How to detect kidney infection?

Are you feeling a constant urge to go pee but can only musters few drops? Does it burn like hellfire when you do? Chances are, you might have a kidney infection that needs medical attention ASAP. But how can you be sure?

Fret not, dear reader, as we will guide through the ways on how to detect and potentially avoid this piss of an infection.

What is a kidney infection?

Before we start delving into detection methods, let us first understand what exactly is a kidney infection. Medically known as pyelonephritis (say that five times fast), this type of urinary tract infections involve one or both kidneys and occurs when bacteria from the bladder or urethra travels up towards the kidneys’ tubes.
This bad day at work for your kidneys could lead to severe pain below your ribs, fever-ridden chills with trembling violence, nausea and vomiting.

Who’s most susceptible?

Kidney infections do not discriminate but some puss-factors increases our likelihood of being afflicted by them:

  • Gender: Women get more UTI than men since they sport shorter urethras which makes it easier for harmful entities travel in their system.
  • Age: As humans age (cough death approaches cough) so does our ability to fight foreign bodies in our system deteriorate; thus increasing susceptibility
  • Pregnancy: Pregnant individuals come with several cheques worth complications including hormonal changes weakening urine delivery-the bounty offered up here increases frequency chance of UTIs
    People whose profession involves long periods ‘held-ing’ urine within themselves–– Truck drivers would resonate  with me here!


Hmm! You got random shivers down your spine coupled with recurrent high rising temperatures ever since Patronus appeared before Dumbledore — Has Voldemort finally caught up?
No dearie – These are the symptoms of kidney infection:

  • Constant urge to pee but dribbling only a few drops
  • Pain while peeing, like razor blades having their way with you orally
  • A sudden mild or intense fever associated with chills which could lead to convulsions if not attended  to promptly.
  • Fatigue: Continuously feeling drained out for apparently no reason? That might be one sign that your kidneys need a medical consult
    Don’t wait till exhaustion from something taking what should use minutes –like ironing– begins to seem equivalent to running a marathon

Detection Methods

Oops! Any of those symptoms screaming ‘I am home!’ within your system?
Here’s how you can detect this little bacteria rodeo in your kidneys.

Urine Sample Test

First off, when last did you take a piss and thought “this needs immediate testing?”–– had typing skills description!
Get yourself down any health center (Yes. ANY) where they would request urine sample — please don’t pee on yourself at this point—
The urine test checks for an elevated level of white blood cells count AND higher presence of bacterial pathogens(wrong do’ers evident). The above two ain’t present in normal urine so seeing them would mean being whisked away into urgent medication; hopefully prior wielding by lightsabre-wielding Jedi Masters .

LPT: Carry zip lock bags in advance incase they ask you collect it first thing morning …..It is never too early to prepare!

Blood Culture Testing

If urinary tract infections have progressed enough turning pain into macadamia nuts against brittle hammer making contact repeatedly….it means kidney-related complications isn’t anything light either! When such situations arise already requiring treatment attention through hospitalization ,the cultured blood samples is able to effectively diagnose the underlying factors possibly linked these progression.

Lol… I am kidding — It helps identify specific microorganisms seen as culprits from amongst various bacterium and subsequently treatment protocols suggested.

CT Scan

Now the third method might not exactly seem funny cue sad facewith many financial obligations implied;but if complications from UTIs arise, it is highly probable a quick image check comes in handy for accuracy in diagnosis medically known as pyelonephritis (say that slowly now) requires visual inspections to look out for abscesses formed outside kidneys or rapid spread a kidney infection suddenly took place.

Prevention Tips

I’m almost certain what goes through everyone’s mind at this point sounds something like “Guys! I need these prevention tips he was talking about.” OK let’s reveal!

Drink Enough Water

Water just as introduced water—the stuff H2O compries of—isn’t just average important. As pissologists would put it, drinking enough water helps your body flush out toxins more efficiently and reduces the density of respective compounds readily enabling bacterial growth ..If nothing else motivates you, impede future restrictions by ensuring you take enough of Da-Vinci-clear liquid each day.

Wiping Properly

Oh no they didn’t¦ ohh yes they did─ Make sure to wipe ‘pasole afta een go pee!’ Never wipe back-to-front, rather front-to-back when using restroom facilities so anus bacteria don’t think upward-north travel is totally cool idea…It isn’t!
So fellas remain sanitary conscious – A small amount of hygiene care goes along way preventing urinary tract infections

Empty Yo’ Bladder More Frequently

Don’t do pep-talking your system into willingly holding urine within itself till bladder begs mercy..when urine sits stagnant long periods such festers ensuing bacteria multiplication. Chances heightened with less frequent urination opportunities which occur during deep slumber but consistently peeing every few hours during study/working situations pay off huge … In summary visit restrooms regularly(LOL)

Quick tip: Don’t rush out whenever you first feel urge to pee….giving yourself enough time ensures bladder empties totally thus countering possible further compaction chances.

Avoid Use of This

Avoid the following tactics as best possible:

  • Wet Bathing suits! And guys turn boxer brief drying after swimming in public pool-HOW BIZZARE.
  • Synthetic fiber clothing: Leave your spandex and polyester dress unconquered for a while..opt instead for cotton and Peruvian linen or stuff
  • Spermsicides foams,gels,or creams: Whilst vasectomies may be good idea; routine practice involving usibg these increased UTI risk amongst people!

In conclusion it’s really no J -A woman might easily get herself this infection so quit being sexist – we need them here! (Jokes) Knowing the signs early through timely detection methods could save serious harm to internal organs—Eyes constantly seeking medical advice!
Go forth and eliminate kidney infections by all means necessary…trusting success follows similar footing encountered when attempting NOT die from every news break on CNN.

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