How to feel for lumps on breast?

Breast cancer – two words that can send shivers down your spine. It’s the most common type of cancer that plagues women all over the world, and its statistics are pretty damning. However, there is a silver lining in this dark cloud – early detection can significantly increase survival rates. That’s why it’s important to learn how to feel for lumps on breasts by yourself.

So buckle up ladies; we’re going down the rabbit hole of boob-dom!

Get familiar with your “booblies”

The first thing you need to do is spend some quality time with your girls–no hands involved (yet). Take a good long look at them in front of a mirror or step into Instagram-celebrity-mode and take pictures. Observe their shape, size and color so that you know what they look like when they’re healthy.

Pro tip: Name each one of them! You’ll have fun personifying them.

Take off everything!

Yes! You read it right (throws hands up) Pretend you’re at an aquarium but instead cut out the wet suits—boats will come another day–and strip ’em off

If you fear being naked in front of others then be naked while no one else is around or close all doors after ensuring nobody’s coming back home almost dead-tired from grocery shopping (You don’t want anyone freaking out).

Self-examination 101

Let’s kick things up a notch now:

  1. Look For Skin Changes:

  2. Start by examining your boobs just standing still without moving muscle.
    It’ll make looking into subsequent changes easier

  3. Your Goal? Check if there’s any difference in skin texture or appearance between both boobs — anywhere!

  4. Raise those arms baby:

• Next Place one hand behind neck , slowly raising elbow towards ceiling

• With Your other hand, begin to examine breast & repeat on other one

  1. Finger trail

• Start at the outer edge of your left boob with three fingers and make sure they lie flat against your chest

 • Now press them inwards using a rolling motion towards the nipple

 • Make it rain!  Proceed to do this all over each boob\normal texture will feel 'well-oiled' whereas anything abnormal will tend to be rough or have bumps.

Time for patterns

Just like our face has pores that attract pimples, imagine breast lumps as pore-cloggers too, although far more serious than pimple-pop-worthy. It’s important that you create a pattern of movements when checking your boobs so that you don’t miss out any areas.

Start from under armpit down collarbone- then diagonally till middle portion of torso–then finally chin-down groins.(making an imaginary triangle)

Inverted Nipples

Here’s something new – Did you know inverted nipples (nipples pointing inwards) can actually start happening later in life? This could be indicative of blocked milk ducts which may cause infection if ignored! Please call doctor immediatley!

Look carefully at your nipples everytime—-check if there are differenceS (caps for emphasis)between both..or maybe there is discharge-(scary)-ah-ha gotcha call doc again!

When Does One Need To See A Doctor?

Feeling lumps can lead us into panic mode but most times “prior” steps reveal almost nil indication.Trio sometimes giving causes leading up–let’s take note:

  1. Age:
    As we age especially nearing menopause,it tends for breasts to form tiny hidden cysts known as fibrocystic tissue-more often benign.However within younger women palpable nodules (lumps)–are not uncommon making self-examination imperative.

  2. Hormonal changes:
    It’s common for adolescent girls or women experiencing premenstrual syndrome to suffer breast tenderness and swelling due to hormonal triggers.

  3. Breastfeeding
    Nursing mothers are prone to lumps forming but they usually disappear of their own accord.

If despite being vigilant, you still detect something amiss as highlighted above then it’s definitely time –make that call STAT!

Pro tip: Don’t forget doctors’ contacts! A good physician is worth his/her weight in gold, provide extra cups of coffee with a side of fresh croissant at appointments too 😉


Those two bags attached on your chest are more than just your morning cuppa – they signify the very essence of womanhood. Taking care of them shouldn’t be an option; it needs to become part and parcel of our daily routine!

From familiarizing ourselves with every crease and curve, creating a pattern when examining them- we can supersede cancer before standing any chance.Incase something feels ‘weird’,don’t wait..reach out-your stomach won’t feel ‘funny’ later because doing nothing will amount to… nothing. So go ahead ladies– take matters into your own hands (pun intended) , examine yourself properly-and stay healthy-it’s In Your Hands now!

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