How to gain weight with a very high metabolism?

Are you too thin, and can’t seem to put on weight no matter how much you eat? Are you tired of hearing people tell you how “lucky” you are to be naturally slim? Stop counting calories and victim-blaming yourself for being skinny. It’s not your fault that your metabolism is as fast as the Flash. However, it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost.

It may require some work, but putting on weight with a high metabolism is possible. To help turbocharge your efforts (you know because your metabolism requires it), here are our top tips:

Eat More Calories Than You Burn

This one might sound simple enough, but if you have an overactive metabolic rate then eating more than burning becomes trickier.You need energy in the form of extra calories every day consistently until bulking up resultsshow up.Eventually,your body will stop growing once the caloric intake balance occurs between less than or equal to calorie output.Eating three full meals plus snacks like nuts or cheese helps keep those extra needed solely when attempting gain weight.

To make sure that your daily calorie consumption exceeds what gets burned off through exercise and basic physiological processes (which would never occur before), take time tracking everything such as input-output ratios throughout workouts.Personal trainers,cross-fit instructors,and dietitians could prove helpful.and remember alcohol intake increases exacerbates hunger feeling without serving any meaningful nutritional purpose.Know Your limits!

Protein Intake Is Crucial

The next critical piece of advice about increasing body mass while combating superfast combustion consistsof protein control.Structured,sustainable, reliable protein amounts benefit faster muscle gains .Sources for these include red meat,eggs,poultry,nuts,fish,and many leafy green vegetables.Unfortunately,the reality of acquiring large quantity/protein levels from only food is unrealistic which leads us onto powdered supplements;whey supplements should integrate into daily diet whilst continued surveying for higher protein options.

Adapt Your Meal Plan

If you want to gain weight quickly with a high metabolic rate, you must ensure that your meals cover all bases. The importance of balanced nutrition cannot be under emphasized.Meal meal it’s essential to include healthy fats such as avocados and nut butter among other ingredients to achieve necessary caloric content changes.Make sure the foods listed on MyPlate or USDA recommendations become part of your routine diet,allowing for consumables not so recommended like chocolate cake after dinner remains occasional treats(we know what our vice).

Another method is through ingesting multiple small portions throughout the day instead of three substantial servings.The smaller portions allow digestion without extreme bloating that may come when consuming larger quantities at once.One should take care to consume hormone-free and ethically sourced food.Purchasing organic-fed beef or chicken produces healthier alternatives because sometimes health isn’t solely based onappearancebut ethics also.

Exercise Wisely

Although exercising frequently doesn’t make calories intake increase by itself,it can aid muscle-building hence decreasing chances for high calorie burning.A useful tip about workoutsis prioritizing maybe tempted toward running more if requiring fast results however this solution becomes counterproductive given higher calorie burn while doing cardio than weightlifting.Ensure seeking guidance suitable from instructors who’ll tailor options towards weight lifting.Try sprinting even though short in length increases efficiency gained over time.Your body fat levels will reduce significantly.

Never Skip Meals

As mentioned earlier,eating is paramount.Never ever skip meals no matter how busy,you aspire!Rather supplement periodically morning till evening helps keep metabolism continually active consquently faster energy conversion.Be mindful when choosing between snacks,some products contain adde sugar;it defeats the goal of achieving good nourishment.Before increasing snacking habits, one recommends by physicians systematically ensuring low blood pressure particularly anyone suffering chronic hyperglycemia.

Invest In Rest & Recover

A common mistake among skinny/high metabolic individuals who start lifting weights is over-exercising, making it difficult to gain mass.Incorporating a balanced rest schedule into routine helps body recuperate between workouts hence faster results.Avoid continuous sessions without proper sleep time because when your muscles repairing themselves sleep remains crucial.Ensuring much-needed downtime becomes fundamental building-block towards achieving desired weight result shows dedication for overall development.


In summary,gaining weight with fast metabolism might seem impossibleat first but requires diligence to achieve.Do not neglect any of the points listed above-optimal nutrition,dietary intervention in the form of supplements where necessary,lastly effective exercise.Combining all techniques leads to quicker more consistent rewards.It’s possible!Stick at it steadily,and before you know it,you’ll have become that dream version of yourself who complete strangers will approach,saying”how did put on so much mass?”.

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