How to fix chicken neck posture?

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve suddenly realized that your neck looks like a plucked chicken’s. Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us! Just like a garden full of weeds, our body is also prone to developing issues if we don’t care for it diligently. And as far as the neck goes, having tight and weak muscles can often lead to an unsightly posture. But fret not, dear reader; in this guide that you absolutely must read, we’ll show you just how easy it is to fix chicken neck posture.

What Is Chicken Neck Posture?

Before we dive into various ways of fixing chicken neck posture let me explain what exactly “Chicken Neck Posture” means? It’s when your head juts forward out of proper alignment with your spine causing discomfort or pain in your upper back muscles most especially from shoulder blades up towards spine. Ducking your head will increase pressure on these already sore areas making matters worse!

People often ignore such problems which leads them towards serious health injuries down the line. If someone around you has started calling you walking chicken instead that sounds nice…jk!, then take it seriously and start doing something about those extra rigid muscles and lousy shoulders.

The Causes Of Chicken Neck Posture:

As they say ‘Precaution is better than cure’. One way to make sure ‘chicken-neck phenomenon’ never happens if one should understand its functioning structure completely intact (Did I sound too geeky?). However for sake simplification here are some brief explanation about common reasons behind exaggerated Cervical Lordosis and its related consequences:

  • Constant looking at computer/mobile screens is number one reason people experience Chesire-cat grin without even realizing.
  • Habitual incorrect sleeping positions add on weight building up after some time due lack support build up Wry-neck syndrome.
  • Professional bodybuilders or serious weightlifters might also develop muscle imbalances as they engage same upper-back muscles repetitive over time.
  • Let’s face it! Our posture hasn’t been receiving much attention; blame it on work culture or bad habits now at play.
  • Accidents or trauma to spine can lead to severe spinal cord injuries, which manifest subtle signs of improper alignment some ways.

The Signs You Need To Watch Out For:

Now that you know what causes chicken neck posture let’s move forward and help identify if we are suffering from this condition. It often starts with the head jutting forwards (you want a double chin in all your pictures) from your shoulders – this puts pressure on your cervical vertebrae leading often leads to chronic pain, headaches, and joint infections like ankylosis/cervical spondylosis

Some other pointers (get ready for these!) include tightness in chest & shoulder muscles which limits mobility greatly along with symptoms like not being able straightened up completely after prolonged sitting/standing etc. Makes sense right??

How Can You Fix Your Chicken Neck Posture?

We agree that fixing our chicken neck posture has become paramount considering its consequences mentioned above. But don’t worry – while seemingly insurmountable initially – fixing one’s ‘goose’ look is quite simple when understood better.

Fix #1: Chin Retraction

Let me tell you the easiest method first of all! This technique turns back time –making us appear younger– by courtesy creating longer looking nose too!). Oh wait? Who doesn’t need something likes that?? Moving ahead :-

This exercise involves gently tucking in the chin towards the throat region without crunching down forcefully just so we give a nice tuck proportionate results over long-term timespan.. The key here is persistence, someone would only see visible evidence after chipping away day by day since achieving desired length requires self-discipline for some time.

Fix #2: Stretching Exercises

This muscle-relaxing technique can be applied anywhere, anytime without a gym membership. Routine stretching performed- even once in a day- helps cure an overly tight neck.

Stretch like you mean it! Here we go!

  1. Neck Flexion/Extension Exercise (not to mention experts favourite): Sit up straight and look upward while opening mouth as wide as possible; close after few seconds.
  2. Upper Trapezius Stretch: Relax upright position or recline on side on the opposite, then bring ear towards shoulder so that head tilts at 45-degree angle (use your hand to apply gentle pressure). Do same with other side too..
  3. Lateral Cervical Rotation (Caution bungee jumpers!): Place chin parallel to the ground looking forward initially following which slowly move towards one direction then another– Rotate Head off axis only Just enough until mild discomfort felt near end range movement maintains safety avoid jerky movements entire routine.
    4.Table Chin Tucks: Hold head lowered keeping back of skull against edge table simply aim drop chin down till feeling nice stretch in posterior cervical spine region).

Or if people will ask just say you’re trying to impersonate Mr Bean

Fix #3: Strengthen Your Neck Muscle

The trend these days is all about having enviable body structure with chiseled abs and toned arms? Why not shoulders & neck muscles join in the fun?

Yep..You got it right folks; building fortitude within their structural component can make ‘chicken formation’ disappear completely due improved strength-resilience mitigating repetitive strain injury over extended periods standing-sitting positions Hence making us less prone various problems associated musculoskeletal system). Some effective exercises include:

1.The Superman extension exercise
2.Side To Side Isometric Trainer
3.Cervical Retraction

Fix #4 : Care For Your Sitting Position

Many of us have heard someone say things like ‘Sit Properly!’ ever since childhood, however we wouldn’t be giving it enough attention as an adult. As discussed above in point one and two many times sitting posture is said to affect so much of our daily routine effects back leading cervical Tendinitis!!

Ideally the correct way should be leaning back with lumbar-support – making sure not slouching but stopping renumeration time from looking at screen/reaching for phone again!

Follow these steps:
– Sit up tall
– Feet flat on the floor
– Thighs parallel to ground without crossing legs otherwise notice unwanted strain on your knee joint region.
– Pull shoulders backwards (shoulder blades close together) while keeping arms relaxed

In summary ‘Don’t overly chicken neck yourself baby’ take care maintaining perfect upright posture though this last paragraph might make u laugh immediately cuz you almost forgot all those tips until now you accomplished final fixing act.

The Final Verdict:

So there you have it folks! These are just a few different ways to fix chicken neck posture which anyone can start practicing today in quest towards better alignment good habits everyday routines gradually leading change greater postural harmony more graceful confident life ahead.

Let me tell you one thing “You Shouldn’t Be The One Looking Like A Chicken “ instead try implementing these changes into your life & remain young-looking energetic forever!!

Until next time!