How to degas a bloated stomach?

Here are 10 remedies for a bloated stomach:

  • Drink Lemon Water. Lemon juice is a natural diuretic, in that it increases the amount of water and salt that the body…
  • Probiotics. Probiotics are an excellent source of the good bacteria that your regular doctor keeps talking about.
  • Drink Herbal Teas. Herbal teas including green tea, chamomile tea, and peppermint tea…
  • How to get rid of intestinal gas and bloating? Belching, intestinal gas and bloating: Tips for reducing them 1 Eat and drink slowly. 2 Don’t smoke. 3 Check your dentures. 4 Get moving. 5 Treat heartburn. 6 (3 more items)

    Is there a connection between gas and bloating? The exact connection between intestinal gas and bloating is not fully understood. Many people with bloating symptoms don’t have any more gas in the intestine than do other people.

    What foods can cause stomach bloating and gas? Soluble fiber, from processed, high-fiber cereals and snack foods, may increase bloating. Although a soluble fiber called inulin is considered healthful, it’s also been found to increase bloating and gas. Onions, garlic, wheat, bananas and some other fruits and veggies contain inulin.

    How can cucumber water help with bloating and gas? Cucumber is rich in antioxidants, caffeic acid, silica, and potassium. They consist of electrolytes, which help retain water and avoid dehydration. This makes the body less constipated and reduces bloating. Cucumber water can even replace your regular water if you face bloating on a daily basis.