How to fix mitochondrial dysfunction?

Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, but funny enough, sometimes they don’t work properly. This can result in a condition called mitochondrial dysfunction (which sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie). Don’t panic; it’s not as bad as it sounds. In this article, we’ll explore how you can fix mitochondrial dysfunction and keep your cells powered up.

What is Mitochondrial Dysfunction?

Before diving into mitochondria fixes, let’s get acquainted with what exactly mitochondrial dysfunction is. Simply put, it means that the mitochondria aren’t functioning properly(crazy right? The one job they have!) causing damage that results in diseases such as diabetes or Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative disorders.


There isn’t always an obvious reason why your mitochondria might malfunction (feeling mysterious much?) So here are some possible reasons.

  • Aging
  • Poor nutrition
  • Environmental toxins: Let’s all take moment to thank industrialization for ruining our body
  • Genetic defects

Now let’s focus on fixing those issues.


As much you’d wish otherwise, there won’t be any miracle pill for this magic trick (boo-hoo!). However, exercise is one way to kick-start dysfunctional mitochondria into action (Now who doesn’t love a bit of sweating every once in while?). Studies show that performing high-intensity interval training exercises can trigger cells’ natural repair processes (who knew my few minutes on the treadmill could do so good).

Types of Exercises

  1. Weight Training: Working numerous muscle groups at once helps increases fat metabolism while improving endurance.
  2. Yoga\Elliptical sessions: Helps with new blood circulation improvement(Don’t forget stealing 15 seconds after each pose just lying still because you’ve earned it!)
    3.Sprinting/Foundation Training:The quick powerful bursts can improve cardiovascular function of muscles.
  3. Cycling: It helps to increase endurance for the cardio workout(don’t forget to let out a YEEHAW every once in a while)

Fix Your Diet

(Sorry, no more pizza and burgers!) Mitochondria need specific nutrients to keep them functioning (like fueling up your car).

  • Omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish oil supplements or salmon(crazy right?))
  • Magnesium (Almonds, spinach & avocado all contain magnesium )
  • CoQ10 (Synthesized by th synthase pathway which is not blocked by simvastatin !!).

Additional Supplements
1)MitoQ antioxidant – it protects the cell organelles from oxidative damage.
2)L-Carnitine Supplementations-it aids fat metabolism leading increased energy supply(by mitochondria).

Tip:The Mediterranean diet provides solid nutrition and taste buds satisfaction.

Sleep Stronger

Sleep is like plugging on charging cable for your body allowing secretion of various growth hormone repairs.The better-rested you are each night then mitochondria will work as sharp knife cut through butter.

Tips For A Solid Night’s Sleep

  1. Power Down Electronics before Bedtime (mean goodbye phone time already!)
    2.Involve into bedtime rituals(pamper yourself).
    -Homemade Essential oils massages:
    lavender(just few drops would do,ladies), rosemary, sandalwood smells calming/great impact that promotes sleep hygiene.)
    3.Avoid caffeine and Alcohol 4 hours prior sleep(Time stay away from hailstorm espressos).
    4.Don’t compromise with daily Sleeping hours(you know how long you exactly need)

Fix your sleeping pattern; fix your life!

Turn on The Sun(tan)

Sunlight stimulates population of Vitamin-D synthesizes within our body.By being present nearer during sunrise increases biosynthesis(more good vibe hours of daylight)leading to mitochondria producing more energy.

Reduce Environmental Toxins

Every day, you unknowingly expose yourselves to toxins which the mitochondria (our soldiers who protect us from diseases) have to fight off. Think about cigarette smoking, traffic smog and pesticides. (so we are kinda slaying ourselves as well)Here are a few tips that can help reduce environmental toxins.

1.No Smoking Policy
2.Filters for Air purifier machine
3.Avoid using Chemical Fertilizers during gardening(we know how it smells bad too,must be no good)
4.Organic Food choices in your grocery list


Taking care of your body is like Pandoras Box,it has all sorts of goodness inside itself waiting to be opened.Trying one thing or everything from this article might uplift overall health(why not give it a go?).But if something bothersome still dwells on top,don’t hesitate hopping over physician or consult expert!

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