How to dislodge something stuck in your throat?

Well, well, well! Here we are again with another health emergency. You’ve got something stuck in your throat and now you’re panicking like a drowning bee. Don’t worry; I’m here to help before you collapse into a hyperventilating fit.

The Situation: Something stuck in Your Throat

You could have had too much chitchat during lunch or dinner, which led to food going down the wrong pipe. It’s even possible that you were rushing through eating because Netflix was calling out for attention. Whatever the COVID-19 mask-less reason may be, it is important to act fast and figure out how to dislodge that thing.

Signs of having something stuck in your throat

  • An uncomfortable feeling inside your chest.
  • Difficulty swallowing foods or drinks.
  • A constant coughing reflex but without any phlegm coming out.

Do not confuse these symptoms with hiccups as they serve completely different purposes – although both require holding your breath!

What Can Get Stuck In Your Throat?

The list is long – from big chunks of meat to tiny seeds and forgotten pills swimming around curdled milk in cereal bowls. Other examples include:
1. Fruit skins
2. Doughy bits of bread
3. Peanut butter clumps (when spread too thickly)
4. Popcorn nuggets
5.Hotdog pieces (snap!)
6.Chicken/turkey bones (ever heard about making soup stock?)

As nasty as all these sound, don’t try poking at the object anything sharp! This includes chopsticks or unwound paper clips; otherwise, those clumsy moves can lead straight towards a dissolved esophagus journey.

Okay kiddos let’s get to the meat of it (but not literally). Here are some pain-free techniques you can use right now to dislodge that thing.

Drinking water

A big ol’ glass of cold water, my friends. That’s what can save you from getting stuck in a panic attack as each gulp helps subside swelling or inflammation around that trapped item. The cool temperature provides relaxation and comfort as well.

Swallowing bread

Don’t waste those carb calories by just nibbling on a slice – swallowing smaller pieces will help flush out the offending object with ease. Plus, it stimulates saliva production which works like lubrication for your throat’s pedal system!

Cough it Out

Cough up that pear-pip-pretzel-tiny-mushroom-broccoli-chunk! If nothing else has worked so far, we suggest trying good old-fashioned coughing, but here’s an experiment: three forceful hacks followed by hugging all while gently rocking back-and-forth may create just the right amount of pressure needed. It shocks your body into relaxing completely hence allowing said tiny bits n’ bobs glide straight down! However do NOT choke thyself whilst brewing tea alone watching some Netflix original series…

Heimlich Maneuver

If none of these suggested methods seem possible or successful – this could therefore imply a large piece or foreign object is still lodged in there, preventing air passage thereby obstructing breathing entirely. In such cases take note: One should IMMEDIATELY attempt The Heimlich Manoeuvre before passing out due to lack-of-air-supply-season!
The simplest way: make fists below the person’s lungs then thrust upward/forward sharply five times using equal abdominal power strength grips.
Did someone say PEPSI-COLA?

When To Call A Doctor

It is advisable to seek professional medical attention if:
1. An individual appears blue in the face or is vomiting blood.
2. Bleeding occurs when something is lodged in the throat.
3. There’s intense pain felt while swallowing even after all the above methods have been tried.

You never know what someone has eaten, so it’s best to let qualified medical practitioners deal with such situations and alleviate your lifetime litany of health risks.


So there we go! Remember: do not panic excessively; follow these simple techniques while preparing for movie marathon no 5, a few basic exercises followed by ‘hydrate-hydrate-caffeinate’ can act as potential life saviours (at least from choking emergencies). And don’t forget one final tip: eating slowly and fully chewed meals reduces The Hazards Of Over-Eating – surprise surprise!


1) When food gets stuck in your throat do NOT head off for appendicitis surgery
2) Drink water first – this will help make it easier to swallow said object
3) Try coughing; but remember DEEP BREATH – that popcorn kernel may have more intelligence left than you might suspect
4) Swallow some bread pieces quickly which helps lubricate esophagus pathways thereby exorcising the demon lump
5) Heimlich ONLY if needed (your elbow doesn’t work here)
6) Reach out to Sherlock Holmes if necessary!

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