How to eat apricot seeds?

Do you find yourself curious about apricot seeds and its potential benefits? Well, look no further because we’ve got the ultimate guide on how to eat them! But first things first, let’s dive into all the good stuff that comes with consuming some of these interesting little guys.

The Benefits of Eating Apricot Seeds

Apricot kernels are loaded with health-boosting nutrients such as Vitamins B17, E, and Zinc. These components have been shown in studies to improve immunity system responses which can reduce your risk of disease or infection. So if you’re thinking “Why would I eat apricot seeds?”, consider all these excellent health benefits:

  • Cardiovascular Support
  • Naturally improves blood lipid levels
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Immune System Boost
  • They support a healthier immune system response
  • Antioxidant properties: Prevents cell damage caused by free radicals linked to cancer advancement among others.
  • Excellent for Skin Nails & Hair Health: Help facilitate growth while restoring balance.
  • Thanks goes Vitamin E found is abundant supply in it.
  • Supports Digestive Health:
  • The high fiber content present acts like roughage promoting bowel movement.

Factor To Consider In Eating Apricot Seeds

Before we proceed with the consumption guidelines, it’s important to understand certain situations where eating too much may not be optimal; Once again know more than enough but avoid going overboard by keeping this in mind;

Avoid Over Consummation of Amygdalin

Amygdalin is a chemical compound found at relatively significant concentrations inside an apricots seed or kernel – usually between approximately 1% – 4%. If taken excessively quantity ingested. that small concentration could lead up up-to death if there isn’t suitable medical attention traced back t Amygdalen poisoning cases before.

The normal consumption of apricot seeds kids should not take more than 1 seed per day with a limit of three for adults is recommended, must be highly regarded.

Proper Storage

Storing apricot kernels in the ideal conditions is imperative to help prevent spoilage and vitamin deterioration from direct sunlight or even air exposure:

  • Keep kernels dry as wetness fosters contamination.
  • Preferably store in an air-tight container (plastic or glass) irrespective of the package it came from.
  • A Cool, Dry place out if Children’s reach
  • Do avoid having them within visible sight too much might mean too much grabbing temptation

Different Ways To Consume Apricot Seeds?

We’ve got some creative mix-ins that are tasty and pack plenty of vitamins & minerals our bodies crave on the daily! But before we get into any specific recipe know that you can crush/drill the nut pieces ensuring no sharp edges remain while grinding your preferred amount size at home which then could easily be mixed in meals for taste enhances.

Mixing It With Smoothies

Smoothies are fun and refreshing alternatives when it comes down to nutrient-dense snacks. Here’s what you’ll need to make yourself an apricot kernel smoothie:

  • Milk, dairy-free milk alternative or water — whatever tickles your fancy
  • Handfuls ice, really bring that chill factor!
  • Frozen Banana Pieces
    • Not only adds sweetness but makes thw texture creamier.
  • Delicious Fruits: I recommend adding in frozen berries be careful about quantities though don’t go overboard.
    • Beauty inside tastes just great!

Blend these up alongside a half teaspoon ground-down Kernels until all infused within each other smoothly As simple as ABC have those sipping happily away knowing they’re treating themselves well whilst being their unique spin!

Baking With Apricot Seed Flour – Make Your Own Gluten-free Bread / Muffins!

One of the great recipes to prep is for those who want an alternative from your standard wheat flours because of Gluten intolerance or just wanting a healthier refreshing option while still enjoying great baked treats. But how?

Here’s what you’ll need for apricot flour and easy homemade muffin:

  • Apricot kernels – available at local health stores; measure out two cups worth
    • Remember it’s essential to have safe kernel amounts not exceeding the recommended dosage.
  • A Food Processor — pretty much vital in turning solid state into fine powder texture
  • Milk preference with either soy milk, almond milk or any dairy substitute always depending on your taste parameters
  • Going vegan style? Choose plant-based options instead!
  • Large Mixing Bowl – For simple mixing.
  • Go bold add more technology go for a specialized mixer if desired though not compulsory.

Once all ingredients are ready use the food processor until seeds become “flour” before adding other dry ingredients typical when baking:
Sugar amount measuring around half cup and three tablespoons along some salt too;
A pinch of iodized sea sale heightens things

Combine this mixture together with butter/margarine, egg (or chia/egg replacer) dry ingredient mix above and then fold so as to project consistency pour mixture evenly inside molding/wrapper size fitting their preferred mold make sure they’re pre-oiled/paper lined first.

Bake according to package instructions having no fear be bold by taking control in terms of temperature settings often these varies between various ovens – follow through keenly check regularly after starting time countdown hoping results come up impressive especially when among friends/family members likely get curious as well

Topping Off Your Salads And Meals

Not everyone enjoys sweet-flavored meals every single day (well we know someone probably does) but suppose savory & spicy dishes steals your heart better than sugary ones, then try adding some grounded-down kernels for a unique twist.

  • Curries often come up taste better with blended-up kernel spices mixed
    • And For the Chilli Heads out there it fits perfectly if looking through that angle;
  • It makes an excellent addition to any Guacamole, which tastes much richer more complex than without;

Finally, on Salads in general spread them out within evenly and enjoy the crunchy-texture contrast (Fried or Unfried both work!)


To sum up our guide, apricot seeds should be consumed moderately as too much of anything is never good news. As we’ve noted throughout this article, their health benefits can improve wellbeing provided it doesn’t surpass daily limits.

Apricot seed-based recipes are also available such as smoothies or muffins while it used frequently combined different spicy dishes providing richness towards aromas. Make sure to store your stock properly following considered guidelines preventing spoilage save from harm’s reach.

As we always say Food truly is an adventure – why eat boring when you can grab onto these scrumptious treats?

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