How to do a medusa piercing?

Are you ready to add some bling to your facial features? Don’t look any further than Medusa piercing! The term ‘Medusa’ comes from Greek mythology. A fearless goddess with snakes in place of hair, one glance at her eyes turned anyone into stone – she was an icon of power and style!

If you want a luscious lip piercing that adds glimmer and glamor, then dive right into it! This guide will provide you with everything that is necessary for getting the perfect sexy medusa piercing.

What Is a Medusa Piercing?

Similar to other kinds of lip piercings like Monroe or Lip, the go-to fashion trend now is for a more daring type called the “Medusa.” It’s situated above your upper lip in between both nostrils; this position gives the appearance of jet-set glamour while not drawing too much attention away from your already beautiful lips.

Unlike snake scales, this body adornment needs flesh to hold onto which can take up to 2 months before healing.

This procedure involves weighty responsibility because improper care can lead to infection or even dental problems such as teeth chipping off (which nobody wants).

Being informed on how crucially important after-treatment also makes us urge readers taking note of following advice carefully.

Yep- we are not just about “guide”: “we are Rant-fessionals“!

Preparing For Your Medusa Piercing

A painful process awaits if unbothered conditions follow preparing beforehand:

Pick Out Jewelry That You Love

Just like eye makeup design brings flair & dimension but using jewelry puts what’s unique about YOU on display for everyone else to admire–to understand bejeweled self-ahem wearers alike better(we would need more table space if we wrote down each individual person!).

Since there is no one-size-fits-all advice when it comes to choosing body jewelry, this decision is best left up to those that know their fashion-which are YOU!

There is one caveat: metal allergies – which ultimately may lead to more problems like skin rashes and inflammation than first thought.

Optionally choose titanium, niobium or gold as they are lower in allergen profiles than alternatives. There’s quite a comprehensive range of colors and materials within these three metals so don’t feel niched at all!

[WARNING] – The use of exchangeable jewelry components should probably wait until the wound has healed for safety purposes.

Hygiene Etiquette Is Key

Impurities may cause bacteria and particles will disrupt wound healing process barriers after being pierced therefore beauty revolves around cleanliness.

To decrease possible detrimental side-effects on getting an infection during/after piercing:

1) Wash your hands with antiseptic soap before touching anything concerning hygiene and/or piercing environment
2) Use sea salt-water recipes (or buy saline solutions) since cleaning with other methods such as hydrogen peroxide can be too harsh
3) Keep the area dry enough (use disposable paper towels)

Medusa Piercing Process

Here we go! Make sure you’re seated comfortably before having the procedure done. It’s going to be quick – everyone needs a bit of courage now & then; even though we already said Pierce Yourself With Confidence!, professional piercers are known for conducting routines without pains/severeness thus expected non-dangers experiences must always be sought first off all times! You’ll appreciate knowing how important following sanitary precautions because clean lips=successful results.

So what next?

Pain relief time

Apply topical numbing cream after selecting perfect position via marker pen symbolizing where over your upper lip should occur same steps^;

Let sit out enough time prescribed by directions; only get started when feeling sufficiently numb instead “painful” period occurring practically as core test was skipped over.

Ring-Like Tool and Clamp Support Your Medusa

The ring-tool, used by the piercer to push a hollow needle through the middle of one’s lip allows room for a decorated stud or hoop later. Expect some form pressure towards your face after piercing since there is jewelry on display likely being sensitive at this point.

A clamp typically comes next (which will hold onto decorative hardware that you have chosen!). It fits perfectly under, curbs undesirable trembling or movement while giving way positioning for safety purposes^(4)

While performing medusa piercing:

|-Optimally letting breathe
|-Allowing less infiltration chances
|To add – confident individual to match any outfit

Piercing Itself!

The moment has arrived! Most people prefer determining time with piercer due its quickness but only because shortest period endures before metal secured; this step isn’t expected much longer than five minutes max!

If skin bulges from both sides clamping together, then short gauze should resolve bleeding almost immediately– don’t worry too fast!

Remember not consuming alcohol day before procedure as thinner blood risks could undermine profession^[3]

Caring For Your Medusa Piercing Afterward

Keep them in health shiny state fashionistas deserve!

This includes avoiding physical contact such as cigarettes, kissing family member/ partner if within close range.

Nowadays salinemasks rising in popularity to protect nose/mouth from COVID-19 pandemic however areas around lips may get irritated more frequently making it difficult getting beauty routines back intact without scratching around^OOOPS

That said though make sure daily routine cleaning found below ^^ doesn’t get flaked off just like snake scales^(7).

1) Saline Soak Opportunity
Use sterile sea water type solution filled into glass via droppers/cotton swabs left for 10 seconds each then rinse off salt part entirely with luke warm towel then dab 1-2 more minutes^(5)

  • Do not leave sea water on lip for too long as it can dry out the area

2) Gently Wipe With Cloth(^^What AFunTask)
Utilize disposable paper towels to function out anything impeding cleanliness above/around piercings stopping fingers from participating further in procedure.

3) Some Antibacterial Hacks!
Use Tea tree oil soaked cotton piece with ingredients such as salt used for an extra sparkle.

Add turmeric, basil or cinnamon for that shiny-as-new look!

Now you know how to keep those pout jewels clean and sparkling!

Risks of Medusa Piercing

Being mindful what happens after embellishment is a necessary step preceding skin punctures. Allergic reaction towards metal choice may very well bring reactions likened to dermatitis.

Other things like Keloids (overgrown scar tissues), infections, undue bleeding could be attributed at later stages; scarring complications caused by piercer stretching too far due their lack experience can occur simultaneously^[9].

If any signs persist weeks into healing e.g pain/swelling/redness/change in colors/drainage etc then seek doctor’s advice urgently before other additional conditions become apparent.
There’s no better way of pre-empting possible risks than gaining great knowledge elaborately!


This piercing would need some courage but it’s worth having when everything finally gets finished! Enjoy stares and compliments from harmonizing parts that make your pretty face even prettier-we hailed Medusa goddess somewhere among here right?-we all deserve trying adding one or two snake stars over our lips every now & again #YOLO