How to decrease keloid scars?

Do you have a keloid scar that’s been bothering you for the longest time? Worry no more! We’ve got you covered! Here are some ways you can decrease that stubborn scar and be as confident as ever.

Understanding Keloid Scars

Before we dive into how to reduce these scars, let’s tackle what they are first. A keloid is an abnormal formation of tissue that grows at the site of an injury or incision beyond its original boundaries. Keloids usually appear firm, raised, and reddish-brown in color.

Keloids often result from injuries such as burns or cuts but can also appear after surgery or infection. They may take weeks or years to develop and commonly occur on areas with high skin tension such as the chest, shoulders, back, and ears.

Now we know what keloid scars are let’s talk about how we can reduce them!

Get Medical Help

If your keloid scar is causing extreme discomforts like itching and pain, seek medical advice right away. Doctors may opt for corticosteroids injection which reduces inflammation while limiting collagen overproduction or recommend cryotherapy procedure which involves freezing off cells using liquid nitrogen.

In severe cases where your daily life activities are hindered by giant keloids covering significant body parts like limbs head gears known As pressure garments could provide alleviate symptoms!

Whatever option chosen those experiencing fear worse than watching rugby league game will see a notable difference after sessions – making every day better than one inching /paining unceasingly at home alone was before seeking professional help.

Silicone Gels/Sheets Application

Silicone-based products could assist us #fight our battle against keloids! These gels work by hydrating tissues hence softening it slowing down collagen production hence reducing scarring visibility!

You’ll need 1-2 pea drops size amount from which apply to affected area before bed to let the product soak in overnight then rinse off every morning.

Apart from gels, silicone sheets are also available. These band-aid-like sheets are applied over scars to monitor sweat + skin oils production preventing buildup which appear like fresh bruises.

Proper Wound Care Routines

Proper wound care is a vital step towards minimizing keloid scarring risks. Applying petroleum jelly or Nivea cream on your cuts could reduce dryness causing incisions stretching thereby ensuring shallow surface wounds heal quickly and minimize scar visibility.

Moreover, cleaning our incisions using sterile saline solution aids as antiseptic while protecting them from unexpected bacteria breakouts – key causes of pimples + keloid boils!

Use Sunscreen

Overexposure to UV radiation can cause significant damage to our skin cells resulting in burned dead tissue leading ultimately creation/scarring by indulging everyday skincare products like sunscreen # you’re preventing those irritated areas becoming worse than bright red raw sores!

Sunblock won’t help diminish pre-existing scars; it prevents future ones from forming making sure we enjoy activities without fear & anxiety!

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water (8 glasses per day) helps your body eliminate impurities that could worsen existing/developing scars hence better circulation around where blood flow may have been previously obstructed along with collagen development being implied establishing foundation for successful alterations!

Water is helpful in revitalizing lives full of frustration about sometimes unavoidable circumstances suggesting oneself best self despite setbacks life continuously throws at us.

After talking about hydration level’s importance beyond general health issues itself keep sips moments mantras lips through-out day et voilà: praise reduction.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise fights against stress, and promoting cardiovascular wellness directly influences our bodies healing process as Oxygen boosts up surge new cell growth activities thus renewing dying cells alike used during scar formation.

Exercises such as Yoga encourage mindfulness promoting healthy healing cells to be produced, increasing general overall health both mentally and physically alongside your already strict regime/habits!

Avoid Tight clothing Jewellery

Keloids are encouraged by restraint or added tension to the skins’ surface area. Wearing tight-fitting clothes/accessories could irritate or exacerbate its visibility consequently causing one unattractive scar that looks worse as time goes on than it did when you first got it.

By simply avoiding current outfits/ accessories creating external pressure can contribute positive results complimenting reduced scarring giving increased confidence.

Use Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an ancient remedy & beautiful source of ingredients for home remedies; one that helps injured tissue regenerate at a faster pace while hydrating our skin in chronic areas where visible scars may occur!

Following procedures such cleaning area using sterile saline washes thoroughly until incisions/toxic waste removed then apply Aloe Vera Gel onto affected part with mineral oil top layer locking moisture overnight.

Sticking to this schedule will ensure best possible outcome making life’s day-to-day situations easier without worrying about how keloidic marks may appear presentably unacceptable against others.


Having keloid scars isn’t the end of the world! There are plenty of ways we can tackle this issue – some involving professional help, while others just require little extra discipline from us at home!!

Just always remember there’s no single “right” way since each individual responds differently based on location genetics etc., but sticking to multiple methods – from keeping up hygiene regimes like wearing sunscreens/moisturisers adopting lifestyle changes (such being mindful!). Also including serum products helping maintain better focus within facial pores removing everyday impurities more straightforwardly besides chemicals found standard skincare ranges guaranteeing comfortable pain-free journey achieving desired levels perfection which ultimately makes embracing unique defining traits vibrant ever-expanding cultures call humanity so special after all!

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