How to do jumping jacks instructions?

Jumping jacks are one of the most basic exercises you’d come across. In fact, it is so simple that even your grandaunt Betty can do it without batting an eyelid. But, what happens when you have no muscle coordination skills like her? That’s where we come in! Follow these foolproof steps below, and you’ll be jumping like a pro!

First Things First: What Are Jumping Jacks?

Maybe this sounds silly for some people who think they already know everything there is to know about jumping jacks. However, always taking things back to basics never hurts anyone.

In simpler terms, jumping jacks are cardiovascular exercises that involve alternatingly jumping with feet wide apart and then bringing them together again as both hands clap overhead.

Have I explained enough? No? You want more complexities? Well buckle up champ cause there’s much more coming 😏.

Reasons Why You Should Start Doing Wholeheartedly

You might ask yourself why should I make this my go-to exercise routine when I can just lounge on my couch watching Netflix all day long? Good question! Just because health matters not just your today but also your tomorrow’s wellness. So let’s dive into other reasons:

  1. Aids in Burning Calories:
    Okay seriously though everyone loves food too much right😋! Jumping jack burns fat that excessive Pizza Hut does unto us.

  2. Increases Cardiovascular Endurance:
    Never Had To Puff while running away from Zombies💪.

  3. Enhances Coordination And Agility:
    Not tripping now at mere fruits sections while grocery shopping 🙄

4.Help With Flexibility
Training probably won’t turn me into some human pretzel or anything amazing overnightp but better than having stiff muscles 💁‍♀️.

Enough tug at matters of heart, its time to show you how it’s done

The Steps: How to Do Jumping Jacks Properly

Before proceeding with jumping jacks, let’s ensure our #FITNESSBASIC are on point. I’m talking about shoes, sport bras and comfortable clothing because nobody should have wardrobe malfunctions in the middle of a workout ( Been there Done that).

Step 1: Preparation

Standing tall is key for your posture as well since no one won’t carry bad posture the whole day.

To begin with:

  • Stand straight up and keep your arms comfortably on yout sides.

  • Look ahead or upwards ideally at yourself in mirror this way you’ll get pose verification feedback from yourself 😎.

Step 2: Take The Leap!

Time to jump now! But wait before we proceed

□ Keep the core tight enough – meaning pull belly into spine. You don’t want flabby stomach during work out.

□ Remember Shoulders Back And Down . No hunching over.

Okay!. Coming back to main action!

  • Jump up and spread legs bit wider than hips but not too wide apart directly hurtling towards embarrassing moments.

Pro-tip: Balance will be lost if feet come too far beyond shoulder-width stance which means malfunction while clapping🙅‍♀️!

  • Same goes for raising hands over head together by bringing them past ears. Clap each hand above both shoulders making an “X” as imaginary finish line🏁

    Here’s Something Interesting statistically sound research showed increasing height while jumping jack increases success rate;

Sounds like a pie right? Not everyone may find themselves seamlessly mastering these exercises within first try but Rome wasn’t built in a day either!

Common Mistakes To Avoid That People Subconsciously Make:

  • Hands over remain stuck atop head instead going down to sides.
  • Rushing The Routine.

One last things before we move on make sure you are on some leveled surface with ample room.

Ready To Include Some Variation?

Jumping jacks tend to seem repetitive, so let’s change our style up!


  • Instead of jumping with feet apart and then together again, begin in the same standing position.

  • Jump up whilst bringing your legs forward towards chest making a 90-degree angle when they reach their peak point.

Pro-tip : Please remember your balance therefore do this one slowly as to not tumble around.

Am i done or is there more? Of Course There Is! It’s time for a bit complicated movements now 😛!

Plank Jack Variation

This variation seems complex but it makes your core work hard as well similar effects like squat jump while targeting different muscle groups

Here goes,

  1. Begin the plank pose position by placing hands undershoulder, back straight parallel to floor

  2. Feet should have hip-width separation pushing toes into mat .

3.Jump or hop if possible: leg outwards landing wide open keeping spine aligned\footnote{In simpler words; Do not strain back} because no pesky injuries please!

4.With another leap join both legs together

5.Stay still for few seconds

6.Repeat these obvious steps (Don’t roll eyes)

Looks nice right?! Lets Move onto next changes.

Plyometric Push-up Jack

I know what you’re thinking “Push-ups”😲- but didn’t I come here to learn jumping jacks?? Don’t worry! Its sort of combo move🤓hence sounds intimidating.

This chaortic uplift also links completely opposite movement patterns that seem impossible at first glance which includes:

  • Explosive plyo move (push-up)

  • Quick switcheroos between hand placements(definitely..why not)

  • The original planks in the mix keeping your core on its toes.

  • Begin by assuming a regular plank position.

Pull back shoulders and engage abs

2.Do plyometric push-up now

> In layman's terms: when you lower down, press up with enough force so that your hands leave the ground before landing gently again enought to ensure bones stay intact😬
  1. Now time to elevate rhythmic complexity and improve coordination skill further:

  2. Move left hand it should reach closer towards center of body,

  3. Similarly with right leg

4.Reverse side switcheroo


Remembering form is vital , as well remembering no rush just take lull step keep it flowing.

Well there are other variations too but I think I’ve already given anyone who wanted to experiment a lot 😅! But feel free create your own moves!

And that’s basically how you do jumping jacks folks! Whether you’re an athlete or someone looking for simple exercises to incorporate into their routine, jumping jacks have proven effective throughout centuries!

This amusing guide took things slowly out of monotony while laying foundation strong. By following above steps one will gradually become (maybe) like Tom Cruise leaping buildings effortlessly doing grand splits without breaking sweat\s \s.

In all honesty be sure to pat yourself if made through whole workout because everyone knows that only dead ones don’t have those soothing soreness post session💁🏻‍♀️

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