How to fix a broken toenail corner?

Are you sporting a funky, broken toenail corner? Are your socks sticking to the jagged edge like velcro? Fear not, my friends! We’ve got some down-to-earth advice that will have you saying “Goodbye!” to that unsightly and painful problem. Here’s everything you need to know about how to fix a broken toenail corner.

Assessing The Damage

Broken nails come in all shapes and sizes, and before leaping into the fixing zone we gotta assess the damage. Understanding what type of break it is will help establish our next steps.

Type of Breaks

There are 3 basic types: horizontal splitting (a tiny crack at or above nail bed), vertical splits (a line through one half or both halves) and complete separation from nail bed. Let’s look closer:

Horizontal Splitting

If your big toe looks more like an exhibit A from forensic files –horizontally split–, then guess what pal? You’re dealing with minor damage. Just trim off any loose fragments of Toenail, apply antiseptic cream using q-tip (tip: pointy cotton swab) on affected area and wait for new growth underneath to push out damaged portion once long enough!

Vertical Splits

Oh boy! Now this is more serious than having snack sticks as appetizers at dinner parties –no offense if they’re your fave–. If part of your detaching toenail has also pulled away from its shaggy Cuticle Hangnails, run very fast in circles while yelling “why me?” before crawling back under bed covers…kidding –don’t do that!– Instead wrap up afflicted digit with tea-tree foot toweling tape (engineering tape variant) until able-bodied assistance can be sought or trimmed avoid weakening adult finger tap employment potential!

Complete Separation From Nail Bed

Oh, fudge! Your nail looks more like a distress call from the Titanic. Don’t fret, it’s just a bend in the road, as Ariana Grande would say –pecking order of things–. If you’re experiencing raw skin around detached area or drumming pain (if that’s not your society’s taste) under toenail on swollen joint level then wrap up with tea-tree oil spray and cover newly exposed parts with sterile gauze for added protection until able-bodied help arrives!

Getting Creative To Fix A Broken Toenail Corner

If you’re still counting your teeth after assessing the bite from our recommendations above, strap those sandals back on because we’ve got some creative ways to fix a broken toenail corner.

Method #1: Tea Tree Oil

When dealing with snagged or infected nails caused by brittle surfaces due to constant exposure from wet environments over long periods of time or being repetitively beaten off concrete steps during skateboarding accident scars aesthetics –oh the memories–, simply dabbing pure tea tree oil directly onto affected digits will aid in combating any colonies which may have formed beneath plates themselves causing problematic puss drainage (Yes IT’S DISGUSTING!).

Method #2: Epsom Salt Soak

Relaxation is key here so add good amount of sugar into epsom salt soaked tub filled past ankle limit (just below knee cap height but none too much lower please!), sit back + let solution do its magic while watching movies OR reading books till softening provides means for easier clipping down jagged edges without needing additional scissor-like implements(these things are sharp and dangerous don’t play yourself)!

Method#3 : Dental Wax —The Hero Dentists Never Told Us We Had–

Yo, what if “dental wax” could be low cost salve-based remedy preventing injuries in sports-related injuries?!


Mold small chunk-sized ‘stick’ of wax, place gumdrops at end and form shield without adhesive/chemicals from rubbing outside affecting expansion. Press into busted corner then shape with wooden toothpick tip (non-plastic/non-metallic) until smooth.

Method #4: Nail Art For Resistance

If you’re anything like me, toenail art may not be your forte but when it comes to why our digit pig is even growing those things– so we have somewhere to put the polish on during that self-care Sunday activity truly reaps benefits!

While applying base color of choice get multi-purpose clear powder beneath newly detached areas for added strength where breakage has occurred or cuticle oil brushed onto pre-polished phalange tips dip painted toes –> secure design finishes up speedily against any hard surfaces thereby deterring further crashes hitting nail(s) against rocks while adventuring in exposed foot conditions.

Prevention Is Key

Alrighty then – this is important stuff now: To avoid future break-outs down under people’s lackadaisical thinking patterns they believe their toes will take care themselves no need for other frivolous options; instead opt engagement and action plan repeatedly assessed over time –don’t slip up!–…or should I say don’t let your clips off?

Let’s dig right in!

  1. First Starting Point : Trimming Routine

Keep a tight trim regimen bang on schedule every 6-8 weeks using scissors powerful enough do job non-electronic variants (we keep it classy here)! This will help withstand daily wear-/tear caused by daily walking + increase durability again potentially opening services door within adult finger tapping employment community surrounding niche repair work solutions residents might have overlooked previously ensuring padded mat covering all pressure points preventing excessive rubbing makes us happy hikers gagnam style enthusiasts confident tropical fish owners futuristic-themed rehab centers movie producers wanting stranger-than-fiction content seeking ways of financing projects!

  1. Footwear:

Swap every other day for new pair keeping seasonal storms + dry weather patterns in mind accommodating lighter vs heavier materials over course 6 months means rotating through soles barely used yet feet not causing exorbitant strain footwear department safe cool looking pumps–who knew!


In conclusion, fixing a broken toenail corner is possible and easy to solve with the aforementioned tips and tricks; but remember prevention is key: Keep your trimming routine on schedule (no one enjoys Toenail cutting Mondays) while swapping out your shoes regularly.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a shoutout to let us know which method worked best or suggest one that’s helped make all difference for you + we look forward hearing from YOU – the Real OG when it comes to toe nail maintenance ’round this digital community town y’all!

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