How to deal with an emotional psychopath?

Dealing with emotional psychopaths can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know what you are dealing with. In this article, we will help you understand the nature of these individuals and how to deal with them effectively.

The Definition of an Emotional Psychopath

Before diving into ways of dealing with an emotional psychopath, it is essential first to define what one is. Simply put, an emotional psychopath is someone who lacks empathy and uses this lack of emotion as a tool for manipulation or control over others.

Characteristics of an Emotional Psychopath

Here are some common characteristics that make up the personality traits of someone diagnosed as exhibiting tendencies attributed to being defined as “Emotional Psychopathy”.

  • Lack Empathy
  • Manipulative
  • Narcisstic
  • Grandiose sense-of-self

Sound scary? It should! But just because someone exhibits these behaviors does not necessarily mean they fall under this umbrella term – so remember that diagnoses should always come from medical professionals who have evaluated said individual(s).

Common Tactics used by Emotionally abusive People:

There are other symptoms or traits besides simply listing definitive behaviours above mentioned that hint at emotionally abusive patterns – here are 3 more nuanced examples/examples:
1) ‘Triangulation’. This occurs when the narcissist thinks it’s easier /more fun for him/her themselves to speak through another person (eg romantic partner), making one party feel uncomfortable.
2) Isolating their victim(s): Changing plans last minute or acting aloof in public events might isolate (wether involuntarily on purpose). Making people doubt their value often makes some think whether inferior status might become permanent.
3) Emphasize Strength over warmth : ie potential bullying/deflecting accountability/denying hard feelings.

Tips for Dealing With An Emotional Psychopathic Person

If you find yourself dealing with someone who exhibits an emotionally psychopathic personality, here are some tips and tricks that can help you handle the situation.

Set Boundaries

The first step in dealing with emotional psychopaths is to set boundaries for yourself. These individuals thrive on manipulating others, so it’s essential to establish what kind of behavior you will and won’t tolerate from them.

Some examples of healthy boundaries include asserting your needs by avoiding interaction every time things get heated or changing conversations when sensing manipulation tactics being employed e.g gaslighting (when they change certain aspects of a story), deflecting blame back onto everyone else except themselves.

Practice Self-Care

Dealing with an emotional psychopath can be exhausting both mentally and physically, so it’s crucial to practice self-care. This could mean taking breaks throughout the day or week where there exists enforced absence from any such toxic individuals altogether , even if temporarily.

Taking up activities like yoga/meditation/painting can help reassure oneself in times of doubt .

Ultimately – knowing one’s limit & sticking to limits place their physical health as well as cognitive function at highest effectiveness while engaging w difficult personalities .

Don’t Take It Personally

Emotional Psychopaths often try to make everything about themselves — interactions between people then gets configured around their needs thus personalised attacks occur regularly which often do not reflect the actual reality of events . Remember that this has nothing whatsoever to do with YOU : Recognizing patterns allowing time-for-self-help may build enough internal scaffolding rendering abuse-tactics relatively powerless – don’t feel crazy. Trust worthy relationships should never permit consistent minimizing ones own personal power/helplessness/offensive instincts .

No matter how much they try and manipulate you or twist situations around, it isnt’ useful nor helpful at all responding angrily.

This only fuels their fire because remember: THEY FEED OFF YOUR RESPONSES!!!

So Save energy! Best believe they are trained at spinning conversations to paint you in a negative light, so just disengage the offenders , no need to give into them!! (remember No contact /positive expression add much more freshnesses in one’s life)

Seek Professional Help

Lastly – and perhaps most importantly – If dealing with an emotionally psychopathic person becomes too overwhelming or unimportant issues of mental health makes the welfare of others suffer, seeking professional help would be necessary.

As important as it can feel to be self-reliant in all circumstances may oftentimes report feeling like they’re “insane” – but always remember emotion & memory capabilities are brain functions that should not inspire guilty emotions when tripping up .


Dealing with an emotional psychopath is not easy, and at times, it might even seem impossible. Remembering what signs resonate w/ specific behaviours which could point towards a higher chance occurrence of Emotional Psychopathy diagnosis will become clearer over time-

Bestow upon yourself lovingkindness — being caught off guard happens sometimes! There are always things down the line but nurture your relationships w proper barrier-setting strategies allows peace-of-mind which helps put any unwanted behaviors from “emotional-psychopaths” under control.

It’s okay if you get frustrated along the way- coping mechanisms receive their driving force through experiences had during complicated interpersonal relationships . But giving oneself access to professional care(when needed) renders new hope for prospects or tackling otherwise near-impossible engagements.

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