How to do warm eye compress?

So, you’ve got puffy, tired eyes and want to know how to get rid of them with a warm eye compress? Well look no further my friend! In this article we’ll talk so much about the joys of warm eye compresses that I can guarantee by the end of it you’ll be doing one every day for life.

What is a Warm Eye Compress?

Before we jump right into the nitty-gritty details on how to create your own perfect piece of paradise for your eyes in such an old-fashioned way… Let’s discuss what even is a warm eye compress?

A warm eye compress causes heat-induced vasodilation that helps reduce swelling and inflammation around your beautiful orbs. It’s no secret: when applied consistently over time, individuals can improve circulation and promote certain healing processes within themselves. Sounds pretty great right!

Why Use a Warm Eye Compress?

Too many reasons exist as evidence showing us why someone would prefer not live with swollen bags under their precious windows into the soul forever. Here are just some examples…

  1. You might have allergies or get hay fever
  2. Your boss has been making you work overtime recently (Well – deserved time off needed!)
  3. You cried all night because Jimmy Garoppolo threw too many interceptions (Right?)
  4. Dry skin affects people naturally; some more than others(Cough Cough
    dry eyelids?)

Now let’s stop procrastinating and dive deep into our main topic at hand — Fun ways to master warming up an eye compress!

Things Needed:

Let us first prepare our materials uniting behind one common goal – Bright Awake Eyes! So here’ what you need…

  • Clean water
  • Clean towel
  • Small bowl
  • Essential oils

(Pro-Tip: Make sure prior choosing a suitable towel! All kinds aren’t created equal…)

(Pro-Tip: The bowl should be small enough to fit into the microwave – Never trade function for style, folks)

(Pro-Tip: Choose essential oils with calming properties. For example: Chamomile oil, peppermint oil and lavender all can work great!)

Step 1: Handle Cleanliness

Always remember cleanliness is next to godliness. Especially since we are now talking about our eyes which literally give us sight into this glorious world!

  • Start by washing your hands
  • Make sure all of your tools are clean
  • Ensure ingredients you’ve chosen to use haven’t expired

(Pro Tip: Just because it looks clean or has no visible filth does not signify its level of hygienic status…)

( Pro Tip: Do not use expired items on or near any part of yourself — better safe than sorry!)

Step 2: Towel Prep:

Aim for a soft, absorbent material that fits well around BOTH of your closed eyes simultaneously without rubbing them raw. Even going as far as using two smaller ones may do the trick here… No judgments.

Once selected…

  • Rinse it generously in warm water (not too hot!)
  • Wring out reeeeeal good (over-soggy towels only lead to messy disasters!)

Now fold the towel according ‘top-to-bottom’

(Lateral folds never quite cut it when attempting proper compression technique,)

and set aside.

## Step 3: Liquefy Essential Oil Combo

Ah Yes.. time come make use those beautiful smelling essential oils.

  • Grab that little ol’ bowl!

(ProTip: Nice job finding one that’s microwave safe and less-is-absolutely-more applies here considering how strong some could smell.)

Add a splash or two depending on preference

Reiterating to opt for essential oils with calming properties – otherwise the hot compression could end up causing a burning sensation…which would definitely be counterproductive.

But how much is right? Even if there is no universal measurement amount for everyone, just want enough to feel that delightful heat reach your eyelids without drowning in it.

Step 4: Soak Towel in Scented Water

  • Place towel into bowl
  • Submerge entirely and squeeze out any excess liquid (sopping towels — BLEH)

Quick safety tip when heating/treating anything involving water/electricity:

Never start mixing two before fully knowing what you’re doing! It’s Electro-wizz-kid level silly.

Now microwave twice, for 5 seconds but separated by pausing at least 5 seconds between each beat of zappage.

That way… You are preventing any unwanted mishaps or catastrophes resulting from overheating, burns or even fire!


(ProTip: Be proactive and plan ahead accordingly so you can carry out timely attention while microwaving)

Step 5 : Apply Your Eye Compress & Indulge

So Simple!

  • Grab the towel
  • Open towel properly
    (The intention here isn’t making contact with eyeballs as pleasant as possible)

And place strategically upon those tired little eyes.

( Pro Tip: Use this opportunity to block off all surrounding light/ noise pollution.)

Usually one cycle lasts between ideal timing needed moving around within a range of 10 minutes minimum up to an hour…..

Giving yourself gaze-correction-time quite frequently results after setting aside only minimal time each day for self care indulgences!

In conclusion

There we have it folks! A fun, quick guide on warm eye compresses presented within hilarious context whilst still providing actual useful information. Hope you’ve learned something new today on how to improve blood flow in that delicate eye area by utilizing a trusty old towel.

Just remember: Don’t try too hard, use clean utensils/materials, be mindful of what consists entirely within the recipe and Eat your greens!

Happy (towel) rubbing!

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