How to fracture your foot or ankle?

It’s always fun to try out new activities, especially those that are just a little bit dangerous. One way to add some spice into your life is by trying out ways on how to fracture your foot or ankle. This may sound crazy and might make you cringe at the thought, but hey, you only live once! So if you’re up for an adventure that comes with its risks, read on!

Let’s Talk Bones

First things first, let’s talk about what we’re breaking here – our bones! Our feet and ankles have numerous delicate bones that can easily snap under pressure. There are 26 bones in each of our feet and they are divided into three parts: the hindfoot which has two individual bones (heel bone and ankle bone), the midfoot which consists of five long foot arches and culminates in one cuboid bone with other small tarsal bones connecting it together; lastly there’s the forefoot area made up of toe phalanges surrounded by metatarsals.

Some people opt for more sophisticated methods like cutting off circulation through abusing their limbs (DO NOT DO THIS) so I’ll be discussing some exciting yet less deadly alternatives instead!

Method 1: High Heeled Shoes

We all know high heeled shoes aren’t exactly comfortable footwear but did you know wearing them could help us break our foot? Hear me out. Put on your highest heels (pun intended). Be sure they’re strappy sandals showing half-a-foot portion from heel till toes and be careful not to lean over any ledges whilst walking.

Take a stroll around town until you manage to twist something just enough(You totally got this right? Confidence is key here people, ever heard of fake it ’til ya make it?) When this occurs(accidently twists too much): congratulations my friend – consider yourself injured! You’ll recognize this immediately with the ‘crack’: it signifies your hard work has paid off.

Method 2: Trampoline Jumping

When was the last time you jumped on a trampoline, for real. Hop onto one now and start jumping as high as possible(Okay maybe go easy here if you haven’t done it before)! As soon as you’re fully up in the air, forcefully plant both feet onto its edge – make sure they’re at awkward angles to maximize effect of impact- Energy transfer will take place resulting in a possibly shattered foot/ ankle bones, awesome isn’t it?

Method 3: Skateboarding

Skateboards aren’t just for kids anymore. Get adventurous this weekend by trying some skateboarding moves that have never been seen before (this could turn out to be dangerous so wear protective gears like helmets or clothes made of thick cloth). Grab onto that skateboard and ride at full speed towards any bumpy trail. Now here’s where things get interesting – jump off while making sure to land on only half your foot , I mean what could go wrong right?(sarcasm) Enjoy broken bones!

Method 4: The Classic Slip N’ Slide

Remember those summer days spent playing Slip N’ Slide with friends? Childhood memories y’all! Well now we’re going to use it against us (who said water games were safe anyway?) Put yourself down into prone position skin to plastic then slide all along its entire path using forceful leg movements not once stopping until collision..Voila!! Your fractured ankle is complete(I’m kidding but try this and I wouldn’t advise being around people who love sensational accidents cause again safety matters left,right and centre people)

How Can You Tell If It’s Really Broken?

If for any reason after completing these above methods, an acute feeling of ‘excruciating pain’, swelling,minimised movement or inability to walk is experienced. Then there’s a very high possibility you have just otherdone yourself and that one tango with adventure has come back on you in the most painful way possible (I mean at least say, we hope it was worth it).


So What’s Next?

The idea of fracturing a limb might feel exciting in theory but remember, this can lead to serious injuries if not properly treated sometime resulting into life-long consequences. Don’t let your thrill-seeking tendencies get the best of you – think before taking any risks!

But hey, now that we know some cool methods on how to fracture your foot or ankle let`s be sure not to try ’em out! Stay safe folks.

Disclaimer: This article was written for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone intentionally injuring oneself and strongly advises against attempting any of these methods mentioned here without safety equipment especially those related to water games because ‘safety first’ people!

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