How to fix broken nails without nail glue?

Are you tired of constantly breaking your nails? Do you dread the thought of having to use nail glue every time a nail breaks? Fear not, because we have some natural and fun solutions that will help fix your broken nails without using any artificial chemicals.

1. Eggshell Powder

One of the best ways to naturally strengthen and heal your nails is through eggshell powder. Simply grind up a few clean eggshells into a fine powder and mix with coconut oil or olive oil until it forms a paste-like consistency. Apply this mixture onto your broken nail and let it dry for about 10 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

2. Tea Bag Method

Another alternative method is using tea bags which are easily accessible in most homes. After brewing tea, take out the bag carefully as to avoid tearing it apart; cut open at one end so that you can remove its contents leaving an empty paper sack-looking filter bag.

Next, place the empty tea bag over the break on your nail then apply clear polish followed by another layer after it has dried down completely – this helps hold everything together!

Let both layers dry thoroughly prior filing back into desired shape & repeating procedure if needed (ensure there are no air pockets between each layer). Voila! Your nails should look like they were never damaged at all!

3. Garlic Salve Mixture

Garlic has been known for various health benefits due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Incorporating garlic into tired feet from long flights and pungent smelling dishes would make sense but who knew that adding in minced garlic cloves into petroleum jelly could keep those pesky hangnails away?

Mash fresh garlic cloves(1-2)then add them into Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline/alternate options include simple applicator balms such as Aquaphor/Vaseline Healing Balm.

Apply a thin layer on your damaged nails for 15 minutes; rinse off with warm water and cuticle oil overtop. Repeat as desired, but avoid any ends of the garlic salve mixture peeled off in order to prevent possible infections or irritation from sensitivities.

4. Nail Stickers

Many beauty companies have introduced nail stickers that are thin and flexible enough to be applied onto your broken nails while also staying put throughout daily activities.These stickers come in various styles (from matte patterns to metallics) so you can dress them up or keep it simple! It could turn out looking like someone took time for professional nail art!

Ensure the sticker is hanging slightly over where the natural break occurred prior pushing down then file away excess using emery board/sandpaper until flush into seamless style – finish by adding clear topcoat in order to retain high shine & keep it chip-free through wear.

5. Acrylic Powder/Builder Gel System

If you’re someone who has a love/hate relationship with going acrylic at a salon but end up spending around $45 each time, considering purchasing an acrylic powder that can help strengthen all natural nails including ones previously broken.Working with this type of system does require prep work involving different sized brushes (from large fluffy brush used initially all way down smaller pin point taper), acetone/nail primer/alcohol swabs or e-file options making sure cuticles cleaned up beforehand- best results would involve research before attempting first try prior investing more time/money than intended.

After forming foundation using either base gel adhesive agent/topcoat once cured/timer set switch frequent use lamp light bulbs – start gradually building thickness as well ensuring symmetry between right/left hands matched levels = little mistakes show easily under bright lights although practice definitely makes perfect!!

Overall, there are many alternatives when trying fix broken nails without using glue including but not limited too: eggshell powder, tea bag method, garlic salve mixture or nail stickers/acrylic powder with builder gel system. Choose the one that works best for you and flaunt those beautiful nails!

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