How to fix high liver enzymes?

Welcome, fellow human! If you’re reading this article, I’m guessing that you are either concerned about your liver health or just looking for a good time. Either way, buckle up and get ready for some incredible insights on how to fix high liver enzymes.

The Basics of Liver Enzymes

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of how to fix high liver enzymes, let’s take a moment to understand what they are. Simply put, liver enzymes are proteins that help break down substances in your body so that they can be eliminated.

However, when these enzymes become elevated – which means their levels go above normal range (nobody likes an over-achiever) – it can signify a problem with the liver. This could be due to various reasons such as excessive alcohol consumption (did someone say party?), hepatitis infections (gross) or even certain medications.

So now that we know why elevated liver enzyme levels matter (#science), let’s talk about ways to bring them back down!

Lifestyle Changes

The first suggestion may seem obvious but trust me when I say it works wonders: adopt healthier habits! It’s easy said than done but putting effort on adopting healthy lifestyles pays off in many ways:

Limit Alcohol Intake

We all love having fun and letting our hair down every once in a while but drinking excessively is pretty harmful not only to our livers but also for ourselves generally speaking. Time with friends should’t include permanent damages no one wants later in life because of making poor choices today.

Accordingly try limiting alcohol intake whenever possible especially after some weeks out enjoying.
If you’d really like have drink more often there is always other activities less harmful like going hiking or skating around neighborhood block alternatively get creative think outside box options fit everyone.

Exercise Regularly

People who lead active lives experience fewer medical issues than those who don’t. Anything active works up the liver muscles which enables break down more substances than they would if you were sedentary – it’s a win-win! (especially for gym lovers)

Exercises such as jogging or weightlifting have been observed to make remarkable differences and need not be intense but just consistent.

Diet Adjustments

Eat More Protein Dietary Supplements

Protein-rich foods are great for promoting healthy liver functions, particularly when it comes to helping your body create new cells of its own!
Also sometimes dietary supplements may come in handy.

To name a few examples:
– Whey protein sources
– Soybeans (for vegetarian options)

Other necessary minerals and vitamins like Vitamin E also found is some food helps reduce inflammation in the liver by limiting free radical production which could cause numerous damages including elevated enzymes levels.

Adding on this, consuming leafy greens particularly kale instead junk foods is an excellent way of assisting with weight regulation:

Because obesity is seen as one factor contributing to high enzyme levels.
In contrast Food and drinks high in sugar should generally be avoided because sugary foods leads yo being overweight very quickly skyrocketing enzyme levels further.

Oh, now isn’t that refreshing?! (just like kales) But wait – there’s more!

Avoid Overeating

Yes ’tis true many people occasionally indulge and then regret later — saying things like “Never again”, “I feel like I’m about to blow up!” etc. While overeating can result in several other health concerns beyond BMI indices (Body Mass Indices), overconsumption generally has adverse effects on livers overall function alone >>> leading to higher enzyme incidence rates!

Medication Revisions

Did you know taking certain medications interfere or disrupt normal functioning of various organs within our bodies especially LIVER. From prescription drugs mind-altering substances anyone regularly indulges at times these may possibly contribute towards elevating enzyme levels in your liver?

Speak candidly to your or source of meds and share concerns with them, same too goes for substances.

Bottom line here though. If you want better results think BEFORE ever putting anything into your body.

Traditional & Modern Medicine

At times, sometimes lifestyle changes simply do not improve enzyme levels enough…in which case it’s important to seek medical advice from professionals such as GPs so that course of action can be aligned according diagnostic commitments – more specifically – prescription drugs.

Apart from drug administration though some cultures swear by adding traditional herbs including:

  • Milk Thistle
  • Plectranthus amboinicus (“Mexican Mint”)

Such remedies are relatively harmless and have been shown to provide practical dietary supplementation with minimal interferance on the livers natural processes, but again always consult expert opinions.


In summary (heck I never said this was brief) elevating enzymes may indicate underlying challenges with general livers functionality or immunity exposure mechanisms.

-Speak out whenever opnions must be considered: relaying concerns clearly makes way for expert opinion when needed especially;

-Try make long-lasting lifestyle changes e.g drinking less alcohol,safe medication use etc. considerbally reducing chances of recurring elevation episodes

Remember #priorities firstself being one most importantly.

I hope our time together throughout article has left you feeling much more informed (or entertained), so please share this wisdom (#spreadthegospel) as everyone is a winner!

Great talk!

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