacteria and either ketone or glucose levels previously mentioned urobilinogen concentration estimation laboratory giving definitive diagnosis establishing empiric antimicrobial medication regimens depending on several factors such as gender age comorbidities recent antibiotic exposure availability culture data specific strains involved

Antibiotics? Hope not!

Antibiotics are usually prescribed by doctors for treating bacterial infection but there is no chance that they would let mild progression result into resistance against recommended regimen followed after diagnosis thus patients must adhere stringent guidelines providing complete therapy initially acute phase finished successfully recurrence could still possible soon slightest provocation especially preemptive screenings negative results back up need treatment provider promptly re-evaluate situation more closely.

Home Remedies For Relief

Here are some home remedies that may help relieve symptoms while treating a UTI:

  • Drink plenty of water to help flush out the bacteria
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and acidic drinks such as citrus juices and soda .
  • Apply heating pads or cold pack depending on what works better periodically in order reducing stinging pain during periods


In conclusion, getting a UTI isn’t something most people want since it can lead to unpleasant symptoms like feverishness,cystitis along with burning sensation when urinating but using these tips above should eventually enable anyone looking try their luck. If by any chance you do find yourself susceptible avoid antibiotics at all costs if mild progression is present otherwise be open having them prescribed because early treatment can reduce complication chances well future development bacterial resistance over time.

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