How to deal with demotivation?

Feeling uninspired, unenthusiastic, or plain old miserable is something we all go through at some point in our lives. Whether it’s due to a lack of motivation, boredom, anxiety, or simply feeling overwhelmed by everything that’s going on around us – demotivation can be debilitating.

So if you’re currently struggling with a case of the “blahs” and need some pointers on how to get back into action, look no further! Here are some helpful tips and tricks for dealing with demotivation:

Take a break

When was the last time you took a step back from work/studying/your daily routine? Sometimes all it takes is one day off – call in sick (kidding!) give yourself permission to take guilt-free downtime. Really try and disconnect out though- as tempting as scrolling Instagram may seem even social media breaks can contribute substantially towards our poor mental health.

Find your why

Determining what motivates you will serve as both an anchor when things aren’t going so well (or when they are!), but more importantly keep reminding why exactly do you want this goal anyway?

Just start

Getting started might just be half battle-won sometimes. This doesn’t make procrastination acceptable however beginning often requires courage rather than ability particularly if fighting against intrinsically driven forces like anxiety or depression.

Starting small aligns perfectly with this ideology- instead of getting overambitious , breaking large goals into smaller steps gives one reinforcement after each accomplishment increases confidence.

For example:

Let’s say Sam wants to learn French; suggesting he spend two hours every day studying French maybe too ambitious especially someone who never learnt another language before now! Instead starting small could entail listening to 10 minutes worth french radio podcast once per week increasing frequency as Sam progresses.

Remember progress not perfection!

Make a plan

Creating some sort of framework to work from instils flexibility and drops the level of ambiguity helps one stay organised. By having concrete goals set in place, uncertainty is reduced.

Reach out for support

One’s vulnerability shouldn’t be considered as an impediment or a flaw. Everyone goes through tough times no matter how perfect people on social media may seem.
Talking with someone about what’s going can help relieve the burden felt- participate in online forums helpful towards building invaluable support-systems.

Exercise moderately regularly

Exercise has scientifically proven effective for improving self-esteem reducing stress levels- even light walks could drastically boost mood – plus getting outside apparently seems a much better option than remain inside the house being stuck watching Kevin Hart movies all day!

In short, exercise isn’t only great for your physical health but mental health too!

Adjust expectations

Setting achievable standards breaks vicious cycles that arise when excessive pressure is placed on one’s shoulders making it unbearable .

Quite often how we think influences our perceptions – this generally results into unending stressful-narratives primarily rooted in anxiety; so recalibrating attitude makes things quantifiably attainable rather than spiralling towards hopelessness.
Embracing mistakes rebuilds resilience channels energy which was expended focuslessly therefore becoming immeasurably resilient.

Focus on progress instead of perfection

It’s impossible every time something gets attempted perfection should be anticipated- just focusing making strides forward any progress made however “tiny” contributes significantly . Goals evolve by planning small incremental steps will render confidence strengths internally inspiring individuals excel at faster pace later achieving their objectives with ease experienced previously unthinkable struggling against difficulty constantly hampering growth

Celebrate your milestones!

Personal victories and accomplishments recognised fine-tunes purposes naturally aligning direction more precisely helping eliminate confusion oftentimes muddled conflicting ideals priorities.

Takeaway: Acknowledge road blocks along way frequently reminisce small snippets initial success continue hustling avoiding becoming complacent; making mistakes occasionally should be appreciated as uncontrollable occurrences which arise often- dust yourself of an continue venturing.