How to do the pineapple curly hair?

Have you ever envied someone’s curly hair? Do you want that beachy wave look all year round without paying for an expensive perm or damaging your hair with heat styling tools? Well, pineapple curly hair might be the answer to your prayers. In this article, we will teach you how to achieve voluminous and bouncy pineapple curls effortlessly.

What is Pineapple Curly Hair?

Before diving into the tutorial on how to achieve pineapple curls, let us first understand what it means. Pineapple curl hairstyle refers to a hairdo in which one gathers their damp curly locks up high above their head, condensing them around the crown area instead of side-sleeping so that they do not get flattened overnight. It protects your waves/curls from being crushed during sleep by having fewer disturbances.

The Benefits of Pineappling

The primary purpose of pineapple curls is preserving those gorgeous beautiful curls when sleeping- effectively keeping them larger and fluffier just like pineapples. Nonetheless, pineappling comes with several other benefits such as:

  • No Heat Required: If you typically use heated rollers or irons straighteners every morning you can lock those away because pineappling doesn’t include facial contact utilizing warm routines.
  • Time Saver: You don’t have time in getting ready each day and have many reasons always only at nighttime evenings. Meanwhile, this design proves super-effective even throughout style:- making it easier got out in a few moments after awakening.
  • Volume Enhancer – Bounciness counts! “Volume where?” would no longer make sense should you try exactly what our sisters across borders call “pineaplping”. Your tresses are extremely elevated while idled hence giving bounces when released next day!
  • Reduced Frizz: Keeping everything compact prevents tangles from forming-a major cause of frizziness!!

Let’s dive into the steps to get a perfect pineapple curly hair look.

Step 1: Cleanse the Hair

The very first step in achieving those beautiful curls is cleansing your hair with a gentle shampoo, followed by conditioner. Choose sulfate-free and silicon-free products since sulfates strip your natural oils; thus, rendering it dry and brittle capable of causing damage or breakage!.

Step 2: Apply Leave-In Conditioner

Once you’re done washing and rinsing the hair, comb through it with a wide-toothed comb while still damp. Use leave-in conditioner at this stage taking advantage of ingredients that are beneficial for smooth tresses like just used water!

Note: Amino acids strengthen weak areas within locks attracting moisture keeping everything super silky!

## Step 3: Add Some Mousse/Gel

Before pineappling prepare to apply some mousse/gel options:

  • Curl Enhancers- Bestow upon us all sorts of set up-offers maximum lift+volume!

Try using more gel over mouse because slightly tackier formulas prevent shrinkage better whilst adding shine.

Step 4: Flip Your Hair Over And Scrunch It Upwards.

Now let’s begin creating the pineapple curl style, flip wet strands entirely forwards onto head until facing completely downwards- don’t leave any pieces hanging towards back!

Begin squeezing parts upwards starting from neck then working slowly towards scalp fairly gently scrunching each bit together forming balls. Continue doing this until sufficient volume has occurred throughout whole hair length!

  • TIP : Ensure not every piece is squished too hard but instead retain considerable elasticity though pliable.

How Does Pineappling Work?

Pineapple curls work wonders acting as guard against flattened waves overnight who nobody wants-at all!. This technique might take second watchful approach including few styling skills hence requiring dedication while craft somewhat which means – endurance but worthwhile!!

After completion, your hair should look similar to that of a pineapple shape!

Step 5: Secure the Pineapple

Use a silk or satin scrunchie (not an elastic) made up of gentle fabrics low in abrasion. This helps in preventing frizz and breakages and protecting delicate parts against further harm.

Wrap scrunchie once round into band-like fashion fixing everything securely around head crown skipping overtop tying corners loosely enough-and not too tight- but snugly around edges for certain uniformity when rising early upstairs.

Note: If using an elastic band gets rid immediately because it will cause kink(s) overnight hindering efforts with volume boost!!

Can I use A Hair Tie Instead?

Nope! Ordinary hairbands can render damaged tresses synonymous to wake-up similar unsavory “bed-head” brand raising raised portions that aren’t finished nicely whilst lacks super bouncy appearance trying hard at restoring long locks.

Step 6: Use A Silk Pillowcase or Bonnet

Sleeping on traditional cotton pillowcases strips off moisture turning curls/patterns flattened making them appear dry entirely. Use Silk/ Satin Pillows instead because either fabric doesn’t absorb oils unlike rough materials such as Cotton hence retaining softness while maintaining untangleable soft strands-looking good!!

Alternatively, give satin bonnet usage a try for extra safety by adding variable ease thanks specifically designed protective gears insulating scalp ends to end contact from outside.

Step7 : Release Your Pineapple Curly Hair Tresses

Voila! You’ve got yourself some gorgeously defined pineapple curly hair without using heat appliances-fancy right!. The next morning after waking up remove grabbed bands holding taut occasionally shaking softly until strands are liberated structurally well-sorted-out fierce curls about giving – zero mess- zero drama!

A few upsides:

1.Gentle movements allow all curls unbinding naturally keeping frizzes in control.

  1. Use fingers or minimum comb motions to avoid extra volume when required

  2. Apply moisturizer/oil, bouncy- shine cream for added gloss completing everything perfectly!

Now you know how easy it is to rock a pineapple curly hair without damaging your delicate curls and tresses.Save money on styling tools and frequent salon visits; instead, embrace this simple yet very effective style hack! Happy Pineappling!!

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