How to dilute young living oils?

Are you tired of feeling like a hippie when trying to dilute your essential oils? Fear not, fellow naturalist! With these simple steps, you’ll be diluting oils like the pros in no time!

First Thing’s First: Safety Precautions

Before we dive into the magical world of oil dilution, it’s important to note that undiluted essential oils can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. So before getting started make sure you have all safety precautions in place.

  • Wear gloves when handling concentrated oils
  • Do not drink or ingest any type of essential oil
  • Keep diluted and undiluted products away from pets/children
  • When unsure about how much oil to use always start with less rather than more

Safety is cool, kids. Don’t skip this step.

Picking Your Perfect Carrier Oil

Now that we’ve got our safety measures set up let’s pick our carrier oils! A carrier who isn’t making questionable choices is just what we need for us delicate folks. Here are some options:

Sweet Almond Oil:

It’s gentle for most people while having many great health benefits such as Vitamin E & D and fatty acids.

Grapeseed Oil:

Perhaps the lightest option out there but still very moisturizing! Can be used for oily types as well due to being non-greasy on the surface.

Jojoba Oil:

A liquid wax known for its restorative properties similar to ones found in human serum – ideal especially if dealing with acne-prone younger generations looking towards skincare solutions.

And several MORE great carrier options exist – explore them all yourself notably avocado oil, coconut oil and even extra virgin olive oil among others!
Moving onwards…

Ratios Are Cool Too – Discovering Safe Mixing Practices

The general rule of thumb is 0.5% to 5% essential oil concentration in your dilution. Trust me I’m a professional.
Our first step is possibly calculating with the ratio of carrier oils and essential oils alongside a few simple math techniques (division and multiplication) for determining the optimal percentage level of dilution.

A Basic Dilution Guide:

1% Essential Oils – this means only using 6 drops per ounce or teaspoon of base/accompanying carrier oil.
2% Essential Oils – use up to 12 drops per unit
3% Essential Oils- roughly, it would be approximately eighteen drops used PER unit

When figuring out ratios keep in mind one ml equals twenty drops that may mean an adjustment!
The internet works great too! There are several calculators online you can use so don’t sweat it. Round up points left after doing calculations so that our precious essence doesn’t go straight down the drain lol

Mixing Up Your Perfect Blend

Now for the fun part – actually mixing magical things together!

Here’s what we do:

  • add chosen amount of desired carrier onto your palm/finger
  • Pour in appropriate level/type^
  • Massage both oils between fingertips prior to application on skin’s surface

A word from momma bear

Avoid contamination! Using non-diluted products could lead people into serious trouble dermatologically during contact with eyes or other body fluids; meaning respect YOUR dosage/recommendations procedure including usage in storing freshly diluted oil — away from sunlight, pets/kids, high humidity areas 📝✍🏻

Once concoction handled is made next move toward immediate transfer/or storage label when necessary!

Conclusion: Congratulations, You’re Now Officially An Expert Oil Mixologist !

Well done friends~ Today we learned about how to mix blends starters requiring learning proper safety precautions first before moving ahead towards specific measurements/ratios–along with perfect picking/CARRIER oils to add on to our precise uses at the right time. Thus, mixing accurate formulas customized if necessary, alongside appropriate handling/procedures considered as well can lead toward exceptional combinations of unique/individualized products that are personally devised through careful tinkering overall.
Remember always to mix with great flair and confidence… you got this!💪🏻