How to gain weight and muscle for men?

Is your nickname “Skinny” or are you secretly being called Olive Oil? Do people joke that a strong wind could easily knock you over? Well, look no further! It’s time to pack on some pounds and build up those muscles.

Gaining weight is easy when done right. But first things first, let’s understand the basics.

Understanding the Basics of Gaining Weight

Caloric Surplus – Adding Up Your Calories

If you want to gain weight, there is one thing that should be clear: You have to eat more than what your body expends every day. This simple fact is known as caloric surplus.

Now before you reach out for another donut, take note that eating anything won’t cut it – even if it’s deep-fried in butter (as tempting as it sounds). Focus on consuming nutrient-rich foods that will promote muscle growth like lean meats, fish, eggs, beans & lentils along with vegetables and fruits. Also add healthy fats like avocadoes & nuts into your diet while avoiding high sugar Beverages.

Here’s how to calculate portion sizes:

  • Multiply your bodyweight by 20.
  • What do you get? That tells how many calories should be present in each meal/snack per day!

So say hellooo tooo…grinding up tempeh salami sticks into your protein shake🤢

Don’t forget liquid calories either! Keep an eye out for drinks fortified with nutrients such as milk substitutes, juiced elephant tusks or nutritional supplement shakes such as Ensure Plus and Boost Originals – just don’t go so far as adding raw bacon grease; though calorifically convenient,is neither advisable nor recommended unless….nah just refrain please.

Resistance Training – Lift Those Weights Like Its Hot(h)

We all know exercise has benefits such as stress relief and making you look hotter in your new Lululemons but when it comes to gaining weight – Resistance Training is the move.


Resistance training causes muscle fibers to tear and leads to protein breakdown. Your body then repairs the broken down muscles with larger, stronger ones; translating into growth i.e muscle hypertrophy.

So get on that bench press, deadlift or squats like there’s no tomorrow! You can start slow by doing a full-body routine twice weekly: compound exercises, which use several large muscles at once are more time efficient (curling whilst squatting gets bonus points for creativity).

Oh yeah – keep track of how much weight you lift each session! Progressively increasing these loads helps overload your muscles and maintain growth stimulus.How else do you think Arnold got that twisted yet successful ‘governator’ thing going on?💪🏽

P.S Do stretch before & after exercises(not just when yawning) to avoid any unwanted injuries.

Quality Sleep 💤- Break It Down To Build Up

Believe it or not, sleep does wonders for those hard-gainingainz!

Getting quality sleep allows your body recover from an intense workout along with regulating hormonal imbalances occurring throughout the day. Also puts off hunger pangs resulting from lack of sleep – win-win people!

Struggling? Try creating a good bedtime ritual for yourself; warm milk (addered green algae extractif fancy),reading(sport autobiographies work great ), avoiding electronics screens(avoid “‘ONE MORE WATCH” ideology) + meditation(fake snoring works)are effective tricks.

How long will it take me to Gain Weight?

There is no simple answer – Every individual has their metabolic rates varying based on factors such as: age, gender genetics etc. would affect Yo ur metabolism rate . Hence , depending upon exercising routines,dietary plans & sleeping habits combined with personal biological responses, changes can occur.

Misconception :“Bulking is s and Baggy Clothes are the Best Bet”

Yes, it’s true that gaining weight requires a calorie surplus – but beware of force-feeding yourself until you feel like Mr. Creosote from Monty Python (look it up – ‘if ya dare’)

Here lies the secret,a steady yet slow gain in weight via calorie surplus coupled with resistance training ensures proper muscle growth while keeping body fat percentage prevalent resulting in long-term healthy gains over time!

In addition to this , wearing baggy clothes might hide skinny frame but restrict muscles movements by exaggerating motions on most casual activities

Next thing you know,you’re playing Air Guitar as an exercise routine???

So find form-fitting clothes that allow for movement; let your hard work show off! posing nude also helps wink wink 😜.

Taking Notes along your journey

Quite important if we may say so ourselves! Track, analyze & update those records of progress including workout details(gym playlists included), dietary plans & quality of sleep will help monitor fluctuations beyound target goals towards successful results. Keeping records helps motivating oneself during tough times and helps taking note what worked best etc.

Building Muscles: Additional Efforts

Gaining muscles require effort more than just lifting weights and eating right.So unleash that inner warrior spirit baby!

Compound Movements – Significant Gains Bro🏋️‍♂️ (the other one though)

As mentioned earlier , maximizing reps using compound exercises delivers a full-body stimulation which enhances significant bulk ups for chest,muscular triceps,broader shoulders etc . 🤔But could very well do the same for large posterior chains aka pullers or ‘thicc backside’!!?( 😱) .

Try incorporating deadlifts,pull-ups,row-barbell shrugs focusing mainly on posterior chain daily till you can no longer pull one.

Supplements – Cheat code (or not) 🤔

Now for the legion of ‘GNCers’ and those that believe in supplements as a solution to all : Keep it Simple Genius!

I’m sorry , finding the right supplement is neither a super-secret nor time-efficient means to push past boundaries. To put it simply, keep your stomach happy by giving nutrient-rich food some priority instead than chugging too many protein shakes that could potentially ruin insides possibly?. However, You may have options such as whey proteins,starches(major carbs!), creatine monohydrate or caffeine – Just remember less is more .💊

Looking Beyond Flexing 💪🏽on Your Dumbbell

It’s time to look beyond basic bar workouts! Change thing up where soreness meets innovation.

Experiment with resistance bands,battling ropes into your workout regimen,to leave that comfort zone and embrace new pain thresholds😬.. Also incorporating uninhibited functional trainings like sledgehammers, Tyre flip shenanigans etc might be unconventional but effective routine favourites for weight gain sticklers. Be mindful of gym policies though!

In Conclusion….

Getting ripped isn’t rocket science if done properly- Take good care of yourself: eat clean(or at least try), work those muscles and get plenty of rest. Seriously though, give yourself ample space & transform gradually without exhausting any physical limit.

If there’s anything we hope you take with you… always remember this:

“You don’t find willpower;you create it”,

said Professor Cuddy on her Ted Talk 💭(yeah ..we checked).

Go out there soldier,march towards experiencing healthy progress,self-discovery & most importantly self-love❤️

Happy GaininFacingLeft,FacingRight,… Oh wait Emoji doesn’t count?!