How to fight mono?

Mononucleosis, aka mono or the “kissing disease,” can be a pain in the butt. If you’re one of the unlucky ones who caught it, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some tips and tricks on how to kick mono’s butt.

Symptoms of Mono

Before we dive into the ways to fight off this awful disease, let’s take a look at what symptoms you should expect:

  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Headaches

There are more but these 5 common symptoms should give an idea that every person suffering from this diagnoses is capable of relating to.

And now, let’s get started!

Rest Up!

First things first: sleep is really important when it comes down to fighting any kind of illness! So make sure you’re getting plenty of rest during your recovery period. Take naps whenever necessary because nobody has impress anybody with vigor at work when they just contracted mono two days ago.

Don’t neglect your body by working hard like nothing happened before — REST!!

Stay Hydrated

Though simple sounding, drinking plenty of fluids isn’t something that can be ignored while recovering from such an illness as they can assist in keeping parts moist and lubricants flowing smoothly internally nutrients circulation properly,such as fluids, even though water sounds plain and unappealing many times for chugging people.Tea including green tea which is famous for its antioxidants properties will also help balance out hydration levels after all those trips nature calls.

So make sure that cupboards around where someone couch-surf experiences being stocked up accordingly!!

Say Goodbye To Alcohol And Smoking

When trying recover from anything,it’s best advised not consume any substance such as alcohol or nicotine.This includes smoking burners/blunts/other paraphernalia related,others may include vape or e-cigarette under nicotine substance.

Stay away from these type of activities so that the body can be replenished by and tackled one disease at a time.

Nutrition Is Key

While mono,people often lose appetite or consume only limited foods but now is not the time for picky eaters – where balanced nutrition intake matters.The immune system needs all the assistance it can get and proper nutrition ensures healthier blood supply rich in vitamins,nutrients needed to combat being sapped by energy levels put down by mono’s exhausting aftermaths.Whatever floats somebody’s boat when it comes to food, customizing such meals based on dietary requirements is an measures in right direction even if becomes repetitive. Eating healthy will aid healing and improve physically fit as a whole-being.

Below are some suggestions for superfoods helpful when fighting off illness:

Superfood Benefits
Garlic Promotes immunity boost
Ginger Anti-inflammatory properties & reduces symptoms like nausea, headaches
Citrus Fruits (Lime/Oranges/Lemons) Vitamin C rich fruits providing natural boost up

Stick with diet plans wherever accessible and take advantage of their pre-planned nutritional chart. Keeping track via meal tracker applications mobile devices are useful helpers too!

Over-The-Counter Medications?

In most cases, deydration treating medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen can assist in alleviating certain ailments caused by mono— while antibiotics aren’t particularly advised since viruses weren’t involved here.Remember: Prescription drugs should always be taken with caution as they interact differently with each person.

However ,if someone experiences pancreatitis which isn’t rare amongst Mono patients they need medical supervision immediately .No individual should ever make any major decisions deciding against consultation unless prior permission granted understanding pros/cons associated present condition’s complex nature involving multiple factors..

Home Remedies

Us human beings enjoy game of searching and trying things might work or have worked for somebody else— but remember, remedies may vary how each person responds to it.

So here are potential home remedies helpful in abating certain symptom burdens that come with Mono:

  • Gargling salt water when throat is sore
  • Drinking Turmeric Milk which helps reduce inflammation
  • Using honey as a remedy for cough-induced sleepless nights

Remember overall, taking care of the body ensures recovery from mono will be faster than lesser attention paid there !!

Time Can Heal Anything

If nothing works out then sometimes leaving an ailment run its course just as time passing by until body copes instead fighting first aid protocol can be only survival plan one has.
There’s no shame or guilt involved in allowing someone’s body do the healing natures’ way too whereby immune system doing best fixing up affairs smartly. However,it’s also equally important take some measures like balanced nutrition intake and plenty rest at this point too so that recovery process smoother easier on patient left unknowingly stressed behind while dealing currently with the worst possible affliction . Remember, taking proper steps towards good health surely acts like underlying foundation support against diseases!!!


Mono sucks! But don’t worry, all you need to do is get plenty of rest and nutritional balance during your recovery period. Keep hydrated by drinking fluids regularly especially tea because doesn’t always taste plain-boring every time , Avoid unnecessay smoking/drinking activities during illness period,and opt natural supplements wherever available,because prescriptions must be taken strategically following professional consultation.

Home remedial assistance still strongly recommended various types reducing symptoms aiding quick recoveries;if not recovering yet stay strong/take deep breaths – Improvement can happen anytime mononucleosis makes exit!