How to diagnose concussion in child?

Warning: This article is not for overly-serious parents or anyone who doesn’t appreciate a good laughter. If you’re expecting technical terms and medical jargon, “I’m afraid I can’t do that, Dave.”

A concussion is something you never wish your child goes through. It’s scary because sometimes it’s hard to tell when they have one.

As parents, we’re always on the lookout for ways to keep our little human beings from harm’s way. So here are some hilarious (and helpful) ways to diagnose a concussion in kids:

Observe Your Kid 101

One of the best things about being a parent? You don’t need an MD after your name just to understand how your kid behaves on normal days.

  • First things first – baseline: Weirdly enough, use today as your baseline for observations.
  • Keep track if anything happens such as sports practice or playground mishaps since this can lead to possible injuries that may result in concussions.
    • Put them into writing; if all else fails file under “Mayday File”.
  • Go! Scoot! Shoo! Get outta their nose: Don’t poke or prod constantly
    • You’ll get unreliable data and maybe even contusions yourself.

Signs That Scream ‘CONCUSSION ALERT’

Kids are less likely than adults to report symptoms of headaches, blurry vision or confusion that could be due to concussions — partly because they might not recognize what symptoms actually mean.


Check out these funny but incredibly accurate signs:

Sign Meaning
Your child gets hit in the head by an object moving at high speed Possible indications of ground-zero
Keeping quiet while looking up with doe-like eyes Mommy/Daddy my head hurts please fix me
Refusing to look steadily side-to-side Something is off-kilter
Hard time keeping balance or fumbling when walking Lost in space and can’t get around
Warped speech patterns, slurring or garbled words Someone went nuts with the dictionary lookup function again!
Vomiting…? (no further explanation required) Ok, that escalated quickly


Little kiddies may not fully understand how their body feels during post-concussion moments. Look out for these behaviors:

  • Responding slowly
  • Appearing dazed
  • Being confused about what they’re supposed to do next

First Aid Kit ‘Must-Haves’

No one ever plans on getting a concussion cuz who wants an invisible flat tire in brain clouds after all?? BUT it’s always ideal to be prepared.

It never hurts (pun intended) to be equipped with:

  1. A first aid kit
    • Nothing too serious on this part – just make sure you have the basics ready like bandages, anti-bacterial ointment etc.
  2. Pain Relief Medications
    • Of course general headaches are different than concussions but –the non-drowsy kind might offer some relief in the meantime while administering proper med evaluation by your physician.
  3. Flashlight
    • Just because funsies!
  4. Your Attention Skills
  5. Monoscopic attention skills help track if there’s anything nagging at them more often than normal.

Doctor Knows Best

When all else fails – turn over task forcing duty duties of diagnosing & treatment options over medical experts.

Common Concussion Treatments May Include:
Bed rest and reduced physical activity needs should curtail until symptoms subside completely.
Cognitive Rest: Screens need rest so limit electronics usage (video games included)!
Prescription Medicines: Can be given as a last resort or symptom persists such as severe headaches or nausea.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment for concussions because everyone experiences symptoms in different ways. It’s always best to consult with your physician on matters related to head injuries and get individualised care.

In Conclusion

Remember, know thyself (or more accurately, thy child) is always the way to go! Keep track of changes in their behavior that last longer than usual ranges then it’s time for documented check-ups!

That said…What did you do when your little darling had suspected head trauma like possible concussion? Share some laughter-inducing stories so we can all stay happy sickies-free!”

Cheers & Happy Parenting!

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