How to draw a fly easy?

Flies are the bane of every summer barbecue, but let’s face it, they’re still one of nature’s marvels. They move so quickly and unpredictably that trying to catch them is nearly impossible. That’s why people resort to cartoon depictions and drawings when they try and express their annoyance with these flying bugs. In this article, we’ll be exploring how you can easily draw a realistic fly without being an artist.

Understanding Flies

Before we dive into the drawing steps, it’s always better to get some ideas about flies. So first things first- what does a fly look like? It has got two compound eyes on its face which consist of small lenses called ommatidia – each lens having its own light-sensitive cells(photoreceptors). To save themselves from getting swatted by humans or predators in general -flies have something special as camouflage: “banded wings”. These wings help them blend in with surrounding colors such as grasses or soil making it hard for predators or prey alike spot them.

  • Compound eyes
  • Banded Wings

Not bad for starters! Now let’s start learning different ways of creating your personal version of a fly.

A Simple Way: A Big-Eyed Fly

This is one simple method where you could use basic shapes like circle & square along with lines & dots to make your very own big-eyed fly.

  1. Start by drawing an oval shape which will later serve as the head
  2. Draw another elongated egg-shaped form beneath above curved line (as seen below) and add subtle angle edges adjacent both top ends.
  3. Sketch 4 stick-like legs from the chinned base using short angled line segments.

Some pro tip:

  • Positioning feet apart widens their stance for more bulky-looking body structure.
  • Add additional spots around wing areas to give fly more [spots]charatcter

A Realistic Fly

If you want to go for a more intricate approach, try drawing a detailed version of the fly. You can follow these simple steps to master this one:

  1. Start with Sketching out 4 sets of rectangles that will serve as guide lines for different sections (see below).

  2. Use an oval in between two thinner ovals right about the center base(This is our body)and start outlining contours on top & bottom and then gradually shaping it around wing areas.

  3. Add details! Your basic outline should now resemble a fly but things such as texture, antennas or additional leg segments would make your artwork stand out from just another insect drawing!

Some pro tip:

  • While doodling outlines build shapes first instead of fine-lining
  • Go over guidelines abruptly adding superfluous sharpness adds reality.

So there we have it – two ways you could draw common flies easily without being an artist! Next time when someone calls you ‘know nothing,’ whip up a quick illustration and show them how creative you truly are!


Flies might be pesky insects but they are also supporting organisms in various ecosystems making critical contributions to soil health and pollination processes. Therefore not everything related to bugs has got negativity surrounding it -especially once painted on paper canvas skillfully enough grudging attitude towards them maybe forever cured who knows?

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