How to do a ball slam?

If you’re looking to get in shape, learn some new skills, or just generally impress your friends with your athleticism and coordination, then ball slams may be the perfect activity for you. Not only are they great for working up a sweat and burning off calories, but they also require precision and focus that can help improve your overall fitness level.

What is a Ball Slam?

A ball slam is an exercise where you pick up a large weighted ball (often called a medicine ball) and forcefully throw it down onto the ground in front of you. The idea is to use your entire body – from your legs all the way through to your core – to generate as much power as possible so that when the ball hits the ground it bounces back up towards you.

Benefits of Ball Slams

Ball slams offer several benefits:

  • They target multiple muscle groups at once: shoulders, arms, chest, abs, glutes.
  • Improve muscular endurance
  • Increase cardiovascular capacity due to high-intensity intervals
  • Develop explosiveness
  • Maximize calorie burn

Choosing Your Medicine Ball

There are many different types of medicine balls on the market today ranging in weight from 2 lbs. all the way up past 50! For beginners we suggest starting with something between 10lbs.-20lbs., while intermediate/advanced athletes could go even heavier depending on their strength ability.

Pro Tip: Med Balls come in various textures such as rubberized shells or leather covering; make sure yours feels comfortable during catching & throwing!

Table: Medicine Ball Weights By Fitness Level
|Fitness Level |Ideal Weight|
|————– |————–|
|Beginner |8 -12 LBS |
|Intermediate |15 -18 LBS |
|Advanced |>20LBS |

Getting Ready To Slam

  1. Find An Open Area Locate ample space to prevent interference with people or property. Ball slams generate considerable noise and vibrations, so your space should have a durable floor type that can withstand both. It’s always a good idea to check with building management before starting.

  2. Grip the Medicine Ball Stand upright with feet at shoulder width apart holding med ball in front of you.

  3. Work on Your Thrust Form: Move into an athletic position (AKA “Charging Stance”) where knees are slightly bent, core is tight & engaged, back straight.

Executing The Slam

  1. With arms extended overhead perform ‘Triple Extension’ – A combination movement of flexion and extension- powerfully slam it downward as hard as possible against the ground while keeping your feet grounded.

2.Look up quickly to trace your upward ‘bounce back’ angle evolution direction from the ground maintaining awareness and mobility while catching it again.

3.Do not allow gravity defy physics! Assist by using upper body strength upon catch (squatting down with force) help pop it off for lifting phase!

4.Once caught use hip momentum hinging forward through extending hips and throwing chest up immediately shifting weight backwards for next rep; once exerted switch hands!

Table: Repitition Count Based On Weight
|Medicine Ball Weight |Reps |
|———————– |———-|
|8lb |15+ |
|10lb |12+ |
|12lb |10+ |

Safety Tips To Remember

Ball slam enthusiasm can be contagious but avoid injury like Covid-19

  • Start Slowly -Beginners might focus too much on reps instead of perfecting technique.We do not want Superman Strength without Clark Kent Control, please learn how to slam properly first.

  • Do Not Overreach – Injury risks arise when either lifting too heavy or attempting a dynamic range of motion beyond one’s ability limit.

  • Keep Your Head Up and Eyes Forward – While focusing downward at the ball while slamming, this can compromise spinal alignment during movements necessary for stability.

  • Always Prepare – There are chances of forgetting your balance position or of losing grip mid-slam. Water works to help you stay hydrated & fueled up as does a yoga mat for added slip resistance!

A Slamming Workout Routine

Like many exercises, ball slams work best when done regularly incorporated with various routines. Consider some quick circuits and an interval workout like the ones below:

Circuit 1: Core

3 rounds
1 minute tricep kickbacks
30 second elevated push-ups on med-ball
10 reps each side twisting lunges w/med ball overhead

Circuit 2- Upper/Lower Body Mix

4 rounds
15 Overhead Ball Slams
20 Box Jump Overs with 12″ Step-up Platforms (Think Park Bench)
10 x Dumbbell sumo squats using weight equal in combined count to slam above

Interval Training Workouts

Get ready for hardcore non-stop workouts!

Work-Out #1:

6 ROUNDS – Four Rounds Of Two Tabatas Each :20 sec sprint/:10 rest duration per movement.
Two Movements Per Round:
Ball Slam – Burpee |
Russian Twist With Med-Ball Weight|

Work-out #2:

Alternating every minute ON:The First five minutes all out-balls-to-the-wall energy max effort balls slams; On The Next 5mins ? Pick Your Poison Combo Move Suggestions Below (Aim For At Least Ten Reps In Series):
Endurance Sit-Ups |
Jab-Jab-Squat Punch Combos↩️ |
Inverted Rows With Feet on Medicine Ball |


Slamming a medicine ball is quite fun! It incorporates quick thinking, agility, and strength training effectively to build your mental fitness as well. Remember: start with a weight size appropriate for you(preferably in the 8-20lb range), wear supportive sneakers & stay hydrated! With time, performance will improve alongside body stamina because energy is combined within movement control enhancing dynamic power expression forms.

Don’t forget our safety warnings either — start cautiously as while pushing yourself engaging muscles various movements possible add excellent gains. Confidence and consistency in ball slams can apply to other exercises too if mindset-wise slammers keep proper form for optimal results; enjoy practicing slamming those med-balls with endurance builds up over time so that eventually anyone transforms into their own superhero like Thor Hammering Mjolnir on command!

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