How to get a needle?

Are you tired of pricking yourself with every little thing around the house? Do you need that suture for your latest DIY sewing project? Fear not, dear reader! This ultimate guide will provide you with all the tips and tricks on how to get a needle.

Raid Your Grandmother’s Sewing Kit

You know what they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Or in this case, one grandma’s sewing kit is another person’s means of survival. If you’re lucky enough to have a grandmother who still sews, raid her stash as quietly as possible when she isn’t looking. Who knows what kind of needles and thread she has lying around?

Visit Your Local Pharmacy

And no, we don’t mean Walgreens or CVS; we’re talking about pharmacies that sell veterinary supplies for animals. Ask the pharmacist if they have any large gauge needles used for injecting medication into larger animals like horses, cows or zoo creatures. These babies are sure to do the trick!

Borrow From A Quilting Bee Buddy

Do you know someone who does quilting as their favorite pastime? Well those quilters definitely keep an arsenal of needles at their disposal. Hell sometimes it feels odd even calling them ‘just’ needles because quite frankly some can go up to three feet long (imagine trying threading something like that) and thick too – causing damage almost akin to getting hit by Thor’s hammer.

Go Fishing

There may be no greater source for all kinds of sharp objects than fishing tackle shops! And betcha didn’t think this was relevant until now did ya?! wink They carry feather-like soft hackle needle hooks designed specifically for tying flies in fly-fishing lingo translates perfectly fine into crafty stuff-thereby making them suitable substitute shiny acquisitions.

Tip: Beware Of Your Wives’ Knit Club

Your wife’s knitting circle might also be a goldmine for needles, but beware. If you plan on stealing one of their patented hand-carved bamboo needles you must accept the consequences, and these women do not go easy when someone tampers with their prized crafts. Better just to stick with raiding your grandma’s sewing kit.

Check Your House For Syringes

We don’t condone drug use or self-harm, but maybe that old prescription from last year gave you some syringes lying around in some dark corner (look behind couch cushions!) While we know that these are technically not “needles,” they still could serve the same purpose as long as the needle is detachable and tight enough to stay in place inside its tube.

Here’s a quick chart summarizing all our tips – feel free to use this helpful guide wherever! 😀

Technique Pros Cons
Raid Grandma’s Sewing Kit Multiple options available depending on age of kit. High degree of risk involved if caught by said grandmother.
Visit Your Local Pharmacy (Veterinarian Division) Relatively affordable + many size variable options Might require more social interaction than comfortable
Borrow From A Quilting Bee Buddy Lengthy variety of sizes Betrayal among quilters equal “ex-communicated” membership

Fishing: those nimble fly fishing hooks can double up really well too e.g., hackle feathers sometimes been used as sewing ‘pins’ and come off easily after stitching completed

Can also consider check out inside household inventories & supplies , such as:

  • Broken jewelry; earrings especially have delicate nails
  • Safety pins
  • Tacks

Now that you’ve read this ultimate guide, you should have some quick and easy ideas on how to get a needle! We don’t endorse stealing or borrowing without asking first, but when in need we make exceptions. Don’t forget to give grandma an extra big hug next time you visit her as well.