How to gain biceps with dumbbells?

Do you look in the mirror and think, “damn, I wish my biceps were bigger?” Well, fear not, for dumbbells are your new best friend. Not only do these bad boys help build muscle mass, they also make great paperweights.

If you’re ready to start pumping iron (or at least metal), here’s how to gain biceps with dumbbells like a boss.

Grab Your Dumbbells!

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details (and trust us, there will be sweat), let’s talk about what kind of dumbbell weights you’ll need. We recommend starting out with something light so as not to strain those delicate muscles:

  • 5-pound dumbbells if you’re relatively new
  • 10-pound dumbbells if you’ve been lifting for some time now
  • If lifting has become part of your daily routine and rep range of around fifteen feels comfortable use ones that come in between ten pounds and twenty-five pounds depending on which angle is chosen when curling because different angles target different areas

In any case, choose what feels most comfortable per pocket availability since it’s possible they will soon become an extension of your arms.

Which Grips Should You Use?

There are several grips that work just fine while working on gaining big guns; however certain grips offer more benefits than others. Some examples include hammer curls or overhand grip which tend to focus less directly on results but rather improve forearm strength through varying motions like farmer walks being included in general workout routines outside isolation exercises such as curls.

Get Ready To Flex Those Guns!

Now onto the main event – getting watch-yourself-in-the-mirror arms.
First up is one arm concentration curls needs;
– Starting off seated either lay against a bench inclined between sixty degrees or eighties degrees making sure your arm holding the dumbbell remains outstretched almost parallel to the ground
– Curl to you bicep not letting any motion come from shoulder allowing it be stationary
– Lastly, repeat with the opposite arm

That’s just one exercise of many! Here are 3 other exercises that are essential in gaining killer biceps:

1. Hammer Curls

If you’re looking for guns as big as Thor’s hammer (or at least close to it), then look no further than hammer curls.

Here’s what needs to be done:

  • Stand straight and hold your dumbbells using a neutral grip with palms facing each other.
    -Tighten those abs and flex those thighs before bending elbows bringing weights towards shoulders
    -Releasing slowly avoiding swinging back – result is two-point worth of focus

2. Incline Dumbbell Curls

Want Popeye arms without having to eat spinach? Look no further than incline dumbbell curls!

Advantages range from targeting outer cable which normal routine doesn’t reach


-Lying on an incline bench fifty degree angled make sure your upper teeth graze chest making sure they aren’t hugging ribs too tight while lowering weight far enough so triceps about hit sides
-With lower bar curl upwards again blocking shoulders being allowed to take part.

Success guaranteed!

3. Alternating Dumbbell Curls

Not ready yet for heavier weights then alternating ones tend help build foundation for endurance needed later on until confident enough or growing stagnant when lifting more massive metal, often recommended between sets just steady bicep workouts.


-Stand up straight evenly distributing weight through feet while tightening core muscles so hips don’t roll forward, yet letting them move along while holding a pair of lightweights by sides only allowing forearms rise higher than elbow area during reps break given between every rep helping muscles stabilize afterwards.

Meal Prepping for Maximum Gainz

You know what they say, “abs are made in the kitchen.” Well, so are biceps (and triceps).

  • Lean meats like chicken or turkey
  • Complex carbs like quinoa or brown rice to help boose energy level throughout
  • Leafy greens providing valuable nutrients that should never been written off since everything comes back around.

Remember these essentials because more important than gains is maintaining a healthy diet which both complements successful body restructure and maintains mental stability.


Now you know some of the most effective exercises and prep meals needed for getting gun-show ready. In no time, everyone will be mirin’ your guns,envying your gains. Don’t forget to check each exercise from different angles; as with every form of exercise it’s isn’t about repetitions but instead technique used per each given one.
So grab those dumbbells and start working! You got this boss.