How to gain weight when taking arvs?

This is often temporary and the result of water retention, not actual weight gain Unfortunately lipodystrophy is not usually corrected when the ARVs are changed. Many patients gain weight when antiretroviral treatment is started. Lipodystrophy is usually caused by the older nucs (ddI, d4T) efavirenz, AZT and the protease inhibitors.

How are Kenyan women using ARVS to gain weight? Reports have emerged of how Kenyan women are going at extreme lengths to enhance their body image. One such method, according to reports by The Star, is the use of antiretrovirals (ARVs), where women use the drug to gain weight. ARVs are medication used to treat HIV.

How do you gain weight on antiretroviral drugs? Recent reports of weight gain in people new to antiretroviral treatment show that they gain weight in several ways: A modest increase in lean muscle mass (this varies between drug combinations) Increases in visceral fat (fat around the organs in the abdomen). Subcutaneous and visceral fat are gained to a similar extent.

Can a new ARV cause you to gain weight? New ARV could lead to weight-gain but there are fewer side-effects.

Are there any side effects of new ARV drug? It is cheaper and harder to develop resistance to. The drug was investigated because scientists have to ensure it is at least as good as current ARV treatment, as changing medication will affect millions of people living with HIV. However, the study found that the drug could lead to weight-gain.